Is it worth buying in Gearbest: reviews. Gearbest: Chinese electronics online store

Shop began its work in 2014 and immediately became known. This service is a very energetic and young store that has gained a good reputation and love of Russian users in a short period of time. With the youth of the project is associated with a small number of reviews about it.

gearbest reviews

It is worth noting that online shops of Chinese origin appear daily and close soon. Only a few of them may deserve your attention, but most, in fact, are ephemeral. Only after a considerable time since the start of operation of a particular online store in Russia can we say that it can really be considered as a reliable place to buy goods.

In order to be able to write reviews (Gearbest allows you to do this on your website), you should try to make at least one purchase in it.How to understand the resource interface?

As practice and existing reviews show, purchases on Gearbest are no more difficult to arrange than on similar other services. Moreover, the site of the store is even much easier and more understandable than the well-known "AliExpress".

This is done as follows.

First you need to register with First, find the icon depicting a person in the corner of the interface (top right). Fill out the form that opens, specifying all the required data. To register and become a buyer, you will be required to enter your valid email. You will receive an email with a link to activate your user profile. If such a letter does not come to you (and it will not be detected even in the spam folder), you can make a second request. After activation, immediately enter into your account login, it is desirable to immediately specify and save the delivery address.

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How to search for the right product?

The site offers all the standard tools designed to find the desired product. The store interface contains both a search line and a breakdown of positions by categories. Present and very well-established filter system, which differ depending on the sections.For example, in the general lists of product categories, only three filters will be available: by cost, by availability, and by sale. According to the characteristics of the goods, a sample cannot usually be made (for example, by the volume of memory cards sold).

If you select a specific product, there will be much more filters available. For example, if you select Memory Cards, you can choose them both by class, and by volume, and by manufacturer. In addition, there is one advantage in this store, compared to AliExpress. Here you can mark several filters at the same time, which other services do not allow. The only drawback users name is that they cannot save the selected result. The list of products selected by filters can only be sorted - by cost, number of votes, recommendations of other users and by popularity.

The mark Free Shipping is placed opposite those positions where the delivery of goods will be free. But it must be borne in mind that the cost of delivery sometimes varies due to the warehouse of shipment. Additional issues and difficulties may be associated with this. The site noted the presence of each product in a particular warehouse.At the moment, the store has its own warehouse in Russia, from which delivery of Gearbest goods is quite fast. Russia is a promising platform for this resource, so an increase in the number of such warehouses is likely.

gearbest in Russian online store

Compare Products

The store also offers such an interesting feature as the ability to compare products. If you check, for example, four items and click on Compare, a table appears, which will contain the comparative characteristics and differences of all selected products. According to users, this is a very convenient feature, and it is with it that most positive feedback about the project is connected. This allows you to find the right thing, compare it with similar ones, and after that decide on your choice (based on price or characteristics).

Item Card on Gearbest

On this site there is an opportunity to choose a sales product. However, you should carefully look at the proposed prices. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the warehouse from which you make an immediate order. The cost of the same thing in different warehouses may vary significantly.In addition, on one of them, some positions may be in a state of sale, while on others they will not be sold. In addition, there may also be different positions in different warehouses.

For this reason, if you have decided on the choice of goods that you decided to purchase, and it is available in several warehouses, check the conditions of purchase at each of them. Sometimes the cost can vary by half and even more.

gearbest coupons

Support and feedback

When placing the order form, pay attention to the lines to be filled. You must first record the country of destination. After that, the panel to select the purchased item will open: bundle, quantity, color gamut, and so on. Each product has its own card on which you can study a detailed description. There is also a feedback form where you can ask the seller questions about the goods before purchase. The answers are displayed on the site openly. This means that you can read the other customers' correspondence with the seller and get additional information.

Contains the site and customer reviews - along with photos and videos of purchased products.Their presence in large quantities due to the fact that the store encourages reviews and reviews, paying points, and regardless of the evaluation of purchases.

After the purchase form is completed and all the nuances are taken into account, you can complete the registration. Here you can see that the site interface is somewhat changing. If the pages with catalogs of goods and cards are in English, then the design can be opened in one of many languages ​​to choose from. Thus, you can further use the Gearbest interface in Russian. The online store at this stage allows you to refuse any part of the selected products, change their quantity, and also enter the number of the discount code. The bottom of the page contains two buttons that regulate the payment for products. With the help of one of them, you can immediately pay for your purchase through the PayPal payment system, while the other contains a link for payment using other portals.

