How to make origami "Snow Maiden". Modular origami scheme

The art of making paper various figures we have been taught since childhood. Everyone knows the word "origami". These are the various paper crafts. Such handicrafts can be practiced and prepared for various holidays with the whole family, for example, such as our winter national celebration.

New Year is coming

Everyone knows the main characters of the beloved holiday of all - of course, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Consider how to make do-it-yourself origami "Snow Maiden". We act according to the following algorithm:Origami Snow Maiden

  1. For a start, cut out a sheet of white paper with a square with sides of 15 cm each. Then fold it in half. Gently connect the opposite sides.
  2. Each side we bend about 5 mm.
  3. The bottom side of the square is lifted up to a distance of 2 cm.
  4. Lower corners bend to the middle.
  5. Turn over the workpiece on the opposite side.
  6. All the upper sides bend to the middle and stretch the corners from the opposite side.
  7. The remaining upper corner is bent away from yourself.
  8. Cut a strip of paper 2 cm wide and fold it in half.
  9. The sides of the first workpiece bend along the intended line.
  10. We take the second blank in the form of a strip and fasten it to the "collar" with the help of glue.
  11. Cut a third blank out of paper in the form of a square with sides of 9 cm each.
  12. Fold the third billet in the form of a kite.
  13. The upper sides of the third blank are folded to the center on the vertical side.
  14. The resulting angle must be bent in the opposite direction.
  15. Bottom corner on the other side of the third blank also fold back. We turn over preparation to other party.
  16. Now open the resulting pocket and fold the angle in half.

What kind of Snow Maiden can do without gloves? That's right, there is no such, so we’ll make mittens for our winter girl. To do this, prepare two cut out squares with sides of 2 cm and proceed as follows:

  1. Two squares fold in half diagonally.
  2. The remaining corners are bent to the center.
  3. On each piece we turn down the corner and turn the craft over to the other side.
  4. These are the origami mittens “Snow Maiden”.

Also, each such fabulous heroine walks in a beautiful headdress:

  1. Cut a small rectangle out of paper and fold it in half vertically. Be sure to do it from the top down.
  2. The upper corners are bent to the middle.
  3. Lift the lower side up, and bend the corner down.
  4. We turn the workpiece to the other side.

To finish the figure to the end, you need to connect all the parts together. We glue the head and gloves to the fur coat. We glue a hat to the head, and it turns out a beautiful and amazing origami "Snow Maiden". These figures can be decorated with New Year cards and Christmas trees.

The holiday comes to us

Everybody loves the New Year - from young to old. Waiting for a miracle and magic makes it simply enchanting. Pre-Christmas mood is created in preparation for the holiday. At this point, you can start with your household to make an interesting modular origami "Snow Maiden". This is a rather original way of making a fabulous figurine from paper.

Modular origami

Let us consider in more detail the manufacture of origami "Snow Maiden". The scheme is presented below. For this we need about 600 pieces of finished modules of 4 * 6 cm in size.So, let's start the production itself: Maiden origami of the modules

  1. We make the first three rows of 25 identical parts each and lock them in a circle.
  2. 4 row - 22 pieces.
  3. 5 row - 19 pieces.
  4. 6 row - 22 pieces.
  5. We make the 7th row of 22 modules, we connect it and turn it out.
  6. 8 row - 22 pieces.
  7. 9 row - 18 pieces.
  8. 10 row - 14 pieces.
  9. 11 row - 18 pieces.
  10. 12 row - here we make one short side from 18 pieces. The bottom is ready.

Straighten it and shape the skirt.

  1. 13.14 rows - 18 pieces each.
  2. 15 row - 16 modules. Here you need to leave holes for the hands.
  3. 16 row - 14 pieces.
  4. 17 row - consists of 16 pieces of modules, which are fixed on the short side. These are all the details of a blue tint, and the white ones are dressed as usual.
  5. 18 row - 16 units of modules.
  6. In the 19th row we add 3 beige modules, and two white colors are fixed on the short side, the rest is fixed in the usual way.
  7. From the next row we begin to make the face of our Snow Maiden.
  8. We do hair. Here we are guided independently by the size of the head.
  9. We make a hat and hands.
  10. In the hair we fix the pigtails.
  11. Insert the ready hands into the allotted holes. Parts such as pigtails, eyes, nose and mouth are fixed with glue.
  12. Cut mittens out of paper and glue them in place.

