How to make homemade wine from fermented jam: a recipe

Often neat hostesses do not understand how to deal with the deposits of jam, long stored on the shelves of the cellar or closet, sugared and fermenting. However, stocks are used to non-standard use - they prepare wine from fermented jam. For this, ordinary, candied, and started to ferment jam, confiture or jam is suitable.

Wine from fermented jam

Preparation of components

Before making wine from fermented jam at home, a fermentation tank is prepared. The size of the container due to the amount of processed product. Presumably one liter of jam will need as much water. The container retains space for the release of foam and carbon dioxide. They choose glass containers because the wine, in contact with metal and polymer, absorbs the smell of plastic and iron. The best option is a glass bottle of three or ten liters.

Homemade wine is poured from fermented jam into glass bottles or wooden barrels. Cork is clogged with cork stoppers, the drink “breathes” and wonderfully infused. Homemade wine is stored in a darkened room, and the wine is poured into a bottle of dark glass.

Hydraulic lock: characteristic and types

For making wine from jam, you need a water stopper, which:

  • removes carbon dioxide released during fermentation,
  • does not allow oxygen into the container,
  • works as a pointer to switch to a further phase of the process.

Shutter buy in the department store or make their own. Apply three types of hydraulic locks: from a rubber glove, industrial production, self-made from a tubule and a can.

Rubber lock rubber seal

A glove is put on the bottle, a hole is pierced to release the gases, and a valve is obtained to reduce the pressure. If the glove was blown away and dropped, then the fermentation was over.

Homemade wine made from fermented jam

Industrial seal water seal

This water seal is productive and cheap. It looks like a simple lid, but in the middle is a small indentation that is filled with water.Carbon dioxide passes through the water, if there are no bubbles in the water, it means that the fermentation process is over. A trap of this design is used many times.

Hydraulic lock made of thin tubes and cans of water

For manufacturing, you need a lid with a hole, into which a plastic or rubber hose is inserted, and a can of water. One edge of the hoses is lowered into the water, and the other - 4-5 cm passed through the wine mash. If the gas stopped bubbling in the water, the fermentation stopped. The main thing - to make a tight connection caps and hoses. Holes around the tube clap clay or mass for modeling.

Wine from fermented jam at home

If the ingredients are prepared, then you might think about how to make homemade wine from fermented jam.

Manufacturing steps

Choose jams or marmalades from which homemade wine is prepared, without mold. This is the only rigorous rule, or the output will not produce a product with high-quality properties. Wine is prepared on jams from dissimilar varieties of fruits and berries, since such a mixture will add homemade wine from fermented jam with an extraordinary taste and aroma.

The method of making wine is simple and consists of eight steps:

  • In a solution of identical in volume confiture and lukewarm boiled water (one-to-one ratio), add one cup of sugar to six liters of solution and mix well.
  • Two handfuls (200-250 grams) of unwashed raisins or grapes are added to the mixture. Typical wine yeast on the skins of berries include natural fermentation, passing on to the jam.

Fermented jam how to make wine

  • A container with a solution is placed in a darkened and warm area.
  • When the mixture floats up, the thick is scrupulously separated with a mash, which is then filtered into a bottle or can. The characteristic recipe for homemade wine from fermented jam suggests at this production stage to add an identical amount of sugar to the margarine.
  • At the throat of the bottle wear a water seal.
  • Fermentation lasts at a temperature of plus 25-27 degrees and stops at the completion of the release of bubbles of carbon dioxide.
  • In an effort not to stir up the thick, the wine is carefully poured into bottles using thin hoses. For greater purification filter is used.
  • The bottles are capped and stored in a cold and darkened room for ripening for 60 days.

Wine from candied and roaming jam

For making wine from fermented jam you will need:

  • Missing jam - 1.5 liters.
  • Boiled water - 1.5 liters.
  • Sugar - 200 grams.
  • Raisin - 1 tbsp. spoon with a slide.

Raisins are not washed and not soaked. Boil water, cool to 40 degrees. Pour into a five-liter jar, there add a liter of jam, half sugar and raisins. Carefully interfere. Put on the bottle neck glove, which is securely fastened. On one finger, gloves pierce a hole with a needle to exit the gas.

If there is not one big can, then take two to three liters, pre-mixed components in a saucepan. Tara with braga put in a warm dark place for 14 days. Then the bottle is opened, the mixture is decanted through a filter and another half sugar is added. The wine is poured into a clean five-liter container and again left for 90 days for final fermentation.

