How to take L-carnitine for weight loss: instructions and reviews

Many women dream of effective and fast weight loss. In order to achieve this goal, the ladies are dieting, doing fitness and drinking various medications. Adding L-carnitine helps to lose weight faster when playing sports. The substance is absolutely safe for health and practically does not cause negative reactions. About how to take L-carnitine for weight loss correctly, and will go on in the article.

What is a supplement for weight loss?

L-carnitine is an amino acid that the human body naturally produces from lysine and methionine. A sufficient production of this substance is affected by the content of proteins in the body.

In medicine, carnitine is used to treat myocardial dystrophy, while reducing appetite in children and anorexia. Despite the fact that L-carnitine stimulates appetite, it is often used for weight loss, as this substance actively influences the breakdown of lipids, although it does not burn fat.Enough to drink 1000 mg of the drug before exercise, and the energy metabolism will increase significantly, which contributes to a more rapid burning of subcutaneous fat. L-carnitine without physical activity is ineffective in losing weight, since it does not burn fat, but only delivers lipids to the places of their “treatment”.

how to take l carnitine for weight loss

How to take L-carnitine for weight loss, will tell the coach in the fitness room in detail. It is there that preparations based on this substance are recommended for athletes and those who want to lose weight, because after long workouts, many people lack carnitine.

L-carnitine release forms

How much L-carnitine should be taken for weight loss, so that there is an effect, the instruction to the preparation will tell in detail. All funds produced in the form:

  • liquids;
  • tablets;
  • powder;
  • capsules

The substance in the form of a liquid is absorbed faster than other forms, but, as a rule, it contains many additives and is more expensive than drugs in tablets.

Operating principle

L-carnitine is a unique tool that helps recycle fats and extract energy from them. Increases stamina and reduces fatigue. Contributes to faster recovery after exhausting physical exertion,normalizes metabolism. L-carnitine is characterized by antihypoxic and anabolic effects. Stimulates fat metabolism and tissue regeneration.

l carnitine how to take slimming reviews

When taking pills or drugs in liquid form, the body absorbs about 15%. L-carnitine easily and quickly enters the liver and myocardium, at a slower pace, it penetrates the muscle tissue. Excreted by the kidneys. Then we will talk about how to take L-carnitine for weight loss, and its positive effects on the body.

Substance properties

L-carnitine (how to take slimming for girls and guys, this tool will tell any consultant in the store sports nutrition) is characterized by many useful properties, among them:

  • acceleration of fat loss;
  • increased tone, endurance;
  • increase in stress tolerance;
  • detoxification ability;
  • lowering bad cholesterol;
  • beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels;
  • improving sperm quality;
  • prevention of the aging process;
  • prevention of apoptosis and osteoporosis;
  • regeneration stimulation;
  • increase the protective functions of the body;
  • improvement of brain activity.

Amino acid, if you know how to take L-carnitine for weight loss, not only does not harm the body, but also benefit. Before using the drug you need to consult with a coach or doctor.

How to take L-carnitine for weight loss: tablets, capsules, powder

The drug in the form of capsules and tablets are taken orally, squeezed with plenty of water (juice). Use from 2 to 3 times a day the substance L-carnitine. Take slimming capsules and tablets should be in the dosage of 250-500 mg (1-2 capsules) for ordinary citizens. Athletes are advised to drink 500-1500 mg 30 minutes before exercise. The course of admission lasts from two to six months. Some individuals prefer to use L-carnitine powder. To take a slimming drug in this form you need one scoop up to three times a day. The dose can be diluted in half a liter of water.

take l carnitine slimming pills

Before performing strength exercises, which will be combined with cardiovascular exercise, the powder is taken in an amount of 1 mg in the morning before a meal. Then they drink half an hour before strength training and fifteen minutes before performing cardio loads. For aerobic training, in the morning about 1000 mg of amino acid are used and half an hour before training - 2000 mg.If the training goes to wear, then it is recommended to take 2 grams of vice on an empty stomach in the morning, 2 grams before half an hour before classes and 2 grams before lunch. On supposed days of rest, the powder is consumed only in the morning for 1 gram.

The maximum dose is 6 g per day. It is best if L-carnitine is taken in courses of two months with a break of two weeks. You should not drink drugs based on amino acids constantly, otherwise the substance will cease naturally produced in the body. The daily dosage of L-carnitine for weight loss is 1200-1500 mg, for athletes - 1500-2000 mg; when exhausting physical training - 1200-1600 mg; in the complex treatment - 1000-1200 mg.

Use of a liquid preparation

And now we will talk about how to take L-carnitine for slimming liquid. This product is made in the form of:

  • solution in bottles;
  • concentrated syrup;
  • ampoules

If the drug is selected in the form of a syrup, then it is consumed three times a day in 5 ml, and the athletes in 15 ml for half an hour before the start of the workout. Course duration is 1.5 months, then take a break for 2-3 weeks.

how much l carnitine to take for weight loss

Liquid L-carnitine for weight loss is absorbed quickly enough.The most popular such products include "L-carnitine 3000". How to take for weight loss this tool, will tell the instructions in detail. Usually, to fight off extra pounds and to strengthen the immune system, they drink it at a dose of 1500-3000 mg per day, with serious sports loads - 2000-3000 mg. If a person is working for wear and is engaged in hard physical labor, then the product is consumed in 1000-2000 mg per day.

