How to make jam from apples and rintes

Autumn is the season of preparation for the long cold winter. This is the time of harvesting vegetables, fruits and berries by the method of canning. It is so pleasant to gather family at a cozy table on icy winter evenings, pour hot fragrant tea into beautiful mugs and enjoy the taste of fragrant, brewed by you personally, apple or pastry jam.

General information about making apple jam

First, you will learn how to make apple jam, and a little lower you will learn how to make jam. It would seem, but what could be so complicated in the preparation of this sweet? But no, as in any business, there are also some tricks and secrets. How to make jam from apples?

How to cook delicious apple jam

In order for apple jam to turn out really tasty, with elastic transparent slices, you need to follow some simple rules:

1. In no case should not think that any jam, broken, wrinkled or rotten apples will go to the jam! Fruits should be freshly harvested, firm, with dense, not loose pulp.Of course, you can also boil apples that have lain for a couple of weeks, but in this case it is unlikely that you can achieve honey transparency, the jam is likely to be to make apple jam

2. Many late apple varieties are suitable for making jam, but experienced housewives prefer time-tested crops such as Anis, Gloucester, Semerenko, Borovinka, and, of course, the favorite of all without exception Antonovka. The fruits of these varieties are dense enough in order not to boil softly in porridge.

3. Intact, fresh fruit should be well washed. Cut large apples into slices and divide small ones into quarters or halves. Chopped apples pour in boiling water, cook for no more than 5 minutes.

5. How much sugar should I take? Each hostess has his own opinion on this. Someone likes sweet and sugary jam, and someone likes a sweet and sour savory taste. According to the general rules for making jam, one kilogram of apples is taken from 900 to 1500 grams of granulated sugar.

6. To determine the readiness of apple jam, you can use this simple way: type a little syrup in a teaspoon and drop it on a saucer.A drop should be dense, not spread in a puddle, that is, to keep its shape. In a properly prepared jam, the glaze has an amber-clear, honey-colored color.

Amber Apple Jam Recipe

Ingredients:how to make jam

- apples of late varieties of 3 kg;

- sugar 2.5-3 kg.

Wash fruits, dry. Separate each apple in half, carefully remove the core, cut into even, approximately equal in size slices and put into layers in a large enamel saucepan. Pour each layer of sugar. Do not mix! Cover with a clean towel and leave for 5-8 hours. After this time, when the apples give up all their juice, you can begin the cooking process. Apple-sugar mass must be boiled on low heat for 5 minutes, removed from the stove and left alone for 7-9 hours. Repeat this procedure 3-5 times (who will have enough patience). In no case do not allow strong boiling. Mixing apple pieces is not desirable, so as not to violate the integrity. It is better to sink them with a wooden spoon. Pour the hot jam into well-washed jars.

The jam prepared according to this recipe turns out to be extremely fragrant, with a clear syrup and even caramel-honey apple slices.

Rannet jam

"How to make jam from a pastry?" - you ask.pretzel jam

Jam made from these small apples is distinguished from all other inexpressible fresh, bright taste and an unusual kind of whole fruits floating in syrup.

How to cook jam from the soot so that it was not only tasty, but also benefited our body, strengthened it and increased vitality?

There are two types of this sweetness: jam from whole markets and with tails. The whole difference, as you understand, is that the stalk is either removed or not. Children from the prettail jam are very fond of children.

The recipe for jam from amber apple

whole pretzel jam

- ratenki - 3 kg;

- sugar - 2 kg 500 g;

- one and a half liters of water;

- grated lemon peel.

Rinse the fruit and pierce each rastenka in several places with a thick needle. In boiling water in small portions we fall asleep apples for a few seconds, after which

we take them out with a skimmer and drop them into icy water. This procedure will allow them to become softer.

To make the glaze, you need to pour all the sugar into hot water and let it simmer for about three minutes. Cool the resulting syrup to room temperature, pour the prepared injections with it, leave to soak for at least four hours.After the desired time, the icing with the fruit should be boiled, stirring occasionally gently, about 20 minutes. At this stage, you can enter lemon zest into jam. Remove from heat and leave for 6-7 hours. Repeat the boiling process two more times. Pour into hot cans.

It turned out the question of how to make jam from the markets was not at all difficult.

Enjoy your winter tea!

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