If you have lost your voice

Probably, each person has a lot of different memories from school. Bright and colorful come up in the memory of those fun moments and lessons that the students did not prepare at home. As soon as they excelled, in order to get out of the "water of learning" dry. They came up with various explanations and reasons, ran away from lessons, portrayed an immensely painful look. The idea also worked to shake the throat with a thick scarf, and in order for the student not to be asked, he pretended he had lost his voice.

Lost voice

Why and

And what to do if the voice really disappeared? Perhaps I want to say something, but there is no physical possibility. And if there is an important speech at a meeting or a presentation in front of a large audience? There are two main reasons explaining a not very pleasant phenomenon when you have lost your voice. First of all, the opportunity to express oneself normally can disappear if you spoke very loudly and talked a lot the day before (say, if you gave a lecture to students, students, other listeners). Secondly,The cause of loss of voice can be an acute respiratory viral disease (or ARVI), which often causes weak or more severe inflammation of the larynx (more precisely, its mucous membrane).

Osip voiceMain warnings

If you have lost your voice or osyp, then there are several points that are prohibited in whole or in part until the possibility of speaking is restored. Try not to breathe through your mouth. This will prevent the ingress of infections in the larynx. The additional effect of viruses on the affected parts of the common cold can aggravate the situation, and you will not be able to talk for a long time. Only passing through the nasal cavity, the air will be purified and warmed. If the nose is stuffed up, try using drops or special sprays. Another tip is not to talk. Try not to make any sounds and, even less, do not try to whisper. All this even more irritates the sore throat and interferes with recovery. If the voice is gone, you need to allow the bundles to recover. In addition, it is advisable not to smoke, do not rinse your mouth with soda and refrain from eating spicy, too salty, as well as sweet or sour foods.All this also greatly irritates the mucous membrane of the larynx, especially when it is “sick”.

If the voice is goneVoice Recipes

Tips to resume normal operation of your bundles today quite a lot. But the main, probably, medicine that is recognized by many people is the so-called “three M” remedy - milk + butter (butter) + honey. When used, everything should be natural and slightly heated. If the voice is gone, you should drink more warm broths of herbs and fruit drinks. Some advise alcoholic drugs - mulled wine, hot beer, warm brandy - mixed with butter, milk. Such alternatives often act fairly quickly, and after a few cups or glasses of healthy liquids you will feel much better. Just hold off for a little while driving.

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