Doctors advise the liquid preparation to be taken in the form of vitamin cocktails, in the intervals between meals or 20 minutes before the intended meal. Do not take this substance on an empty stomach. The tool is consumed before lunch to get a lot of energy. In the second half of the day, the drug may cause insomnia. The content of amino acids in ampoules varies from 1000 to 3000 mg. The dose in the ampoule is divided into three doses and consumed one morning, the other at lunch, and the third half an hour before training. The maximum dose is 3 ml per day.

Interaction with drugs

The tool can increase the effect of warfarin (coumadin), which significantly increases the risk of bleeding. During the use of this substance should be a blood test for liquefaction. Another amino acid inhibits the effects of thyroid hormones.L-carnitine is allowed for use along with the other medicines. Amino acid does not affect the action of other drugs that accelerate fat burning. You should not use this tool with products that have a stimulating effect.


Despite the fact that this supplement is harmless, before you use it, you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications. Thus, the substance is not recommended to use for persons suffering from peripheral vascular diseases, who have diabetes mellitus and a diagnosis of liver cirrhosis. Do not use the drug for kidney disease.

l carnitine how to take slimming girls

It is not recommended to use the amino acid in case of individual intolerance or allergic reaction to it and protein products. You should not resort to L-carnitine in the period of unbalanced nutrition, in the presence of oncological diseases and thyroid pathology. The prohibition of use is pregnancy and lactation, as well as the age group up to 18 years. You can not use the drug for epilepsy, hypertension, HIV-infected patients and heart failure. Contraindications are pain in the stomach, dyspepsia and increased nervous irritability.In case of overdose, a slight upset stomach may occur. Long-term medication can cause blockage of the arteries.

Side effects

How to take L-carnitine for weight loss, it was described above, and now a little about what can cause the reception of funds. The use of amino acids practically does not cause negative phenomena, and among those that arise, there is insomnia, which happens when using the drug at bedtime. Nausea, vomiting, increased appetite, gag reflex, disorder of the gastrointestinal tract are quite rare. If the supplement is consumed in large doses, from 3 g per day, then the body can emit a fishy smell.

Popularity Rating

Today, you can find a lot of drugs, the action of which is based on the amino acid L-carnitine. The most popular on the market are the following drugs:

  • SAN Alcar. It is acetyl-carnitine, which accelerates cell metabolism and gives a huge charge of energy for sports activities.
  • SAN L-Carnitine Power. This is pure carnitine. Available in capsule form. Does not cause side effects.
  • NOW Carnitine Liquid. Produced in liquid form. The composition includes vitamins of group B.
  • Universal carnitech. Contains not only L-carnitine, but also energy supplements. This is a great fat burning complex. Available in liquid form.
  • Ultimate L-Carnitine. It happens in the form of tablets, and in the form of a liquid. It contains, in addition to amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Affects weight loss and improves overall health.
  • Dymatize l-carnitine. Produced in capsules. Contains B vitamins and methionine.
  • MusclePharm Carnitine Core.Contains four types of L-carnitine plus raspberry extract. It is considered the best.
  • Al Sport Nutrition L-carnitine L-Tatate. It has an anabolic effect, normalizes metabolic processes.

l carnitine powder take slimming

Choosing a drug for weight loss, it should be borne in mind that it should not contain both L-ficin and caffeine, ephedrine. This combination is dangerous to health. Conversely, complexes enriched with vitamins and minerals will not only help burn fat, but also improve well-being.

Price where to buy?

Supplements for weight loss can be purchased at stores selling sports nutrition, pharmacies or ordered from online stores. The cost of this substance is very different and depends on the manufacturer, the availability of additives and the form of release. Thus, the average price of liquid L-carnitine in a volume of 50 ml is about 280 rubles.The drug in tablets "Carniton" costs about 260 rubles for 20 pills, each of which contains 500 mg of L-carnitine. Means in powder form Maxler Max Motion with L-Carnitine, calculated on sixteen doses of 1200 mg, can be purchased for 650 rubles. Product VP Lab - L-Carnitine Capsules capsules will cost 950 rubles. The package contains 90 capsules of 500 mg. The indicated price is approximate and may vary depending on the mark-up in the outlet.

Consumer reviews

Gives a good effect, but only after prolonged exertion, L-carnitine. How to take for weight loss? Reviews note that the drug in a liquid form acts much faster than pills. Detailed information can be found in the instructions for use. L-carnitine causes a lot of different opinions. Some are happy with the result. They say that without this substance, the process of losing weight was difficult to get off the ground. They note that after taking L-carnitine they are less tired, there is more strength and endurance. Kilograms melt before our eyes. Take the drug for half an hour before training. Most people prefer the substance in liquid form.

l carnitine take slimming capsules

But not everyone talks about the miraculous properties of drugs that contain L-carnitine.How to take for weight loss (reviews indicate the need to combine intensive workouts with taking this drug), many learn from the Internet, since most of these tools have instructions only in English. There are individuals who consider L-carnitine a placebo. They say that it is expensive, and it is meaningless to accept it without sports. Some drugs and during long grueling workouts did not bring the promised result, did not energize and did not contribute to weight loss. These are mainly preparations in the form of capsules and tablets, since the responses in the liquid form are mostly positive.

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