Hydrogen sulphide source, Engels: how to get there, reviews

In this article we will talk about hydrogen sulphidesource, which beats from the ground near the village of Vzletny (Saratov region, Russia). This key itself appeared not without the participation of a person. In the late sixties of the last century oil was sought in these places. Geologists for exploration have struck a deep hole in the ground. To their disappointment, not from the depths rushed not "black gold", but water, enriched with hydrogen sulfide. Very quickly, she poured all the space around the well, forming a small lake. Anthropomorphic origin does not detract from the merits of the hydrogen sulphide source. After all, this water is very useful for the body. Especially when she also makes massage. After all, the jet comes out of the artesian well under a natural pressure, rises two meters above the pipe and from this height it hits the rest. This place is good for everyone: both wildlife and waters. There is one thing: very few people know how to get there. The nearest more or less large settlement is the city of Engels in the Saratov region. And how to move on? The answer to this question is in our article.Hydrogen sulphide source Engels how to reach

Description of the place of rest

Time passed, and among the inhabitants of the Saratov regionbecame a very popular hydrogen sulphide source (Engels). "How can I get to him?" - this issue continues to remain relevant and now. But first, let's see what kind of place it is and whether it is worth visiting, despite our dashing roads? So, artificial drilling caused the formation of a small, about fifty meters in diameter lake. It amazes with its color - azure aquamarine. It's like a piece of the sea. Smell is another amazing feature. Hydrogen sulphide smells of rotten eggs. Unpleasant? In high concentrations, yes. But near the lake, in the fresh air, to the smell of hydrogen sulfide you quickly get used to it and stop noticing. The third surprise is the water temperature. Plus eighteen degrees in winter, in the most severe frosts! And in the summer the sun adds heat to the formed lake. There is no special infrastructure for recreation. It is understandable. A stream of water has already managed to dig a ravine and can further destroy the soil. At the hydrogen sulphide source tried to put the iron plugs, but the water under the pressure they tore off (or maybe helped her to get free lovers of swimming). In the lake there is no living creature. The water is very clear, and the bottom is visible. And this is at a depth of two meters.Sulfuric waters

Are sulfuric waters useful?

The person who first came to this source andinhaled evaporation of rotten eggs, then a completely legitimate question arises: is it not dangerous to swim here? But sulfur has long been used in the treatment of skin diseases. This mineral destroys the fungus, increases the resistance of the epidermis and mucous membranes to the effects of harmful microorganisms. And hydrogen sulphide has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, especially peripheral. In conjunction with warm water, it helps to eliminate inflammation. Hydrogen sulfide normalizes blood pressure and even treats gynecological diseases. It is especially useful to be in the source of people with problems of the musculoskeletal system. Water, smelling of rotten eggs, even drink, because it has beneficial effects on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. But ingestion is not about a hydrogen sulphide source (Engels). How to get there, it is known, but no one has yet conducted a scientific analysis of the chemical composition of the water.Engels district

Other hydrogen sulphide sources nearby

The Engels district of the Saratov region, asproved to be rich in healing waters. The reviews say that there is another hydrogen sulphide source near the village of Staritsky. But there the pipe from which the fountain gushes is on a hill. Water protorila its way in clay soils, distorting the flat terrain. At the bottom, in the pit, a small lake was formed. Warm water in it is also saturated with hydrogen sulfide. Therefore, it is curative. But this lake collects far less rest than the hydrogen sulphide source (Engels). How to get to the key? It is located immediately on the outskirts of the village of Staritskogo. Behind the source can be seen small houses of garden and garden partnership, where people come to their dachas.Saratov Region

For lovers of comfort

Even between the villages of Staraya and Novaya Ternovka there isa refined source. Previously, it was a sad sight. But now it's a hydrogen sulphide pool. Water comes into it from the well, always warm, the temperature is about twenty-five degrees. The pool is suitable for those who appreciate the infrastructure. There are cabins for changing clothes, showers. But the entrance fee is fifty rubles per person. Find this pool is not difficult. After all, through Novaya Ternovka there is a motorway leading from Samara to Volgograd (P266). In fact, this is the part of the road that is designated as the Engels-Rovnoye route. In the New Ternovka you should look for a concrete fence with the inscription "Private property". The place of rest is not advertised. Simply enter, pay fifty rubles per person per day and enjoy bathing. It is said that the chemical composition of the water in the basin is close to Lake Heviz in Hungary. But no one conducted an official examination. Now a pond with fish is excavated near the pool by the owner, other conditions of rest are being established.G Engels of the Saratov region

Hydrogen sulphide source (Engels): how to get there?

This place is located closest to the city. The village "Vzletny" is in fact a summer cottage cooperative. From the city it is about fifteen kilometers away. But here it is problematic to get to it. Despite the fact that the source is located immediately behind the holiday village, there for some reason does not go public transport. And even the indigenous Saratovites do not always know that they have such a miracle from the shore of the Volga near them. How do I get to the hydrogen sulphide source? To begin with, you should come to Engels, Saratov region. There to ask where the road to Take-off begins. And even better: how to get to the "fountain"? Under this code name, local people refer to a hydrogen sulphide source. You should drive the whole of Vzletny along the indicated road. And behind it to look out from the left side a congress from an asphalt covering on the plowed wheel of impassability. Therefore, the recommendations recommend to get out to the source not in the rain and not during the thawing of the snows. Off-road it is necessary to make their way under the hill of fifty meters. Landmark - an abandoned metal kiosk. It still shows the inscription "Cafe" Fountain ". Immediately after the stall, you will see a pipe from which warm hydrogen sulphide water is lashing.Route Engels level

Is it possible to swim for children?

Comparison with Héviz in Hungary is hypothetical. Since expertise of the concentration of hydrogen sulphide in the source water has not been carried out, we do not know exactly what the reaction of the organism of a young child to bathing will be. However, it should be warned that the water from the pipe gushes under a great pressure. Now for fans of hydromassage, handrails are installed near the well. They need to be held for them so that the stream of water does not knock them off their feet. Naturally, for young children, such a "hydromassage" threatens to break the ribs. From the lake flows a stream with a rather strong current. It is also suitable for swimming, especially in summer, because the water there is already a little chilled. But the creek is used for spreading mud. As far as they are curative, one can only guess. It is better not to expose children to unnecessary danger.New turnbuckle

Modern infrastructure of rest

Those who visited the hydrogen sulphide source(Engels district) in 2014, they assured him that he was characterized by complete savagery. There is only a shower and a bathhouse (five hundred rubles per hour). But recent tourists say that in 2016 much has changed. The tenant ennobled the area around the well. There were convenient bridges in the water, cabins for changing clothes. On the shore grew wooden openwork pavilions, which can be rented. You can also rent a brazier.


Hydrogen sulfide near the city of Engels(Saratov region) many people like just their silence and lack of people. It's hard for him to get there. The nearest store is still in the city of Engels. But just this circumstance attracts seekers of a solitary vacation in nature. They drive into the navigator coordinates N 46.3023, E 51.416024 and go.

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