The result is an unusual modular origami "Snow Maiden".Such products can be made as small gifts for colleagues and friends, and also they can decorate a festive Christmas tree.

As you already understood, making modular origami is easy. Now it is worth considering in more detail how to prepare these very details for paper crafts.

How to prepare modules for origami

Modules can be both flat and bulk. In our case, to get a modular origami "Snow Maiden", we need volume. These parts can be bonded to each other with white glue or thread. They can also be mounted in special pockets of other parts. Our previous Snow Maiden was made of triangular modules. They are made from small pieces of paper in the size of 1/16 or 1/32 of the A4 format. You can choose the size at your own discretion. In our case, the short and long side of the sheet is divided into equal parts. After you have made small blanks, you can proceed to the assembly of the module. Do it as follows:origami snow maiden scheme

  1. A piece of paper folded along in half.
  2. Mark the middle. Then we lay the part up at an angle.
  3. The edges are bent to the middle of the workpiece.
  4. We turn over the other side.
  5. Fold the bottom of the top.
  6. Small lower corners bend over big.
  7. Unbend the corners and bottom.
  8. Back fold the corners of the line and lift it up.
  9. Bend the workpiece in half.

It turns out the part from which you can make various crafts. In our case, this is the "Snow Maiden". Origami from the modules appeared a long time ago. To master this technique is easy, the main thing is to arm yourself with patience.

Fairy girl

Let us examine another master class, showing the stages of work on origami "Snow Maiden". The diagram below is simple, and the child will master it. So, for work we need triangular bulk modules of different colors: blue, yellow, white, pink. We act according to the scheme:modular origami snow maiden

  1. We make the first three rows of white modules of 25 pieces each.
  2. 4 row we make of 23 modules of blue color 2 - white.
  3. 5 row - 24 blue, 1 white.
  4. 6 row - 23 blue, two white.
  5. Up to 13 rows alternate between 4 and 5 rows.
  6. 13 row - we make 25 pieces of white modules.
  7. 14 row - 25 pink modules. They are fastened with the long side inside.
  8. 15 row - 13 pieces yellow, 12 pink. It turns a face.
  9. 16 row - 12 yellow, 6 pink, 1 red, 6 pink.
  10. 17 row - 25 units of modules. Of these, 3 are yellow, 12 are pink.
  11. 18-19th row - 12 yellow each, 13 pink.
  12. Repeat up to 21 rows.
  13. 21 row - 13 pink, 12 yellow.It turned out the head of our "Snow Maiden".
  14. 22 row - bangs fairy tale heroine, which consists of 25 pieces of modules of a yellow shade.
  15. 23 row - it ends with the head of our crafts. This series consists of 20 pieces of yellow shade modules.

Which Snow Maiden has no braids? We make them according to the following scheme:

  1. 2 yellow modules, 1 white. We connect them so that the corner is long looking up.
  2. We interweave another 8 modules, and the pigtail is ready.
  3. In the same way we make the second pigtail.
  4. We put them on the sides to the main craft.

Making a hat for Grandfather Santa Claus:

  1. 1 row - 11 pieces of modules of a blue shade.
  2. 2 row - 14 pieces.
  3. 3 row - 12 pieces.
  4. 4 row - 23 pieces.

We turn out and fasten on the head. The hands of the Snow Maiden are made of three pieces of white modules and 6 blue ones.

The result is a large volumetric "Snow Maiden". Origami from the modules is very interesting to do with children. For the holiday, everyone is able to prepare amazing jewelry and gifts with their own hands.

Now the original very crafts are appreciated. After all, a person put his soul and desire in them. Origami "Snow Maiden" can be done by the whole family. The main thing - there would be a desire, and the rest will follow.

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