How to make free internet: some simple tips

As you know, you have to pay for everything. And the connection to the Internet or the use of traffic is no exception. Therefore, many are wondering how to make free Internet on a computer or on a mobile device. To solve this problem, there are several simple ways that will be discussed further. But they all relate exclusively to the wireless connection, since such methods are not provided for a wired connection (unless, of course, taking into account illegal actions).

How to make free internet: the simplest solution

With the development of wireless technologies, many public institutions, along with the main activity, offer visitors free Internet. How to make such a connection in the sense of direct use of the VPN network? Yes, just connect to it, being in range.

how to make free internet

In some cafes or even in the subway there are open Wi-Fi access points, for which you do not need to enter a password when connecting. If the connection is secure, as a rule, the access password can be obtained from the administrative staff or the owner of the establishment.

In this regard, with mobile devices, the situation looks simpler, because you will not go to a cafe with a laptop every time when you need to download something, watch the news or mail? On the issue of how to make free Internet for a mobile device, special applications can be very serious assistants, which contain full information about most access points around the world (for example, at airports).

how to make free internet on your phone

There is another category of programs. They are able to scan the presence of networks in a certain radius. Thus, it is possible to determine for yourself which institution to enter.

Simultaneous use of one access point

On the other hand, the problem of how to make free Internet can be solved through agreements with neighbors who have a wireless access point to the network (router).

If you have trust or friendship with your neighbors,and you only need to check your email, browse the news or chat with friends and acquaintances on social networks, and not download a lot of information, which can lead to a significant slowdown in the network (especially when using torrent clients with the maximum download speed), - why not? It may well be that they will give you their password. In a pinch, you can simply divide the costs.

Connection to the distribution

Almost the same problem of how to make free Internet is solved by agreeing to connect to an existing distribution, which can be activated on a computer terminal or laptop, and on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

can make free internet

True, the one who will deal with the distribution must initially configure it on his device.

How to make free internet on your phone?

With Wi-Fi connection, everything is clear. However, there are some other methods that users forget about. For example, many mobile operators offer tariffs that initially use a certain amount of Internet traffic.

how to make free internet on computer

Call it free Internet can be very conditional,However, when using 3G / 3G + / 4G networks, there is no additional charge for the Internet, unlike GPRS connection, when money is withdrawn from the account.

In addition, there are many stocks on the mobile market, due to which you can make free Internet. But here the snag is that the validity of such offers is clearly limited, besides, it is completely inappropriate to hope only for shares, but you can use it as an option.

Hacking passwords and other illegal actions

Finally, there is another solution to the problem of how to make free Internet, though it looks more than doubtful.

free internet how to do it yourself

First, you can try to crack the password of a Wi-Fi network of any rank (for this purpose, specialized tools are used in the form of software like Airslax Wifi Password Hack or sniffers). Secondly, some craftsmen easily connect to the lines on switchboards at the entrances or even to installed hubs. All these actions are illegal and for obvious reasons are not considered in detail.


Finally it remains to add that you can still play the so-called "satellite fishing", if you have a DVB-card and related software.Connection can be made only because the satellite sends a signal to the receiving device over an expanding range, rather than a narrow beam, therefore, many people use such a scheme. But, according to experts, this is more entertainment than full Internet.

But for wireless connections based on Wi-Fi-access solutions can be found quite a lot, and for completely different computer and mobile devices. The easiest and most natural is to connect to networks in common areas. But, if the neighbors do not mind, you can use their access point. With mobile operators, connecting to a package in which a certain amount of free traffic is initially provided will be the most profitable. In extreme cases, you can ask a friend to share the Internet, that is, set up distribution from your computer or mobile device. The affected methods of hacking or unauthorized connection to someone else's network are not only illegal, but also cause great doubts from an ethical and moral point of view, therefore it is better not to deal with such things.

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