Karamzin, the book "Poor Liza" - reviews, characterization of heroes and analysis

The story "Poor Liza", reviews of which are collected in this article, is written by Mikhail Karamzin. This is a classic genre of sentimentalism. It was written in 1792.

Sentimental tale

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On the story "Poor Liza" on the reviews you can make a full impression. She tells about the girl Liza, who lives near the Simonov Monastery with her elderly mother.

After her father died, who was very wealthy, the family quickly became impoverished. The widow weakened every day and soon she could not work at all. Lisa had to work, not sparing her youth and beauty.

In the book "Poor Lisa" Karamzin (reviews about her were mostly positive) describes her classes. She knitted stockings, collected flowers and berries, which are sold on the market.

In Moscow

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In the responses about the story "Poor Liza", readers note that she went to trade in Moscow.Once she went to sell lilies of the valley. On the street, she met a young and attractive man. He generously offered her a ruble instead of five kopecks for a bouquet. He did not insist, but promised that from now on he would buy flowers from her always so that she would tear them only for him.

In the reviews of the book "Poor Lisa" Karamzin, readers note that Lisa is a very sincere girl. At home, she told her mother everything. And on the next day of narwhal the most beautiful lilies of the valley, but this time the young man did not meet her. Flowers she threw into the river and sad returned home.

The next day, the stranger himself came to her home. The guest was met by an old woman; he seemed to her a pleasant and well-mannered person. It turned out that his name was Erast. He confirmed that he was going to buy flowers from Liza in the future. And she does not have to go to the city, he will come after them.


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An important role in the reviews of the work "Poor Lisa" is played by Erast. It turned out that he was a rich and distinguished nobleman. With a good heart, but windy and weak. He lived absently, caring only about his pleasure. At the same time often complained and depressed.

The immaculate beauty of the main heroine of the story "Poor Lisa", in the reviews it is noted especially, struck and attracted him. It began to seem to him that in this girl he had found something that he had not been able to find for a long time.

Young people began dating. Almost every day they had long meetings. Most often they were seen on the river bank, less often in a birch grove. Sometimes they spent time under the shade of centenary oaks. From time to time they embraced, but their arms were clean and blameless.

So days and weeks went. In the book "Poor Liza" by Karamzin, many people noted in the reviews, everything was described in such a way that it seemed that nothing could interfere with their future happiness.

True, once Lisa came on a date sad and sad. Erast found out that the bridegroom, the son of a wealthy local peasant, had come to her for marriage. Mother liked him, she agrees that Lisa will marry him. Erast began to console the girl, convincing that as soon as her mother died, he would definitely take her to her place. They will be happy, all the remaining time will live inseparably.

Liza responded by reminding him that they could never be together. Weddings they can not see, because she is a simple peasant woman, and Erast is a representative of a prominent and noble noble family.About the story "Poor Liza" in the reviews, readers note that this fact extremely saddened the main character. After all, to be reunited with her beloved Erast was for her the main dream.

Erast began to object. He began to convince her that the most important thing in man is the soul. For him, the most important thing is its sensitivity and innocence, not its origin. Because of this, she will always be close to his heart. Hearing this, Lisa immediately rushed into his arms.

Further, Karamzin writes that at the same moment she broke up with her integrity. Analyzing this work, many in the reviews note that this is the culminating episode of the story. After it, events develop along a slope to a denouement.

Upset lisa

The delusion that enveloped Liza soon passed. In its place came fear and wonder. During the farewell with Erastom girl crying bitterly.

Their dates continued. But they began to pass completely differently. Liza ceased to be for Erast the symbol of purity that so attracted him in her. In place of platonic relations came feelings that he could not be proud of. And they were not new to him. Well known for a long time and not attractive.This change was very striking to Lisa, it grieved her seriously.

Erast leaves the service

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On one of the dates, Erast told Lisa that he was being summoned to work. He will have to go to the army, which means that they will leave for an indefinite period. At the same time, he promised to love her, as before, and returning no longer to part with her.

Lisa was given this separation very hard. Every morning she woke up with the hope of her bright future, constantly thinking about Erast. So it took about two months.

Once Liza went to Moscow. In the city, she accidentally saw Erast Street, which drove past her in a rich carriage. He came out near the posh house, he wanted to climb the porch already, as he felt himself in the arms of the main character.

Erast turned pale in an instant, and then, without saying a word, took her to his office and carefully locked the door. He announced to Lisa that everything had changed in his life, he was now engaged.

The girl did not have time to recover, as Erast called a servant, ordering him to conduct her from the yard.

Liza's death

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Once on the street, Lisa ran to her eyes. She could not believe the betrayal of a loved one. As a result, she came to the shore of a deep pond, was in the shade of oaks, where she spent so much time with her lover.

In the distance, she saw a neighbor girl who was wandering along the road. Lisa called her, gave all the money she had with her, told her to give her mother, kiss her and forgive her poor daughter. The next moment, she rushed into the water. No one could save her.

Lisa's mother, upon learning of her daughter's death, died on the spot. Erast married, but lived an unhappy life. He really served in the army, as he said Lisa, but did not fight with the enemy, but played cards. As a result, I lowered all the state. To fix his affairs, he had to marry a rich widow.

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