KBM - what is it? How to check KMB?

KBM is an abbreviation that stands for"bonus-malus factor". This value is used by insurers to determine the rate of civil liability policy.

KBM: what is and how it is determined

cbm what is

This ratio indicates the class of the driver, which is assigned to him for trouble-free or emergency driving. Depending on how the person drives the wheel, he will have this kind of MSC.

What is a bonus-malus? When a person begins to insure for the first time on CTP, then he has 3rd class, and the value of BM will be equal to one. For each trouble-free year of driving, provided that a person is included in the insurance contract as a driver, his class rises and the coefficient decreases. That is, after a year of trouble-free driving, he will have 4th grade, and the MSC, which will be used for the calculation, will be equal to 0.95.

Consequently, the driver can accumulate a fifty percent discount on CTP. With such a discount, its class will be 13. Data on drivers is in the PCA. KBM can be viewed on the official website.You should be aware that the driver’s MSC is determined by the OSAGO contract that ended last.

What is the tariff of the policy


Many people have a question why the cost of an OSAGO contract may vary. In fact, there are many factors that affect the amount of the policy. The calculation affects not only the KBM. What is the insurance premium and what it consists of, will be discussed below.

First of all, when calculating insurance, the base coefficient is taken. It can be different, depending on the type of vehicle and its owner. For example, for cars of category B the base rate will be from 3 432 rubles. up to 4,118 rubles. As a rule, insurance companies use the base rate of 4,118 rubles. for individuals. And for legal the base rate for category B is 3,087 rubles.

It should be remembered that the base rates are different for all types of cars or other vehicles. It also matters who is the owner - a legal or natural person. Further, the coefficients begin to wind up to the base tariff - there are several of them.

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OSAGO coefficients

We list the possible coefficients:

  1. KN - violation rate.As a rule, it is rarely used when compiling a CTP policy. This is done only in relation to drivers who have committed any gross violations.
  2. KVS - the value of the age of people and their experience, which will be included in the list of admitted to management. Incremental factors are provided here.
  3. CT is the territorial utilization rate of a car or other vehicle. For the use of CT insurers are guided by a certificate of registration. In which region the vehicle is registered, such a territorial coefficient will be used to calculate the value of the general civil liability contract.
  4. KP - the coefficient of the period. The minimum period is three months. But when calculating the insurance there is a nuance. It consists in the fact that if a person wants to issue a policy with a period of validity of 3 months, then he will pay fifty percent of its value. When making a contract for a period of six months, he must pay 70% of the total amount. If the insurance period is extended, the person will pay the rest up to the full cost of the policy.
  5. KO - this ratio indicates the number of people who can be allowed to drive a car or other vehicle.There are two options for registration of the contract, namely with a limited number of drivers or without restrictions.
  6. KS - term ratio. The value of this coefficient is 1 if the term of the policy is one year. The minimum COP may be 0.2, subject to the contract for up to 15 days. This type of policy is made when moving the car from one place to another.
  7. KBM (what is a bonus-malus, mentioned above). Its minimum value may be 0.5, and the maximum - 2.45. All driver data is submitted to the PCA. MSC can be requested both from the insurer and on the official PCA website.
  8. KM - power factor. This ratio applies to vehicles of category B.

CBM base

Based on the foregoing, it is clear what constitutes the OSAGO tariff. For example, you can calculate the cost of any car. For example, a category B car, the owner is registered in Chelyabinsk, the power is 140 horsepower, the KBM approved for driving is 0.7. Then the cost of insurance will be equal to 4118x2.1x1.4x0.7 = 8,474.84 rubles.

Which MSC will be taken into account when calculating the cost of insurance, if several people with different MSC are allowed to manage

CBM on the base of the RS

It often happens that several drivers with different bonus-malus factors must be entered into the insurance policy.In this case, the insurer should check each driver for the PCM database. KBM is requested for each driver and the value of this coefficient is determined.

When calculating the insurance premium, the smallest MSC is taken. That is, if one of the KBM drivers is 0.5, and the other has 0.9, then the bonus-maus 0.9 is taken when calculating. Drivers should be aware that they can view their discount on their own using the PCA service. KBM find out there quite easily.

How to see KBM independently

CBM Osago

We repeat once again how to check the MSC on the PCA. Currently, all insurers are submitting information about drivers. Therefore, you can see the KBM in the database. Each insurance company has its own. But since all data is transmitted to the auto insurers' union, it is possible to recognize MSC in the PCA database.

