How to put marks on the keyboard: tips and tricks

Every modern user sooner or later faces a task called "typing". This is an operation that does not require any special skills. Just press the buttons on the keyboard. Sometimes in electronic documents it is necessary to put various signs and symbols. They can be punctuation marks or constants in the exact sciences. How to print them? You can find some characters on the keyboard. Below you will find everything about how to put certain symbols in electronic documents. Consider the processes on the example of work in "Windows" and in the "Word".

Ways to recruit

How to put signs? The keyboard is only part of the special characters. And with their set usually does not arise any problems.

Symbols in the Word

Among the possible ways of typing special characters are:

  • use of buttons with appropriate signs;
  • working with a shortcut key;
  • the use of "Unicode";
  • use Alt-codes;
  • working with the "Copy" and "Paste" shortcuts.

In addition, you can insert characters on the computer:

  • through the work with the option "Insert Formula";
  • by inserting from the Windows Symbol Table;
  • using the "Paste Special" in a text editor.

Which option to use? It all depends on personal preference. Therefore, further focus on the most popular methods of solving the problem.

Buttons on the keyboard panel

On the keyboard characters are located in different places. Usually, special characters can be found to the right and left of the main alphabet or above it. It is about buttons with numbers.

When typing characters using the keys on the keyboard use either the Russian layout, or English. For example, to put a point, you can:

  • press the button to the left of the right "Shift", being on the set of "Russian";
  • go to the English layout and click on the letter "Yu".

Typically, characters on the keyboard, typed in a similar way, are limited to slashes, brackets and punctuation. Dial them is no difficulty.

Keyboard characters

Keyboard shortcuts

The second method of solving the task is to work with keyboard shortcuts on the keyboard panel.A similar alignment recalls the previously presented principle.

During its use is required:

  1. Find a button with a particular character on the keyboard.
  2. Switch keyboard layout to Russian or English. It depends on what kind of sign you need to put.
  3. Click on Shift.
  4. Click on the desired key.

To make it clear what is at stake, consider a vivid example. How to type a question mark on the keyboard?

This will require:

  1. Find the key with the number 7 on the keyboard. It is located above the main alphabet.
  2. Make sure that the Russian layout is currently activated on the keyboard panel.
  3. Click on the "Shift" and the previously mentioned key.

Fast, easy and very convenient. Unfortunately, you can not find all the characters on the keyboard. Alt-codes and Unicode are commonly used to insert a variety of special characters.

Working with Copy and Paste Commands

Before you learn these techniques, you should pay attention to another. It is about using the options "Copy" and "Paste." They can be activated using the keyboard.

To print a specific character, the user will need:

  1. Find the finished text with the desired sign.
  2. Select the appropriate character. For example, using the "Shift" key and arrows on the keyboard.
  3. Press Ctrl + C. This option is responsible for copying the character to the PC clipboard.
  4. Put the cursor pointer typing in the right place.
  5. Clamp "Control" + M (Russian). This combination is responsible for pasting from the clipboard.

This approach is not very common in practice. To use it, you have to look for ready-made texts with symbols. This is not as easy as it sounds.

Table of characters "Windows"

"Alt" codes

How to put characters on the keyboard? The next solution is to use alt-codes. This solution allows you to quickly type special characters on your computer.

Instructions for working with alt-codes looks like this:

  1. Activate the "Num Lock" mode on the computer. If the option is active, the corresponding indicator light on the keyboard will be lit.
  2. Put the cursor in the place of printing the symbol.
  3. Hold down the "Alt" key. There are usually two on the keyboard. Any suitable.
  4. Dial on the clock panel (from the right side of the keyboard) alt-code. It can be specified in a special directory or by means of the "Windows Symbol Tables".
  5. Release the buttons.

After that in the text document this or that character will appear.Thus, the characters on the keyboard are typed very quickly.

In order to put the infinity sign in the Word in the “Word”, it is necessary to enter the code 8734 on the keyboard with the “Alt” clamped. This will result in the printing of the symbol ∞. To print a heart (♥), Alt + 3 is required.

Alt code table

"Unicode" to help

Keyboard characters can be typed using Unicode. This is another simple way of typing special characters.

To use it, the user will have to:

Learn the "Unicode" of a character. You can find it in the "Windows Character Table" or in the "Special Character" section in Word.

  1. To write in the place of printing the Unicode sign.
  2. Press Alt + X.

After the done actions, the request will be processed and the label will be converted into a symbol.

To understand how to type characters on the keyboard through "Unicode", consider the example of printing the% character. This will require:

  1. Dial the code U + 0025 (with a plus).
  2. Press "Alt" + H.

About character tables

Now we’ll find out where the special insert is in the Word and Character Table in Windows. This will help typing characters on the keyboard.

In the first case, you will need:

  1. Open text editor.
  2. Click on the tool called "Insert".Here you can find the section "Object" - Microsoft Equation. He is responsible for printing mathematical formulas.
  3. Click on the "Symbol" button.
  4. A sign with special characters appears on the monitor display. Here you can find any printed character on your computer.

In the second case, you can act as follows:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Go to the "All Programs" - "Standard".
  3. Expand the "Tools" folder.
  4. Click on the line labeled "Character table ...".

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