How to wash a faded thing? The most famous and effective ways

Every woman is, first of all, the hostess, who should be able to keep the house clean and tidy. On the shoulders of a woman fall almost all household chores: cleaning, cooking, washing. In all these cases, the hostess should get a quality result.

Which one In cooking - delicious food, in cleaning - perfect cleanliness, in washing - clean, fresh things. As a rule, cooking and cleaning are not such labor-intensive processes as washing (manual or automatic, not so important). After all, in that and in another way, the main thing is not to spoil things.

Laundry Tips

In the process of washing you need to be very careful, so you can stumble upon such problems as shedding things, changing the size, deterioration of the quality of the material. The most common problem when washing a housewife - faded things.

Many wondered how to wash and whiten a faded thing?

Laundry TipsWomen, frightened by this problem, often run to dry-cleaning, hoping that there their things will be saved, but there are no guarantees that the thing will return to its former state. Some effortlessly immediately get rid of things.

But if for you this blouse, skirt or whatever is of some value, then you should not despair, you can solve this problem at home, if you follow the following rules.

In order to generally reduce the risk of a collision with such a problem, it is better to avoid it. It is easier to prevent than to eliminate them for a long time.

You need to follow a few simple guidelines. Before you wash a thing, pay attention to the tag attached to it. It will show the temperature and other washing conditions.

Never wash colored things with white.

If you are still afraid of molting things, you can leave things in saline for a few hours.

If white linen has faded, soak it in cold water with plenty of cleaning powder. Wash a white T-shirt or shirt at home, you can use bleach.

To do this, take a deep container, pour water and add a generous portion of bleaching agent, then soak the faded thing for at least six hours.Next, you need to rinse it very well. So you can get rid of bright stains and stains.

Laundry Tips

If colored things accidentally got into the white linen in the machine, the following manipulations will help save the situation:

  • disassemble clothes again;
  • remove all colored laundry from the washing machine;
  • place the affected white linen in the machine;
  • Wash white clothes with detergent and bleaching agent at the highest temperature.

If after such a procedure stains or stains do not disappear, you will need to use the following method.

Half a glass of table salt mixed with a tablespoon of soap (pre-planed) and a tablespoon of citric acid. The consistency of the tool should resemble sour cream. Then put the resulting mass on the linen on the wrong side.

It is best to do this in the evening to leave the laundry overnight. In the morning you will need to put all the things in the washing machine again and put the rinse mode without spinning. As is known, after such a wash, things will acquire their original whiteness.

How to find out if a thing can fade or not?

When buying a thing or linen, a piece of material is almost always attached, which is in the pocket or on the wrong side. Many believe that this is an ordinary patch, if a thing breaks suddenly, but this is far from the case.

This piece of matter helps us know how things will react to the washing process. If suddenly you didn’t find such a shred of fabric, you can check the laundry detergent on a small area of ​​the thing itself.

The most famous and effective ways to wash faded things at home

  1. If immediately after washing you notice that your favorite white shirt or blouse has taken on the shade of another thing, immediately wash it in cool water several times. After such actions, she must return her original color.
  2. The best way to get rid of faded stains are stain removers and bleaches. It is good that at the moment their choice is very wide and diverse. For white things, it is necessary to choose products with white marking, for color items - color. It is best to choose oxygen bleach, they can bleach your things better than chlorine-containing.They are also safer and more tissue friendly.
  3. If the incident happened to the white thing, then you can easily wipe it off, soaking it for 20-30 minutes in whiteness. Then again wash the laundry several times. This method of bleaching has long been distinguished by high efficiency.
  4. To save the injured thing you will be able to help all known pharmacy means hydrogen peroxide. Soak dull things in a solution of peroxide and scouring powder for several hours. Later again, thoroughly wash and rinse your clothes several times.
  5. With denim material, stains can be eliminated with ordinary soda. To do this, apply a paste of soda to the stains, and then after a couple of minutes, wash your clothes well and rinse again.
  6. If you have tried many ways, but you still haven't managed to remove stains from clothes, try to repaint the thing in a darker shade. For this you need to use special paints for fabrics or a well-known means - blue.
  7. One of the most popular ways to whiten a cloth requires only two ingredients: a solution of potassium permanganate and shavings of laundry soap.All this should be well mixed, then you should dip the laundry in the resulting mixture, then pour boiling water. Later, after the laundry is thoroughly soaked, you need to thoroughly rinse the thing.
  8. In order to whiten kitchen towels and other textiles, there is a good recipe from improvised means that every hostess has at home. For the preparation we need the following components: a little dry bleach, 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil, washing powder. All the ingredients are well mixed in five liters of hot water, put our dirty things there for a few hours and wait for the result. After the procedure, things need to rinse.
  9. You can’t use the same way to save things from molting several times, because a thing can completely deteriorate and then even fabric dyeing will not help you.
  10. The most common table vinegar can bring white things back to life if you soak your laundry for a few minutes before washing.
  11. In addition to vinegar, mustard powder is used from improvised means. They fall asleep underwear, then pour boiling water and leave for a few hours

Household chemicals for washing

At the moment, the chemical industry produces a huge range of household chemicals. Such tools can be used to solve the described problem.

Household chemicals for washingThe one who is concerned about the problem, how to clean the faded thing, should choose a good tool that can help solve this problem.

Bleaching agents are divided into two main groups: oxygen-containing and chlorine-containing. Chlorine-containing substances are not as safe as oxygen-containing.

Often, with their long-term use, the fabric of linen deteriorates, and no means of recovery can save the thing. They are based on sodium hypochlorite, which adversely affects the structure of the tissue. In order to avoid undesirable effects, it is recommended to use safer and more benign tissue products.

Oxygen-containing agents are highly effective, therefore, when choosing household chemicals, you should carefully study the composition.

It is not worth experimenting with colored fabric using such means, otherwise your thing will completely and irrevocably deteriorate.

No matter what chemical agent you choose, you need to consider the material of the product and the composition of the chemical agent that you will use.

This is a very delicate process, so you need to approach the problem responsibly and carefully to avoid all sorts of negative consequences.

In order to avoid a collision with a problem of this kind, it is best to initially use those detergents that are indicated on the label of clothing or underwear, preferably with the least amount of harmful substances.

In order to avoid harm to their own health, you must use detergents, which include high-quality, proven substances. In this case, you will not only restore the faded tissue, but also prevent undesirable consequences for your own health.

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