How to wear fingerless gloves?

Fashion accessory

Today, fingerless gloves are again at the height of fashion. Feel free to combine them with any type of clothing, and they will give your image originality and emphasize individuality. Mitts can be used both in professional activities (photographers, motorists, athletes), and as a very fashionable and sophisticated accessory.Fingerless glovesLong mitts are ideal for the cold season, when you need to do something with your hands. For example, it is not very convenient to control the touch screen with mittens or gloves, and the prospect of weathering the skin of the hands does not appeal to you. In mitts, fingers are free, and you can easily get the keys out of the bag, dial the number on your mobile phone ...
Types of Mitts

Mitts are shortideal for hot summers too. You can wear one or two gloves to your taste. Based on the characteristics of the material that formed their basis, they are selected to one or another side. Care must be taken to ensure that the image is complete, since such an accessory always attracts much attention.If you like rock-n-roll style, leather fingerless gloves will fit into your look. It is not necessary to choose the rough "biker" models. Today, such accessories are made for women. They have a more refined and stylish look, often decorated with outlandish elements. If you like a feminine and romantic style, then fingerless gloves made from knitting threads will be the ideal option for you. They are well combined with skirts of medium length. This accessory can be worn both day and evening.Mitts are short
Knit gloves with your own hands

Crochet openwork mitts are knitted of the same types of threads as summer tops. They are not hot at all, but on the hand they look, of course, very cute and feminine. For the manufacture you need about 30 grams of thin low-density mohair. From the very beginning we collect a chain of air loops, which should be equal to the girth of the hand. The length of the chain should be approximately equal to 12 knitted elements.Crochet openwork mittsNext, close our chain into a ring, and tightly knit in a circle, depending on the chosen scheme. The pattern is formed by bundles of columns with two nakida, which alternate with single pillars. Thus, we knit 22 rows.In the 23rd circle we make a small hole for the thumb - instead of one of the beams of the pattern we will knit a chain of 10 air loops. After doing another 4 beams of the pattern. Then, in the next row, we trim the edge from the side of the fingers. It is necessary to do without single crochets, tying up jumpers between the fingers with air loops: between the index and middle fingers 3 loops, between the middle and ring fingers 4 air loops, and between the ring and little finger 2 loops. We process the edges of our product from the elbow side. We knit a series of columns with two nakida, which alternate one through one with air loops. We thread a silk ribbon through the holes. Our fingerless gloves are ready.

We decorate the finished product

They can be decorated with additional elements of decor, stitching beads or beautiful beads. In this season, choose the best thread for knitting pastel colors. On such mitts, pearl beads look very tender. During tying, constantly try on your future product so that you do not feel any discomfort when wearing it. Very interesting reception when the mitt is worn on one hand, and the accessory is made of the same material as the bag. Combine with bags of knitted yarn bags.

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