How to wash stains from deodorant?

Despite the fact that active sweating with increasing body temperature is a natural process, we get little pleasure from it. Currently, only a few of us can do without the use of means to eliminate unpleasant odors.

how to wash stains

In fact, deodorants make it possible to feel confident in any situation, without causing discomfort to others. However, when dried in combination with sweat, antiperspirants often leave extremely unattractive yellow spots. Such traces on dark fabric are especially noticeable. Thus, eliminating one problem, one has to look for ways to solve the other. Let's try to figure out how to clean the stains from deodorant using the most effective methods.

Washing powders

Applying a wet gruel from ordinary laundry detergent is one of the best options for removing yellow stains from clothes. For cooking means enough to combine 2 tablespoons of washing powder with a volume of water in about one tablespoon. The resulting mixture should be applied to the area of ​​appearance of yellowness.Leaving the product on the clothes for several hours, rinse it thoroughly in cold water. In conclusion, it remains only to wash things manually or in a washing machine.

Denatured alcohol

In the search for a solution on how to wash stains from deodorant from clothes, it is worth paying attention to such an affordable high-performance product as denatured alcohol. The method is most expedient to apply in cases where it is necessary to clean the damaged item as soon as possible.

how to remove stains from deodorant

The use of denatured alcohol for cleaning yellow stains from clothes consists in the abundant impregnation of problem areas with the active substance. Clothes with denatured alcohol left for about an hour. Further, it is sufficient to perform a general wash using good laundry detergent. Only under all conditions can unpleasant yellow traces be completely removed from clothes.

Glycerin or baby soap

How to wash stains? If you resort to the most common means, baby soap and glycerin can help.

Remove stains from deodorant will allow abundant processing of wet clothes with the specified substances. To make the traces completely disappear from things, it is necessary to leave them soaked for several hours, and then wash them with laundry detergent.


how to wash old stains

Probably the easiest answer to the question of how to remove stains from deodorant under the arms, is soaking things in the pelvis with ordinary cold water. It is enough to leave the affected clothes in water for an hour. Completely eliminate the remnants of yellowness will allow washing things manually or in a washing machine using high-performance powders.


For those who are looking for a simple solution, how to wash stains on clothes after using an antiperspirant can help ammonia. As practice shows, it takes only a few minutes to remove yellow traces from things in this way.

how to wash stains from deodorant under the arms

This remedy to remove old yellow marks on the fabric is applied to wet clothes. However, only for the shortest time. After all, otherwise the tool can not only remove stains, but also hopelessly spoil the clothes.

Ammonia is a potent chemical. Therefore, before applying it is necessary to dilute the product with water, observing the proportion of 1: 1.


How to wash out old spots that are a consequence of the use of deodorant? This will help the use of conventional medical alcohol or vodka.

The greatest trouble is the need to remove the yellow spots from black things. On dark-colored fabric spots show themselves most clearly. And to get them out of here is extremely problematic.

To remove stains with alcohol solutions, you need to soak things in the tool for a few minutes. Soak up the most stained spots will require soaking things in alcohol for half an hour or more.


Those who are looking for an easy solution to the answer to the question of how to wipe off stains will be helped by the use of table vinegar, which can be found in any kitchen. However, this method of dealing with yellow traces of antiperspirant on clothes is suitable only for cleaning colored items. When using the substance on white tissue may remain noticeable stains.

how to wash yellow stains from clothes

So, in order to remove yellow marks from clothes, you should wet the problem areas with vinegar, leaving things to soak overnight. Then you just need to wash the clothes by machine with the use of high-quality powder.

Is it possible to prevent the formation of yellow stains from deodorant?

As you know, it is much easier to prevent the emergence of a problem than to deal with its consequences.To never wonder how to wash the yellow spots from clothes, it is worth resorting to the use of antiperspirants, which do not contain aluminum salts. It is this component in contact with sweat that leads to the appearance of yellowness.

If you need to protect from the appearance of stains expensive clothing, in this case, you can use special pads armpits. Naturally, their use can not be called a comfortable option. However, you can fully protect your favorite sweater or shirt from the appearance of unattractive yellow spots.

how to wash stains on clothes

Those who do not wish to burden themselves with questions about how to wipe the stains should think about regular washing of things with ordinary soap or powder every time after they are worn.

Soaking clothes in cold water is a good option to prevent problems. You can soak things with the addition of a small amount of baking soda, which has a softening effect on water and allows you to cope with pollution.

How not to stain when using antiperspirants?

In order for deodorants to really work, give the desired effect and not make you look for a solution on how to wipe off stains, you need to properly apply them to the body.

how to wash yellow spots

When using an antiperspirant it is necessary that the skin is dry and clean. This rule applies to both the most simple and expensive deodorants. Moreover, before you put on clothes, you should give the tool to dry. For complete drying of liquid and aerosol deodorants it takes about 2 minutes. Creamy and gel products dry for 3-5 minutes.

Useful tips

Now, when it is known how to wipe the yellow spots that occur due to the use of deodorants, it remains to clarify a few important points:

  1. Before proceeding to the elimination of yellowness in one of the above methods, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the fabric using a soft clothes brush. Such an approach to solving the problem subsequently makes it possible to avoid the formation of divorces.
  2. Preventing the appearance of noticeable boundaries between the cleaned area and the rest of the fabric will allow preliminary short-term soaking things in warm water.
  3. Before applying the selected product to the entire area of ​​staining, it is worth trying it on a small inconspicuous area of ​​fabric.This will determine the level of its strength after contact with the active substance.
  4. Clean the clothes towards the center. Otherwise, there is a possibility of the formation of so-called boundaries.
  5. Particular importance should be given to the removal of stains in the area of ​​the edges of the site. After all, this is where the most persistent traces remain after the deodorant comes in contact with sweat.
  6. It is not necessary to postpone the removal of yellow spots for later. Immediate cleaning of the clothes after use gives the best results. Careful attitude to things increases the chances of getting a successful result of cleaning the fabric of antiperspirant traces.

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