Imatra waterfall: beauty on a schedule

The city of Imatru can rightly be called the eighth wonder of the world. His appearance is due to the stunningly beautiful waterfall, which is called Imantrankoski, but now it is more often called simply Imatra.

The first mention of this city refers tothe beginning of the 16th century. And the Imatra waterfall itself was formed more than five thousand years ago. In general, the waterfalls of Finland differ from the traditional idea of ​​this natural phenomenon. Water does not rush with noise and roar down, it seems to cross the thresholds. Hence the Finnish name - Imatrankoski, because "Koski" in Finnish means "threshold". The base of the waterfall is a stone cleft, through which water flows with great speed.Imatra Falls

In the 19th and early 20th century, this waterfall was usedespecially popular. In the 1920s, the 19th century. the route from St. Petersburg to Imatra took two days. Later there was built a hotel palace. After Finland gained independence, tourists became fewer, but the Imatra waterfall still had to bring its own benefit. The Finns installed a dam and built a hydroelectric power station. By the way, for its erection invited the best masters and designers. This hydroelectric power plant has become the largest in the country.Imatra WaterfallNow you can see this miracle of natureonly at a specific time. The Imatra waterfall, the schedule of which must be known in advance, so as not to arrive in vain, now more like an attraction. At certain times and days, water is drained when the flaps of the power plant open. Also fans of extreme can go to the waterfall by cable car.

Attractions of Imatra

Historical monuments, architecturalattractions and museums - this is what Imatra is famous for. The waterfall is not its only dignity. In the vicinity of Imatrankoski Grand Hotel "Cascade" (as it was called originally) was located. A multi-storey white building, decorated with turrets, was built at the very beginning of the 20th century. In this castle-hotel rest in his time Nicholas II. They say that you can not find two identical numbers here.sights and attractions

Unusual and somewhat sinister monumentlocated near the bridge over the Imatra Falls. It is the figure of the Virgin of Imatra that disappears beneath the water. It is believed that the spirit of the waterfall entices suicides in their networks. However wild it may sound, but every year a lot of people come here who really want to end their lives in this waterfall. At the beginning of the 20th century, Russia even issued a law, according to which it was forbidden to sell tickets there one way. On both sides of the gorge there are ancient gazebos. But now they are unlikely to be able to admire the beauties of Imatra, because the edges of the abyss were blocked by several rows of walls - for safety.Waterfall Imatra schedule

Are interesting and the streets of the town itself, onwhich have many churches and chapels. The picturesque nature of Imatra involves walking and admiring the local beauties. There are here and the town museums of history, telling about the settlement, also preserved ancient manors. In summer, tourists will enjoy the local flora. Especially good green grass is combined with rocks that grow as if directly from under the ground.

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Imatra waterfall: beauty on a schedule Imatra waterfall: beauty on a schedule Imatra waterfall: beauty on a schedule Imatra waterfall: beauty on a schedule Imatra waterfall: beauty on a schedule