How to name a child by date of birth: church calendar

The waiting period for the baby is the best in the life of a young couple. It will be a very short time, and in the family will appear one more of its members, who will change the life of their parents by their presence alone. Tiny feet are trampled around the house, and the handles will reach out to everything that the baby will like.

But the waiting period for the future miracle is usually associated with one problem - how to name the treasure, which will soon be born? Such an exit, how to name a child by the date of birth (a girl or a boy - is not so important), although it seems simple, but in fact it is quite a difficult task.

How to name a child by date of birth: church calendar

In such a case as choosing a name for the future baby, it is necessary to take into account some very important nuances, so as not to spoil the child with his short-sightedness life in the future and not to force him to suffer for many years because of the rash and hastily taken decision.

What influences the choice of a name?

A lot of disputes arise in future parents about this. Numerous friends, relatives, acquaintances are involved in solving the issue. Everyone strives to contribute to the choice of a name, after all, it is not for nothing considered that it determines the future life of a little man.

And it is important not only consonance with the surname and patronymic. It is believed that, to some extent, the name can influence the character and health of the future member of society. His right choice, according to many, will give the baby the opportunity to acquire the best qualities of character and achieve more in life.

A tribute to the fashionable tendencies in the choice of a name is the error of parents

It is very fashionable for many years, from the beginning of the era of building communism, to give the child absurdly sounding names reflecting the events of that time. How many people have been spoiled by such a tribute to the fashion !!

It is even frightening to imagine what Dazdraperme Ivanovna, who was born on May 1, had and was given such a terrible name - derived from the name of this holiday ("long live May 1"), brought to our life by this era! Electrification, the Five-Year Plan, and Stalin did not have a better life either, although at that time such absurdities were original, and at the same time they provided the phantom "bright future" for the child.

What options are there?

But times change, and at the same time foolish innovations come to the foreground, returning to the world old traditions, proven by centuries, when choosing a name. Of the huge number of ways that carry the solution of such a question as to name a child (by date of birth, for example), we can distinguish several of the most common.

Very often, when choosing a name for a newborn, a tribute is used. In this case, the baby is given the name of the person who played a big role in the life of the parents. It can be like a close friend or relative, as well as a popular personality, sportsman, politician, singer or actor. But when deciding on this method of choice, one should keep in mind that there is a risk of the child repeating the fate of the person in whose memory he received his name.

Also quite often kids are called by the holy, or Orthodox calendar. This way exists since antiquity, and many parents turn to him. Solving the question of how to name a child by the date of birth according to the church cadendary is very simple in this case, because there are a lot of beautiful, cute sounding and actual names till now.

In a suitable day of birth, the memory of many saints is honored, which makes it possible to select the name you like. By this method, you can choose the names of those saints whose memory is honored not only on the birthday of the child, but also on the 8th or 40th day. After all, the G-8 is a symbol of eternity, and the figure 40 is meant to denote the sacrament of baptism. How to name a child by date of birth? The church calendar will help young parents to decide.

Lepta, contributed by astrology and numerology to the question of choosing a name

Greatly popular is the selection of a suitable name according to the signs of the zodiac or its numerical value. Many parents rely on numerology and astrology for solving such a burning issue as to name a child, according to the date of birth and some other data. From the point of view of these sciences, the combination of sounds in a name, as well as a suitable sign of a horoscope, allow both to strengthen and weaken some features in the nature of the child.

Much attention is paid by many to the meaning of the name. In this case, parents use dictionaries of personal Russian names that contain all the necessary information about the meaning, as well as the origin of one or the other of them. The most useful and most popular in this case were the editions of such authors as N. Tikhonov, A. V. Superanskaya, N. A. Petrovsky.

Secrets of popularity of Old Slavic names

Now the values ​​of most of the old, formerly popular with the ancient Slavs of names, both female and male, have ceased to be a mystery behind seven seals. To any person, even at the level of intuition, their meaning became clear.

For the most part, they have a positive value and good energy. Take, for example, names such as Yaroslav - "bright glory", or Lyudmila - "for people dear." They are not only known to everyone without exception, but also very popular.

What meanings are hidden in the names that came from antiquity?

Solving the question of how to name a child by the date of birth (a boy, for example), many modern parents would prefer to call him Vladislav (who owns the glory), Vsevolod (omnipotent) or Lubomir (loving peace, peace-loving). And for the girl will pick up no less euphonious names - Svetlana (light), Snezhana (white-haired), Milan (sweet). Such names and energy are very kind, and for hearing they are pleasant.

Old names, known even from the history of the ancient Slavs, are very flattering to most parents. After all, if you follow these traditions and name the child by the date of birth, the boys can be called such excellent names as Yaroslav, Svyatoslav, Rostislav, Mstislav, Igor and Vyacheslav. These names are great Russian princes. In addition, they are also included in all church calendars.

Relationship of a name with a surname and a patronymic

When parents are asked such a question, how to name a child, the date of birth and patronymic should be better orientated first. It should be borne in mind that the name must necessarily be combined with the patronymic, so that they not only sound decent, but also be pronounced easily, without any distortion.

After all, such difficult-to-pronounce combinations, as, for example, Alexander Alexandrovich, are often altered into the most common ones - San Sanych, changing this from the point of view of numerology, and the fate of the person named so, and also giving him some inconvenience.

In addition, the chosen name should be well combined with the surname and sound harmoniously at the same time. After all, such a combination, like Juliette Ivanova or Rodrigo Gorshkov, is completely unsuccessful, and they will not bring anything to the person who wears them, except ridicule. Any exotic name will be well combined with a rare name for Russians.

The caress form of the name and initials. Is it important to take them into account?

You should also pay attention to the fact that the selected name should have several diminutive options, which sound quite harmonious. For example, Tatiana - Tanya, Tanyusha, Tanechka. If there is no short name, the kids will still come up with it. It is not at all a fact that such an invention will please the bearer of the name.

Initials, which are always present when a person writes their data, also have undeniable importance in the event that future parents decide how to name the child. By date of birth, they are oriented or not, it is not so important. Although, it would seem that this is a trifle - the initials. But this little thing can bring very big trouble.

Be sure to pay attention to whether the initials are not folded into something indecent or ugly.

The advice of psychologists about choosing a suitable name

Psychologists who study the way a name affects the character of a particular person, give the following recommendations.

  1. Children who were born in winter are most suitable for singing and soft, containing a large number of vowels and sonorous sounds. Names bearing such consonance are called upon to smooth out the "severity" that is present in winter children. And when deciding such a question, how to name a child (according to the date of birth, you should also be guided here), for children who were born during this period, it is necessary to dwell on such names as Benjamin or Liliana, Miroslav, Arseniy, Vitalina and others like them .
  2. Spring kids are better suited for more tough names, which will give strength and confidence. They should be given such sounds as s, p, g, d, etc. Good options will be Grigory, Rostislav, Zlata, Bozena, Robert.
  3. Kids, born in the summer, the best option will be ringing and unusual names, for example, Nazarii, Mariana, Zlata. They add purposefulness and activity to the character of the person who wears them.
  4. For the fall, simple and calm names should be considered. The children of this season are real realists, so the warmth and calm that the names of Polina, Ippolit, Antonina and Vadim will surely please the baby.

Many ways exist to choose a child's name, but in any case, do not forget that with him the kid gets his further destiny.

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