How to update windows yourself

Any personal computer or laptop includesin itself two main components: software and hardware. One of the most important software systems used in computer technology is the operating system, it is in its environment that all other applications are executed. Conditionally, we can assume that it is the soul of a computer that links all the components together. To meet the rapidly changing standards and requirements for programs, it is necessary to perform periodic updates to the operating system.

Surprisingly, the term"Operating system" is hiding something more than one simple program. In fact, it is a collection of diverse applications, united by a common interface. For example, the user wants to browse Internet pages - Internet Explorer; you need to quickly build a small video clip from multiple images - Windows Movie Maker is always at hand; Well, to watch your favorite movie and listen to the mp3 song will help Windows Media Player. To be honest, the capabilities of the operating system are not limited to the examples listed - they are much more extensive. Hereinafter, the well-known Windows system from Microsoft is seen as being more widely used than analogues (Linux).

To update the operating system means to starton the computer a specialized application whose task is to replace any part of the operating system with a new or modified version. This operation for the user is absolutely "transparent" - the update automatically finds and replaces the desired program. It is worth noting that often not the programs themselves are updated, but only their components. For example, if in the Internet Explorer browser the developer discovered shortcomings that reduce reliability and stability or allow an attacker to commit malicious actions, only those files that are responsible for this vulnerability are updated.

Any user of the operating systemwindows there is an opportunity to update windows by several simple actions. To do this, just select "Control Panel" in the "Start" menu, and start the "Update Center" icon in the opened window. In order to update windows in this way, you need to take care of having a working Internet connection. The wizard will connect to remote Microsoft servers and request updates for the version of windows you are running. If they are found, the user is prompted to update windows. Sometimes the total amount of updates exceeds several hundred megabytes, which is quite a lot, especially for slow 3G and GPRS connections, as well as for n-byte traffic payment. In this case, the update wizard allows you to set up the desired amount of uploaded data very flexibly: the prompt system will prudently indicate the priority and minor updates. Anyone who does not forget to update windows can be sure that the operating system of his computer contains the latest components and works optimally.

Owners of obsolete models of somecomputer components (printers, scanners, sound cards), using the Windows Update Center, get the opportunity to breathe a "second life" into them by downloading and installing the appropriate drivers. Very often this is the only way to run an obsolete device on a new operating system. Also for new devices there is no need for different sites to look for new drivers, as many of them are already contained in the proposed set of updates.

The built-in update mechanism for windows operating system is Microsoft's next step towards reliability and ease of use of its software product.

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