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System of discounts and sales

As already noted, many have heard about this store, since it appears very often in the news feed on various social networks, and is also known for many other advantages.This is evidenced by numerous reviews. Gearbest, according to users, most often offers sales and discounts, which will draw attention, perhaps, to any person. Also in the staff of this store there are Russian-speaking managers who, in addition to this, are also experts in their field. Also the name of the site appears in many reviews on things and equipment as a sponsor.

Of the features of the store, users also call it prices. Discounts for Gearbest can be found in the Deals section. Every day here, buyers will be able to see something new, every day the range of goods at a discount is growing. All products can be purchased with or without a gift coupon.

Buyers note that the interface allows you to display two products for comparison, one of which can be bought immediately with a discount, and the second one will have to use a special coupon. Not only the assortment of goods is constantly changing, but also the page design with it, that is, every day the type of information being presented changes in its design, which is very unusual and interesting.

Store prices

The second, most significant feature of the store is pricing.Often, reviews (Gearbest, as we have already mentioned, makes it possible to read all the comments) indicate that even when using gift coupons for a discount, the price of the goods will be higher than on some official trading resources.

If the discount coupon has been used and the price has fallen, you need to look at and compare the value of the item you liked with the price tags of other online stores. If a lower price is found, you need to buy here. The most common product with discounts is electronics, especially mobile phones.

discounts on gearbest

How is the delivery?

Another minor problem, judging by the reviews, is the time of sending the goods from the moment of purchase. It usually takes 3-5 days, and if we take into account weekends and other unforeseen factors, even more. Thus, in Gearbest the delivery can take quite a long time.

Shipment of goods, as on Aliexpress, takes 3-5 days. If you ordered a not very valuable product and chose the usual delivery method, then the track number will not be provided by the seller, but if you still need it, you will have to pay two dollars in blood, but not everyone will like it.But there is also a useful function - insurance of the parcel, that is, if during shipment the goods will be deformed or broken, all the money for the purchase will be returned.

How is payment made in Gearbest?

The next and, perhaps, the most significant topic of all covered in the comments is payment for the order. It is made through the services of Paypal, Webmoney, as well as through a bank card. But there is one caveat: to pay for an order via a card, you must be registered with PayPal. The disadvantage is that there are no resources familiar to the Russian buyer (Yandex.Money, Qiwi) and other payment systems. Also, as reviews say, the following point is very inconvenient: in order to make a purchase, it is necessary to register on the store's website. But at the same time using only PayPal is a very good guarantee that you will be protected when buying things, and if the goods do not reach, then an open dispute with this payment will increase the chances of getting your money back.

The user menu of the Gearbest store

In Russian, an online store, as already mentioned, is only available at the checkout stage. How to understand the rest of the interface? Menu items mean the following.

My favorites are your favorites.In this category, you can add any product you like by simply clicking the Add to Favorites button on the product description page.

My GB Wallet is a wallet to which you will be able to return money for outstanding orders. Money from this wallet can be spent on new purchases. You also have the full right not to use this wallet, but simply to demand a refund of money to where the payment came from.

My orders - a list of orders made (your purchases on Gearbest).

My points - your points, which can be spent on paying a maximum of 30% of the total value of the goods. One point equals two cents. In this section of the menu you can see the entire history of accumulation and spending points. At registration, 10 points (20 cents) are automatically credited. Scoring is for participation in all sorts of sweepstakes from the store, as well as for the reviews left. Gearbest is a really convenient platform, isn't it? Go ahead.

My coupon - your personal coupons. You can get them by participating in various sweepstakes from representatives of the store on third-party sites. The representative writes out a coupon that binds to the account. Gearbest coupons will be valid and can only be used from the account they were linked to.They have an expiration date, so, as many buyers recommend, do not over tighten it.

My reviews - a list of your reviews of purchased goods, as well as a list of things that you have not left a review about, but you can still do.

Make Money - Make Money. Ways to cooperate with the store:

Free Gift Cards - a gift card issued for reviewing a store on third-party sites.