In order to find out the named coefficient of the driver, which is planned to be included in the list of persons driving a car, you need to know its data. You should also know from what date the policy will be valid. To do this:

  1. Go to the official page of the union of auto insurers.
  2. Next, find the tab "CTP".
  3. Select the line where it says "Information for determining the KBM".
  4. After that, the person will open a form that must be filled using the available data. The last name, first name, middle name and date of birth of the driver is entered into it. Indicates the series and number of driver's license. You also need to enter the date of commencement of the contract.
  5. To determine the value of the KBM site requests the input of the secret code from the image. And after all the data is entered, a request is sent.

Usually the formation of the request takes several seconds. After that, the system issues a driver's KBM and information on the last policy that ended, namely, which insurance company it belongs to.

If you plan to write several drivers, then you will need to fill out a form for each person.If you have all the data, you can proceed to filling out the form:

  1. Before entering data, select the tab "Unlimited Circle of Drivers" (by default, a limited circle of drivers is in the input form).
  2. After all the fields are filled, the system will request a verification code.
  3. When it is entered, the query will start forming, and then the result will be displayed. It will also display the value of MSC and information about the last contract, namely, in which company it was concluded.

It is worth saying that there are many third-party sites that provide information about the MSC. The forms that are presented on them are similar in completion and require knowledge of the same data about the driver or owner. As a rule, the sites of insurance companies provide a similar service. If a person has doubts about the correctness of his MSC, he can contact the insurance company for clarification, where he has a valid contract. In case when it is not possible to receive information by phone, you can submit a written request.

How does KBM change when an insured event occurs

If the driver travels a year without a trouble, then his MSC will decrease by 5%. CTP for the next year on the same machine, therefore, will cost 5% cheaper. It provided that other tariffs will not change. If an insured event has occurred, then the perpetrator of the accident will raise the MSC when renewing for another year of insurance.

For example, the admitted driver in the MTPL insurance policy of the KBM was 0.8, and after an insured event due to his fault his KBM would be 0.9. You should also be aware that the coefficient increases depending on the cases of accidents in which the person was the culprit.And the maximum KBM is 2.45.

Maximum cost of CTP

check kbm

In some sources there is information that the CTP policy may cost 40,000 rubles. under certain conditions. In fact, this is not entirely true. There is a rule that the cost of the policy should not exceed 25,000 rubles. And in the case when a person has increasing factors that make insurance expensive, a different policy calculation algorithm is used, at which its value will not exceed the named amount.

Which MSC is used in the policy with an unlimited number of persons management

When a policy is issued with a limited list of drivers, then the smallest KBM of all those who are in the policy is taken for calculation. With an unlimited number of persons, it is applied by owner. You can check the MSC for the owner by filling out a special table on the website of the auto insurers' union, where the name of the owner and his passport data are entered. Then a request is sent and a check is made by the MSC. In this case, it is determined in the same way as in the circle of persons allowed to drive a car. That is, for each year that the car travels without accidents, its owner accumulates a discount.

Can a KBM discount be lost?

You should know that there is a possibility that the class of MSC accumulated over the years may be zeroed out. This is possible if the driver has not been entered into any insurance for more than a year. Therefore, if a person does not have a vehicle for more than a year, he is recommended to fit into the insurance policy of relatives or friends to save the bonus-malus discount. If the driver does not remember whether he was entered into any policy, he can go to the PCA website. Checking the MSC is done there quite simply.

How to make the calculation of CTP independently

Also on the PCA website, you can make the calculation of the insurance policy. To do this, you must prepare the documents that will be needed for the calculation:

  • identity document of the owner with a residence permit;
  • certificate or passport of the car or other vehicle;
  • the rights of those who will control the vehicle.

Next you need to go to the OSAGO section and find the form for calculating the policy. Before you start filling it out, you need to look at the MSC for everyone who will be included in the policy. This information will be needed to accurately calculate the cost of the policy. You should also see the age of drivers and their experience. After all the data has been received, you can proceed to filling out the form. The amount of the cost of insurance, it will issue automatically.Such calculators can be found on the websites of insurance companies.

Requirements for passing inspection when concluding a CTP

Owners of vehicles need to know that in order to enter into an insurance contract, a vehicle must pass inspection. For different types of vehicles there are different standards for it. For insurers it is important that the inspection is valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract. Therefore, even if there are several days left until the end of the previous maintenance, the owner of the vehicle can conclude a CTP with the insurance company.

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