How to plant thuyu: gardeners tips

Tuyu is also called the life tree. She comes from North America, but this beauty has got accustomed to our region, delighting the eye with its evergreen look. This is an unpretentious, frost-resistant plant from the cypress family. The most common types of thuja are folded, Chinese, Japanese, Western, and Korean. Although there are many other varieties. The tree is ideal for creating chic design compositions in the garden. Tui ennobles the territory, makes it more comfortable, and also fills the air with a magnificent pine to plant thuja

Location selection

Before you put thuyu, you need to decide exactly where to settle the green beauty. This is an unpretentious plant that can develop both in sunny areas and in shady corners. But you still need to understand that lighting, soil, moisture significantly affect its appearance. Thuja loves the light, so she is recommended to take a well lit, windless, warm area.In the shade it will be rare, it may lose its decorativeness and pomp. Here it is also necessary to take into account what kind of plant to be planted, because the plant can be given a different shape. The tree can be round and low or high and cone-shaped.

Thuja feels good on any soil, but still grows best, forms a lush crown on fertile soils that let moisture well. The plant does not require frequent watering, but still in the case of severe drought, it may turn yellow and crumble. The condition and development of the tree depends on the correctness of the choice of the landing site. If everything is done correctly, then you will not even have to take care of the thuja, it will decorate the garden plot with its to plant thuja

Pit preparation

Before you put thuyu, you must dig a suitable hole. Its size depends on the height of the seedling and the development of its root system. The diameter of the pit should be about a meter, and the depth should be up to 80 cm. Drainage must be put on the bottom so that there is no stagnation of water. You can use broken bricks, expanded clay or other similar materials. The drainage layer should be about 15 cm. The mixture is recommended to be made from sod land, sand and peat, taken in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. Before you put thuyu in the country, you must decide for what purpose it is done.If some shrubs are planned to be placed between the trees (the juniper looks beautiful), then a distance of about 4 meters should be left between the pits. If a hedge is made only from thujas, then they should be planted a meter apart.

Landing in the ground

To strengthen the root system of thuja, you can add appropriate fertilizer to the pit. Particular attention should be paid to the root neck. It must be placed exactly at ground level, it can neither be buried nor elevated. In this case, it is important to show accuracy and accuracy.

what to put

Need to know how to properly plant thuja. After all, if you do something wrong, it is likely that the plant will simply die or stop developing, will wither. The pit should be filled with a specially prepared mixture of sand, peat and sod land. To make the sapling easier to cope with stress after transplantation, it quickly got accustomed and rooted, you should feed it with phosphate and potash fertilizers.

Features of landing a thuja in the spring

Most often, seedlings from pots in open ground are planted in the spring. Since there are many warm days ahead, the plant will have time to acclimatize, take root, get rid of stress.The landing takes place as usual, all manipulations with the seedling are carried out carefully to avoid damage to the root system. It is necessary to know not only how to plant a thuja, but also how to take care of it then in order to protect the tree from diseases. The plant should be fed potassium and phosphorus every two weeks. If it rarely rains in spring, then twice a week thuja should be watered at the rate of 20 liters of water for one seedling. At the same time, you can plant seeds in a bowl. In the spring they sprout well and to plant thuja in the country

Is it possible to plant thuja in the summer?

All conifers are best planted in open ground in early spring, especially for plants with an open root system. Saplings in containers feel great after transplanting at any time of the year. In any case, you need to know how to plant a thuja in the summer, so that she will start and not wither. Much depends on the soil. Although the thuja is not capricious, it still takes root better in a mixture specially prepared for conifers. The plant does not like overmoistening, but since it is hot in summer, immediately after transplanting it should be literally poured. In order to avoid rotting of the roots, it is necessary to make good drainage.

how to plant thuja in the fall

Thuja loves to swim, she can have a crown shower almost daily. Young saplings can be treated with a growth stimulator. So they will take root faster and go to growth. Although the thujas are light-loving, but at first after planting they should be plucked from the hot afternoon sun.

Features planting trees in the fall

It is important to know some of the subtleties of how to properly plant a thuja in the fall so that it would take root and delight with its charming look. A sapling should grow stronger before the onset of prolonged frosts, so you cannot touch it late in the fall. The optimal time for disembarking in open ground is September, the beginning of October. To help the young tree to survive the winter safely, it is necessary to fall asleep the hole around the trunk with fallen needles or compost. It will insulate and protect it from severe frosts. During snowfall, branches may break under the weight of snow, so they are recommended to shake them off.

Care for thuja for the first time after landing

In the first month after being placed in the open ground, the sapling is very sensitive to changes in the weather, diseases, so you need to properly care for it. It is very important to ensure normal watering, optimally - water a thaw with a bucket of water once a week.If the summer is hot, it does not rain for a long time, then under one sapling 20 liters should be poured twice a week. It also does not hurt to carry out soil mulching. For this you can use wood chips or peat. Mulch will protect against weed, evaporation of moisture from the soil, and in addition to all, it will enrich the soil with nutrients.

how to plant thuja in summer

Mature plants survive the first winter in a new place, but young seedlings are more vulnerable. They need to be protected from strong wind, as well as winter and spring sunburn. To this end, the trees are wrapped with light sacking, which is removed in early spring. After the snow melts, tui need to cut, remove excess and dry branches.

Shelter for the winter

Severe frosts and snowfalls are a real challenge for young trees. It is important to know not only how to plant thuyu, but also how to protect it in the cold season. The stores sell special fertilizers that strengthen the "immunity" of the plant and help it survive the frosty months. The root system of a tree can be protected with fallen leaves, they retain moisture, retain heat and fertilize the soil. If thuis are planted in a quiet, windless place, then in heavy snowfalls from their branches it is only necessary to shake off the snow so that it does not break the branches.If the trees are constantly blown by the wind, then it is better to wrap them with a light woven material. It will protect the plant from frost, wind and sunburn. Tighten the burlap is not worth it, because air circulation must be maintained.

Thuja - unpretentious plant that adorns any area with its appearance. This beauty will enrich the landscape and will be the highlight of the design masterpiece.

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