Ichthyologist - who is this? What do people in this profession study and do?

In the world there are many different professions,Fascinated by romance and served as a topic for a huge number of feature films and documentaries. Among such activities is the ichthyology, which was popularized by Cousteau's naturalistic films, and the creation of a romantic image - horror films such as "Jaws" or "Shark Attacks".ichthyologist who is this

However, the real work of man,specializing in fish farming, has little to do with the majestic panoramas of underwater shootings of Cousteau, which with frightening horror stories. So let's solve once and for all two questions: the ichthyologist - who it is and what is included in the sphere of his professional interests.

The name of the profession and what it stands for

Since the time of the popularity of Belyaev's work, inparticular novel "Amphibian Man" with the protagonist named Ichthyander, well-read people of that era remember that part of the word "ichthys" denotes a fish. It is logically easy to calculate that the most accurate interpretation of the name of the profession will be precisely the "fisherman", the "fish fisherman". We can say that in the designation of the specialty, the knowledge and skills that must be inherent in the person who decides to choose it as the main activity are accurately displayed.

Terms of interest of ichthyologist

In order to be so called, little to knownames of individual fish. Fish studies include studying the structure of aquatic inhabitants, developing them in the course of evolution, habitats more peculiar to one species or another - and this is only a small part of what an ichthyologist should know. Who is better at researching a fish scientist?job ichthyologist fish farmer

And this is not all the knowledge thathis work. The ichthyologist-fish-breeder must accurately imagine the vital features of all species of fish and river (marine) organisms in the controlled area. For him, the specificity of the reproduction of aquatic organisms should not be a secret. After all, there is a profession of ichthyologist for that. Whoever is in the water area entrusted to him - he must know absolutely exactly, in order to take into account all the subtleties and ensure the normal existence of all organisms in the pond.

Expected results of activities

All this knowledge is extremely necessary for the future fish-breeder, which is what the "ichthyologist" profession requires. What specifically does the specialist of this profile do?

First of all, such information will be needed forregulation of fishing - both on a national scale and with respect to private fishing. Agree, it's one thing to catch a couple of tons of salmon where there are hundreds or even thousands, and another - in a small lake where this fish rests before the last jerk to the spawning ground.

The next task of fish science is the calculationrational fish culture, so as not to overstrain the excessive "population" of the reservoir and not to bring it to full depletion, which threatens a local ecological catastrophe. It is for this that all that the ichthyologist is studying is necessary.profession ichthyologist than is engaged

And finally, almost the most important taskremains control of the passage of spawning fish through hydraulic structures. This is a very complex problem, for the solution of which an ichthyologist is necessarily needed. Who should regulate this and check the availability of locks and canals on the way to the spawning grounds for the fish jambs, how is it not a specialist in fish farming?

Directions of ichthyology

Most occupations assume theoreticaldirections and their practical application. Ichthyology differs from other sciences in this. You can choose a theoretical orientation, but this will not save you from practical activities, unless you deal solely with analyzing the data obtained by other "theorists", or not choose your path purely laboratory direction. Even scientists are closely connected with the subject under study - Jacques Yves Cousteau can serve as a vivid example.

The main difference between "practices" and"Theoreticians" is that the former are tied to some accountable territory (and they must still conduct some kind of scientific work, at least observations), while the latter go where they send and recruit a variety of scientific material in their direction.

Requirements for those wishing to become ichthyologists

Field conditions define special requirements for the profession of ichthyologist. Who does not accept this restriction, he can not become a fisherman. The list of mandatory requirements includes:

  • physical training - above average, without quality sports training in this profession has nothing to do;
  • health - excellent;
  • the ability to "find a common language" with any living creature;
  • patience;
  • observation;
  • endurance;
  • disdain.

what is studied by the ichthyologistIt is in connection with the likely heavy physicalloads and not very favorable both for housing conditions and the circumstances of residence preferences in the specialization "Ichthyology" are given all the same to men. No offense - by sailors and fishermen from the very beginning they became just them.

But the basic requirement that behind the scenesall teachers are guided by the entrants who wish to surpass the great ichthyologists, there remains love (or at least sincere interest) for all water inhabitants. Without this education, of course, you can get, but the profession - is doubtful.

Prospects for getting a job

In the current life when choosing a profession, the decisivethe real possibility of subsequent employment remains a factor. And in this respect there is comforting information: the regulation of the number of fish is far from everything the ichthyologist does. Even in cities, he can find a job (which does not exclude trips to water bodies). Fishermen are necessary for the design of dams, power plants and locks. In this case it would be nice to have knowledge from the related field - understanding how the constructed construction will work on a sponsored water reservoir will really facilitate the immediate task.

what is the ichthyologist doingAs a good job you can choose yourselfscope of delivery - the fish must necessarily be accompanied by an ichthyologist observing the observance of transportation rules. The business trips are not canceled, but you will not be separated from the family for a long time.

If the potential fish breeder lives nearfishing lake, it will be greeted with open arms. And next to the sea-ocean fishing vessels will not give up a specialist. A specialist who lives near a fish processing plant will also find a place.

And if it turned out that life is inextricably linked with a large city, it is worth looking for an aquarium, a dolphinarium or an aquarium in it - the knowledge gained during training will clearly not be superfluous.

So, if a young growing member of the society wants to become an ichthyologist, parents should not become across the road - a prospective profession, and if there is a tendency for it, then it is also harmonious.

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