Pro Program - if you have a popular YouTube channel here you can leave a request for receiving goods absolutely free, but you will also have to record a review of the goods, putting it on your channel.

Affiliate Program - a way of cooperation for site owners. If you have your own resource, then you can use one of the affiliate programs. When you connect any of them, you will have special referral links, and you will be charged money for such links made by people.

Get It Free - Get it for free. You can get the product completely free if you use the affiliate program of the store itself. To do this, you must:

1. View product (Get if Free).

2. Add it to the My shares list. Here a unique referral code is attributed to the link to the product,and if the item is purchased at this link 10 times, then you will be able to receive it without paying a cent, just by clicking on the “Get the goods for free” button.

shopping gearbest


How to buy on Gearbest? If you have already decided on the product that you want to purchase, and replenish your card with which you want to make a payment, then you can safely proceed to checkout.

To begin, add the items you like to the cart.

For example: Product - Sunlu SL - 300 Smart 3D Printer Pen.

To add it to the basket, click on the Add to Cart button.

After the product has been added, go to the basket. Do not forget to apply one of the discount coupons, if any. This can be done through the Promotion Code field and the Apply button. If the coupon is valid, then the price in the basket will change.

The discount from the coupon is applied to the original price, and in the store on the price tags the price is mainly indicated with a discount. Here you need to be careful! Experienced users recommend this option. If the cost suddenly increases after its use, cancel its use by clicking the link Click here to cancel coupon code. If the coupon lowers the price of one product, but increases it by another, then purchase items through different orders and apply the coupon to the item whose price is going down.

Coupon application when ordering

If you decide to apply Gearbest coupons, you need to click on Proceed to Checkout. If you have not logged in to the store, the login window will be displayed. If the coupon code does not work, although it should, then you should go through authorization in the store and apply it again. What else can tell experienced buyers?

When placing the first order, if you have not yet entered the delivery address, the interface will give you a window with the place of its entry. You must write to Gearbest the address to which you want to purchase. After entering the necessary data, you will need to click Place your Order.

So, you've come to the end of the checkout. At the top of the window you will see the address of the recipient, which previously entered (Shipping Information). If you have not entered it yet or want to change something, click on the link to the right - Edit Shipping Address Shipping Shipping.

From the bottom, under the address in the Avalilable Shiping Methods block, you can choose a different shipping method.

Shipping delivery

Shipping and delivery methods may be different, it all depends on the country.

Flat Rate Shipping - regular mail, the cheapest way. The track number will be provided free of charge for orders in the amount of $ 40, and for smaller amounts - for a fee.

Prioirity Direct Mail is essentially the same. Only the cost of delivery will be equal to 0. It is included in the price of goods.

Standard Shipping is a paid shipping method via EMS and other express services. In such a case, tracking a package with Gearbest will be much easier.

If you don’t have any preferences, you can choose the cheapest option that the store will offer.

Below the line with the choice of delivery methods is the field Add Shipping Insurance to your order. You can insure the order by checking this box. Theoretically, the store has a duty to properly package the parcels. But in practice, if you believe the reviews, this option is useless. Many customers of the resource point out: do not spend money!

How to pay less?

There are two ways to reduce the cost of goods when making a purchase in a store: apply a coupon or use points.

At the same time, two ways to apply, unfortunately, will not work. If the coupon is not used, it will be possible to reduce the price to 30% due to points. You must have at least 50 points in order to use them. On an account with approximately 1500 units, everything will work fine.

Use points in the Gearbest store when ordering

You may have noticed that with points it comes out a bit cheaper, unlike a coupon, but according to users, the difference is not so great.Everyone decides for himself whether to use points or a coupon.

When ordering up to $ 40, the track number will cost $ 1.99, so a cheap package of Gearbest can be sent without it. Once you have entered the address and selected the method of payment and shipping, click the Place your Order button. Then you are transferred to the sites for payment.

Order tracking

At the end of the payment will begin waiting for the shipment of goods. You can find out the approximate time during which the store will be able to send goods, in the second section. In most cases, as already mentioned, it takes 3 to 5 days or a week. Also, the store can sell products marked Presell - pre-order. The specified time of sending the parcel is not earlier than the designated day. But this time may be expired. Manufacturers do not always manage to release a normal product in a working condition by the promised date. This moment also causes complaints of users.

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