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You are looking for quality, comfortable sneakers fordaily jogs or professional jogging? Collections with comfortable models of sports shoes in stores are many. These shoes are official importers. With brand Nike, brand quality is guaranteed! The range of sports shoes of this company is very large. We will talk about running shoes Nike LunarGlide + 4. In translation, their name means "lunar glide".

nike lunarglide 4

Keep up with the times

It's no secret that the equipment of athletes beginswith sports shoes. Firm Nike represents interesting and convenient models of sneakers. When you run, the maximum load is on your feet. Shoes should create conditions for high mobility of the foot, for weak ligaments and tendons so that they do not stretch. Quality sneakers Nike guard against injuries in training. Modern running shoes Nike LunarGlide + 4 have a sensitive cushioning system and very light. Choose this model, and your legs will be protected!

Features of cross-country running shoes

The company Nike creates running shoes with the help of newtechnologies and innovative designs. This contributes to a long and rapid run. The company has several lines of sports shoes, among them there are sneakers for high-speed running and competitions. In the collection there are models in a minimalistic style, in which the foot moves as naturally as possible. Running sneakers Nike LunaGlide + 4 guarantee athletes additional softness and cushioning. In them you will run even faster! In these sneakers you will ease your life, reduce the burden on your knees and back.

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Men's Sneakers Nike LunarGlide + 4

Running is the most affordable way to supportphysical form, calm down after a hard working day, gain strength for new feats. Many men choose for themselves this particular occupation in sneakers from "Nike - moon glide".

With the help of updated methods and throughThe dynamic support of Lunarlon provides an ideal landing for these Nike sneakers. The new technology was announced to the whole world in 2009. Its main feature is the innovative structure of the sole Dynamic Support, which allows to achieve new successes during training.

Summer is a time for world competitions in lightathletics, a convenient moment to test the running shoes Nike LunarGlide + 4, created for professionals. The fourth issue of "Lunar Slip" included the latest developments: a durable and thin material, the updated Nike Flywire method, a dynamic aid device.

On the morning run, as on the worldcompetitions, should be comfortable. Thanks to the strong and thin threads Flywire provides the necessary support for the foot, its comfort is guaranteed. A tight connection with the lacing and fixing the foot allows the sneakers to adapt to the characteristics of the male legs. Landing this running shoes is perfect!

Nike LunarGlide sneakers have gathered in themselves allthe best features: ideal landing, foot support, provision of depreciation. Designer shoes from "Nike" Rob Williams highlights the main feature of these sneakers - a special sole Lunarlon. The middle part of it is formed by two layers of foam. The inner layer is very soft, the outer layer is hard. This contributes to the dynamic support and soft cushioning of the product. This sole allows you to adjust the smooth rolling from the inside of the foot to the outer one.

Basically, the color range of running shoes is three shades. For men, you can combine dark blue with blue and gray inserts. Pleasantly combines gray with orange and white stripes.

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Nike LunarGlide + 4 Opinion for women

What could be better for a runner than sneakers"Nike" in the fourth generation? Worth this shoe for about 5,000 rubles. The upper part is significantly strengthened due to a special tape in the middle of the foot. The very top of the female models is very light and "breathable", thanks to the mesh strong fabric.

Many believe that high-quality brandsneakers are equally suitable for men and women. This is not quite true. Between the male and female feet there are some differences, so girls sneakers are sewn special. The heel of women is slightly less than the sock, and the foot is narrower. Women's sneakers "Nike" have a different form of pads, rather than male models. Amortization of women's sports shoes is softer.

The design of women's running shoes is very laconic and executed in bright colors. It can be a green, pink, orange or blue model. A combination of several shades is possible.

nike lunarglide 4 opinion

Athletes' comments

Many athletes and amateurs are advised to purchase running shoes Nike LunarGlide + 4 for running. Reviews of this sports shoe of the famous American brand are only positive, although it is produced in China.

They are especially suitable for people with normal weight andgrowth, narrow foot. People note the excellent cushioning of the sneakers, they are convenient to land on the inside of the heel. The price allows you to buy LunaGlide + 4 for jogging in your spare time for short and long distances.

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