"Infinity FH 37": Japanese high-end crossover

The Infiniti FH 37, the mid-sized prestigious second-generation Infiniti FX, has been in production since 2008. Built on the FM platform, similar to the rear-wheel-drive sports coupe Nissan 370 Z.

Infiniti G35 and Nissan Skyline have already been based on this platform. The Infiniti FX model is a well-known typical SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) format, a high-capacity and cross-country crossover for people who prefer an active lifestyle. Short characteristic overhangs, the most inclined windshield and pointedly narrow side windows give the character of the car and give its appearance a resemblance to sports models.

The most noticeable are the huge wheels of the crossover, consisting of 20-inch wheels, dressed in low-profile rubber. Slightly "predatory" expression of the front of the machine is created due to the narrow profile of the optics, in the depth of which the "pupils" are viewed. Slanted headlights in style can with some stretch explain their belonging to the country of the Rising Sun, but, most likely, this is a curtsy of automotive fashion designers, which does not stand still.

infinity fx 37


The car is available in a two-variant solution: with a 3.5-liter engine and with a RWD transmission or with a four-liter engine, combined with an AWD transmission. Both engines are equipped with the latest generation of the timing system. Each cylinder has four valves with variable stroke height. Pistons coated with molybdenum work in the mode of almost complete absence of friction, which is the key to a high working life of the engine as a whole. The safety of parts also contributes to a well-thought-out effective lubrication system, which delivers motor oil to the most remote corners of the power unit. The engine cooling circuits are also designed conscientiously - the temperature balance of the engine is admirable.

Second generation

For the first time, the Infiniti FH 37 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of 2008, and the first production cars went on sale in the summer of the same year. Model FX 37 was equipped at the beginning of the release of the V6 engine with the VQ37HR system, then the power plant was replaced with a five-liter unit with a capacity of 333 hp. with VR50VE settings.

In the same year, the International Moscow Automobile Salon 2008 was held,where the company "Nissan" demonstrated the first in Russia "Infiniti FH 37" from the 2009 model line. All versions were offered with a seven-speed automatic transmission. The experience of the best world-class designers was embodied in this model, unique in its data.

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"Infiniti FH 37" (characteristics)

Technical data:

  • body type - crossover;
  • number of places - 5;
  • number of doors - 5;
  • class of ownership - segment J;
  • manufacturer - Japanese concern "Nissan";
  • the steering wheel is on the left;
  • start of production - 2008.

Power point:

  • engine capacity - 3696 cc / cm;
  • power - 333 hp at 7000 rpm;
  • torque - Nm 5200 rpm;
  • engine placement - front, longitudinal;
  • location - V-shaped;
  • fuel supply - injection, injection distribution;
  • timing system - the upper, two camshafts;
  • the number of valves per cylinder - 4;
  • brand of gasoline - AI 95.


  • drive type - 4x4 on all wheels;
  • Transmission - seven-speed automatic.


  • front - independent multi-link;
  • back - independent lever-pendulum.

Brake system:

  • front brake - ventilated disc with perforation;
  • rear brake - ventilated, disc with perforation.

Performance indicators: fuel consumption per hundred kilometers in the combined cycle - 12.8 liters, urban cycle - 17.2 liters, outside the highway - 9.4 liters.

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Overall and weight data:

  • vehicle length, mm - 4865;
  • height, mm - 1650;
  • width, mm - 1925;
  • ground clearance - 184 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2885 mm;
  • tire size - R18, 265/60;
  • curb weight - 2010 kg;
  • fuel tank capacity - 90 liters

"Infiniti FH 37" - a car spectacular, dynamic, its characteristics meet the best standards of the global automotive industry.

Customer opinion

Over the seven-year period of production, the model has withstood several upgrades, and all of them improved its technical parameters, improved running and speed qualities, and aerodynamics of the body. At the same time improved interior design. The comfort level of the car has always been at a high level, comfortable seats made it possible to travel long distances, and neither the driver nor the passengers felt fatigue. A good panoramic view from anywhere in the cabin made the trip interesting and exciting.

The "Infiniti FH 37" model, reviews of which have always been only positive, and today is a popular, sought-after car.

infinity fx 37 characteristics

Cost of

The high class and reputation of the car assumes the price is above average.A used car can be purchased at the Moscow Motor Show for 750 - 920 thousand rubles, but the cost of a new car is several times higher and ranges from 1 million 650 thousand rubles to 2 million, depending on the market situation.

The Infiniti FH 37 model, the price of which is shaped by several factors, is in steady demand and popularity in Russia.

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