How to make icing sugar do it yourself

Everyone knows that homemade food is much tastier and healthier than the store. This is also true for sweet dishes that our mothers and grandmothers can skillfully cook. Any experienced hostess with the experience can replace the missing ingredients with their counterparts. Sometimes home cooks have to answer the question of how to make powdered sugar when there is no ready at hand. This powder is widely used for making and decorating cakes, pies and other pastries. Homemade sugar powder is prepared in several ways, which will be discussed in this article.


how to make powdered sugarWe need sugar, tools, and patience. We will tell you more about each element. It is better to give preference to white sugar; the smaller the initial grains of sand, the thinner the powder will be. The whiter the sand, the more elegant the powder looks on the finished product. If it so happened that sugar is only lumpy, then pay attention to the porosity of the refined sugar.There are very tightly compressed species, there are more friable. The denser the cube, the more effort it will take to turn it into dust. Tools can be popular and modern. The first ones are rolling pins, mortar, bottles, graters. The second - electric blenders and coffee grinders. As for patience, for a housewife - the more of it, the better!

Cooking by hand

If your home does not have modern appliances for the kitchen, be smart and try to make powder like you did 100 years ago. Take 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar and put it in a double plastic bag, tie up the bag so that its contents do not spill out. Prepare a board, put your bag of sugar on it, flatten it and start rolling the sugar gently with a rolling pin or bottle. Try not to rush, so as not to tear the package. Roll back and forth as if rolling a dough. To powder was homogeneous, it is better to use a strainer and weed out large portions of sugar.powdered sugar recipe

How to make powdered sugar, if available only refined sugar? There is a little trick - preliminarily pieces of refined sugar need to be broken. It is convenient to use a hammer for beating meat or the heavy handle of a kitchen knife for this purpose. After that, put the crushed lump sugar under the rolling pin for final grinding.Ready powder pour out of the bag in a dry container. Adjust the degree of grinding powder independently; the thinner the grains of sand, the easier it will be to pour in and look more beautiful on the product.

There is a method of rubbing lump sugar on a grater, but it is less convenient. First, it is inconvenient to hold sugar in the hands, it starts to melt from the heat and stick to the fingers. And secondly, carried away by friction, you can easily hurt your hand.

How to make powdered sugar with a mortar? Quite simply, the right amount of sugar is pounded with a uniform circular motion inside the mortar bowl. This method is a bit tedious for those with weak hands.

Cooking with the help of technology

The easiest recipe for powdered sugar is to use the power of electricity. To make the powder, take 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, put it in a coffee grinder or blender, press the grinding button. It is recommended to first choose the average power for pre-grinding seconds to 15-20. Further, when the sugar is crushed, it needs to be brought up to standard by turning on strong power for another 10-15 seconds. After that, any hostess is guaranteed to get the sugar powder very fine and uniform grinding.However, before using the equipment, you must make sure that the bowl of the device does not contain residues of the preceding raw materials: pepper, coffee, other spices. It is clear that the icing sugar in this case will change the color, taste and smell.

Couple of secrets

icing sugar at homeHow to make powdered sugar with a noble smell? To do this, apply heavily chopped and dried lemon or orange zest. You can add cinnamon, ground cardamom, vanilla, cocoa on the tip of a knife. These additives need really little to not change the structure of the powder itself. The selected flavoring need only add to the sugar before grinding.

Perfect storage

Powdered sugar is a dust particles of sugar. It has the ability to quickly absorb foreign odors and moisture, so that is not subject to long storage. In a month, an unpleasant smell appears in the powder. Sugar powder, manufactured in factory conditions, has a shelf life of not more than 6 months due to caking and the formation of strong lumps. To preserve its merchandise qualities, special additives can be put into it. The optimal storage option is a dry, clean can with a tight lid in a dry and dark place.It is best to prepare the powder in small quantities, exactly as much as required by prescription.

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