The finished wine is bottled without agitating the precipitation. Wine bottles are stored in a cold basement or storeroom. This wine is stronger than in the previous recipe, because of the sugar added during the preparation of the drink.

The recipe for wine from fermented jam

As it turned out, the stagnant jams and confitures turn into a glorious home-made wine, not inferior in taste to the purchased, made at the factory drinks. In addition, no material investment is required.The price of raisins and sugar is low compared to expensive, sometimes not natural wines.

Cane jam wine

Consider if fermented jam, how to make wine with cane sugar. Adding cane sugar in the preparation of wine gives a fragrant and quirky flavor to the drink. For a good fermentation process, bulk containers are prepared to produce an aromatic and high-quality wine as a result.

Take the following ingredients: 1 liter of jam or confiture, 1 liter of boiled water and 100 grams of cane sugar.

Cooking method with cane sugar:

  • In the container, mix the jam and water, then pour the cane sugar into the mixture. The solution is thoroughly stirred and covered with a plastic cap or rubber glove.
  • Tara put in a dark corner for 60 days.
  • Then clean the mash from the precipitated mixture of jam and filtered through a multi-layer gauze.
  • Then pour the liquid into clean bottles and keep another 40 days in a darkened room. When the wine is aged, try the resulting alcohol.

Recipe for homemade wine from fermented jam

Yeast Jam Wine


  • Dry yeast 10 grams.
  • Jam or jam of berries or fruit 1 kg 300 grams.
  • 2.3 liters of boiled water.
  • A handful of raisins.

Jam is collected from a variety of cans and get a mixture of berries and fruit, just to be sweet. Such wine is not preserved for a long time, the taste of alcohol gradually deteriorates, not like that of grape wines.

How to make wine from fermented yeast jam:

  1. Pour water and jam into a container, mix thoroughly and try to make a very sugar solution. With insufficient concentration, add more sugar.
  2. Place the container on the fire, wait for boiling and remove from the furnace.
  3. Cooled to 20 degrees and filtered through a frequent mesh or gauze. Filtering is necessary so that the mixture of berries and fruits does not litter the water trap.
  4. Filtered the mash, pour two ladles mash in a cup. Slowly, dry yeast is poured, scrupulously mixed to a smooth mass, covered with a lid and put in a warm place for 20 minutes to activate the yeast.
  5. Pour this mixture from a cup into a glass container, add a filtered mash to the bottle and mix thoroughly. The bottle does not fill the neck, and save space for the fermentation of the liquid.
  6. Put on the bottle lid with a water seal and a tube, lower the edge of the tube into the water in a plastic bottle.
  7. Cover the constructed device with matter and put in a place where the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere is 25 degrees.
  8. Three days later, watching the development of the fermentation procedure. If air bubbles rise non-stop, the mixture is still vigorously fermented, and alcohol is not ready. Usually wine from jam is suitable for use after 7 days.
  9. If the movement of bubbles stops and the bottle falls to the bottom to the bottom, then taste the drink. The wine comes out sweet-sour, malogazirovannym and with a taste of alcohol.
  10. Cool the drink, filter the precipitated thick and pour into bottles. They throw five raisins in each bottle, and put them in the cold for 24-48 hours.

How to store wine

In order for homemade wine from fermented jam to be lost, you need to properly save the drink. This is not only to preserve taste, but also for a long time to preserve alcohol.

The fermented jam or confiture drink is preserved according to the following principles:

  • Spill cooked alcohol only in clean bottles.It is better if the containers are made of dark glass.
  • The perfect temperature for preservation is considered 10-12 degrees.
  • For the manufacture of truly appetizing and fragrant wine alcohol, wine is subjected to an indispensable aging. Usually the procedure is delayed 1.5-3 months.
  • It is essential that in the period of conservation the bottles are located in a horizontal position. Protect bottles from sudden changes in temperature and vibration.

How to make homemade wine from fermented jam

Having learned all about the preparation of delicious homemade wine from candied and fermented jam, the hostesses use various recommendations based on their cooking experiences using all sorts of spices. After studying the recipe for wine from fermented jam, make a solution for fermentation from a simple or fermented jam and confiture, insist under the water seal, filtered and preserve the prepared product from jam at home.

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