Means "Interferon" - nasal drops for cold and flu

interferon nose drops

The drug "Interferon" (drops in the nose) is a drug that has an immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial action. The drug interferes with the replication of bacteria and viruses, inhibits the reproduction of cells affected by microorganisms. The tool promotes the synthesis of specific substances - protein kinases and ribonucleases, which destroy the viral RNA and counteract its translation. After using the drug, the protective properties of the body increase.

Indications for use

The drug "Interferon" (nasal drops) is often prescribed for the treatment of children with influenza, acute respiratory infections. The drug can be given to babies from birth, it will benefit pregnant women, people with frequent pharyngitis, laryngitis and other pathologies of the respiratory system. In addition, the drug "Interferon" (drops in the nose) is used for the prevention of influenza states and other viral respiratory infections after accidental or direct contact with patients,during seasonal epidemics, in kindergartens and educational institutions. It is especially recommended to undergo a similar prophylaxis to those people who rotate in an environment with a high risk of infection, for example, doctors and other employees of medical organizations.

Interferon medication: instructionsinterferon instruction drops

Drops before use is required to prepare. To do this, add 2 milliliters of cooled boiled water to the powder. It is necessary to dig in the medicine in each turn of the nose. Dosage prescribed by the doctor, depending on the purpose of use. After the solution is injected, the wings of the nose should be massaged with your fingers for several minutes, which will ensure even distribution of the medication. For the prevention of influenza and respiratory acute viral infections, the drug "Interferon" (drops in the nose) should be administered in the amount of a quarter of a milliliter, which is approximately five units. The medicine must be instilled into each nasal passage twice a day. The interval between installations should be at least 6 hours. Preventive measures are produced during the entire period when the probability of infection is high.interferon nose drops instructionTreatment with drops must begin as early as possible, the medication must be administered at the first symptoms of a cold. In case of influenza, the solution should be applied at least five times a day, 5 drops in each turn of the nose. The interval between procedures is no more than two hours. Therapy is carried out for three days.

Contraindications to the use of Interferon (nose drops)

The instruction says that there are restrictions on the use of the drug. You can not assign the drug to patients with hypersensitivity to the drug components, as well as people suffering from severe allergies. Cases of side effects were not recorded, overdose is unknown. Drops "Interferon" is not recommended to be used together with vasoconstrictor intranasal means in order not to overdry the nasal mucosa.

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