Keto Plus (shampoo): reviews. Healing Dandruff Shampoo

Many people are forced to solve the problem of irritation or inflammation of the skin of the head. Often, consumers believe that poor quality shampoo is to blame for dandruff. Although this problem usually has not a cosmetic, but a medical principle.

keto plus shampoo reviews

Problems of the scalp

The disease, which by its nature is not dangerous to health and life, but brings considerable inconvenience is seborrheic dermatitis. Dermatologists are classified as skin inflammatory diseases caused by fungal organisms. It is necessary to treat it, otherwise the situation is greatly aggravated.

Bacteria are always present on the human body, but are activated when factors favorable for their development, for example, a decrease in immunity. The disease always occurs in areas with a large number of sebaceous glands, the product of which is the nutrient medium of fungal organisms.

Pityriasis versicolor is a fungal disease affecting the outer layer of the skin (epidermis), in contact with the external environment. May occur due to prolonged exposure to the sun, reduced immunity, frequent stress, diseases of the endocrine system. Also the lichen is called multicolored, and Malassezia fungi cause it.

Is dandruff a nuisance or a danger?

Dandruff is a problem for almost every 2-3 people. For a patient, there is a significant detachment of skin scales over a long period. Most often, the scalp suffers, but sometimes the arms, legs, back.

The disease is not dangerous, but people suffering from it are forced to wear lighter things and constantly shake scales from their shoulders. Also, itching of the affected scalp occurs.

keto plus instruction

Dandruff is not only a cosmetic defect, but also adversely affects the condition of the hair. It severely restricts the penetration of air to their roots. Because of this, hair weakens and may fall out. And if left untreated, dandruff leads to dermatitis or baldness. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it on a mandatory basis.

To combat the disease, there are various products, including products of well-known brands that are sold in supermarkets, and funds from pharmacies.Dandruff shampoo "Keto Plus", as a medicine, struggles with skin problems.

Description of shampoo "Keto Plus"

Today it is easy to find in pharmacies an antiseptic with hydrating, cytostatic, bacteriostatic, fungistatic action. Pityrosporum orbiculare and Pityrosporum ovale are peeling medications such as Keto Plus shampoo. At the same time, its price is not high, as it may seem at first glance in comparison with shampoos of widely advertised cosmetic brands of mass consumption. The cost of the facility is fully justified by its effectiveness.

Thanks to the active ingredients of the shampoo, itchiness of the scalp is eliminated and the peeling is eliminated. Also, the tool is able to act not only as a therapeutic drug, but also is useful for preventing the occurrence of seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and pityriasis.

In addition, a viscous suspension of bright pink color, which is “Keto Plus” (shampoo), looks somewhat unusual for our customers. Testimonials show that this color and a bit of a chemical smell confuse people a little at first.But such doubts, as practice shows, are completely in vain, because the components of the product do not enter the blood and in no way affect the state of human health, including with prolonged use.

keto plus priceThe main active ingredients of the drug

Shampoo affects the fungus, thereby eliminating itching and skin peeling, irritation, dandruff, pityriasis versicolor and seborrheic dermatitis. Ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione act as the main active ingredients of Keto Plus. Consumer reviews largely confirm the effectiveness of the drug.

Ketoconazole slows down the formation of ergosterol and lipid membranes of fungal cells. After that, the mushrooms lose their ability to create filaments and colonies, as a result of which they die. Ketoconazole is effective against fungi and dermatophytes.

Zinc pyrithione is also an active substance designed to get rid of scalp diseases. Stops the proliferation (pathological proliferation) of epithelial tissues, which occurs during inflammation or irritation of the skin.

keto plus reviews

Shampoo reviews

Often dandruff signals the occurrence of any health problems.Seborrhea and other diseases of integumentary tissues, unfortunately, are not uncommon. As a result, many people are forced to use remedies to relieve annoying symptoms.

You can find a variety of discussions of the pharmaceutical product "Keto Plus" (shampoo). Reviews are the basis for the conclusion that a positive result is predominantly noted among consumers after using the funds. In some people, the scalp calmed down significantly after the first use, or the amount of dandruff was reduced by half. And there are people who, thanks to this shampoo, have completely forgotten about the problems of the scalp that concern them.

Also, many reviews confirm that itching may disappear after the first use. But this does not mean that dandruff also disappears. In two weeks, its amount in any case decreases.

In addition, when washing the head with this tool, the active ingredients do not enter the bloodstream, so the possibility of an overdose is excluded when using Keto Plus. Reviews also indicate that complaints about adverse reactions after prolonged use of the drug do not occur.

medicated dandruff shampoo

Side effects

After using the product, undesirable effects such as itching, dermatitis and irritation may occur. There is a change in the color of gray hair, as well as susceptible to staining or chemical perm. It happens that the use of shampoo increases their loss.

Also, consumers sometimes talked about side effects, in particular, about the increased oily hair after using Keto Plus (shampoo). Testimonials from people with whom the drug did not help at all also occur. But here it is necessary to take into account that with irritation, dandruff and dermatitis, the use of drugs of local influence does not always solve the problem.

If you wish to cure any ailment, it is always necessary initially to identify its main cause, since the sources usually lie in disturbances of metabolic processes. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo an examination of the digestive and hormonal systems, and then proceed to action. Also very important diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Recommendations from the instructions

As mentioned earlier, Keto Plus shampoo is used to heal the fungal lesions of the scalp caused by microorganisms that are sensitive to the component.The instruction calls such diseases against which the action of the drug is directed: pityriasis versicolor, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

It is allowed to use the product for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding, because pyrithione, zinc and ketoconazole, if used properly, do not enter the systemic circulation, as a result, any adverse effect on the fetus is excluded.

keto plus analogues

Depending on the task, “Keto Plus” can be used every day or according to a certain schedule for a certain period of time. The manual provides a list of methods of treatment and prevention of trouble with the scalp. After fixing the problem, it is advisable to use this remedy for prophylactic purposes. To use this medicated dandruff shampoo is contraindicated only in case of allergy to one of the components of the product.

How to use shampoo

An important advantage of this antifungal drug is the manifestation of its medicinal properties during ordinary shampooing. Apply it with neat massaging movements, wait 3-5 minutes and wash off with warm water. The treatment of pityriasis versicolor should last 5–7 days, the time of prophylaxis is 3-5 days.Seborrheic dermatitis is treated with a two-time wash per week for a month. And prevention is 1 time per week for about 30 days.

If the shampoo is accidentally swallowed, it is also not necessary to take any measures. You should also try to avoid getting the shampoo in the eyes, and rinse them thoroughly with water if this happens.

Some more important questions: storage, analogs and price

keto dandruff shampoo plus

The manufacturer of the tool is the representative office of the pharmaceutical company "Glenmark" in India. In pharmacies, medical dandruff shampoo is sold without a prescription, is stored for 2 years in a dry, cool and protected from direct sunlight place. Implemented the drug in 60 and 150 ml vial.

Consumers often have a desire to find a product similar to Keto Plus. Analogs of this drug (especially single-component) are not implemented today. But commercially available shampoos, which include ketoconazole, so they can be counted among similar products.

The cost of shampoos in different places varies somewhat, including the drug "Keto Plus". The price for a 60 ml bottle is approximately 390 rubles, and for 150 ml it is 843 rubles.Sebozol is the most affordable, followed by Mykozoral, Keto Plus, Perhoral and the most expensive is Nizoral.

That is the most expensive remedy in the list of identical drugs - not “Keto Plus” (shampoo). Reviews at the same time indicate that the medicinal product really helps to gain beautiful hair and get rid of unpleasant sensations to many consumers.

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