How to make bold CSS

The first version of the modern HTML language appeared somewhere in the early 90s and had the function of information transfer. Thanks to this language, the well-known to which we are all so accustomed began to develop. However, if we plunge into history much deeper, we will see that even back in 1945, Vannevar Bush, an American citizen who was also a scientific adviser to the president, mentions hypertext. In 1968, twenty-three years later, Douglas Engelbart, who was the inventor of the mouse and some other devices, managed to show the work of the hypertext link in his text editor. This was the beginning of the HTML hypertext markup language.

A little bit about CSS

In 1994, the idea of ​​creating cascading style sheets based on HTML was proposed. This idea carried one main idea - to separate the design of the site from its immediate content.css bold

On December 17, 1996, the very first version of CSS was already adopted. On the eighteenth of May 1998, the second version came into play - CSS2. After 11 years, CSS2 has been edited and corrected. So version 2.1 appeared.Today there is a third option.

What is a font, and why is it needed on the site?

The font is an integral part of the web design of any website, thanks to which the resource will look more attractive, because its visitors will be easier to read information if the necessary parts of the text are in bold or italic. Now only the option of using bold font in CSS will be considered.

How to make bold CSS?

In order to set the bold font in CSS, you need to use font-weight. Now we will consider several points in which it will be shown what values ​​are possible for one or another property:

  • If you use the normal property, you get a regular font.
  • If bold - fat.
  • The bolder property is a slightly bold typeface than bold.
  • And the lighter property will be less bold than the to make css in bold

It also uses numbers from 100 to 900. Thanks to these values, you can set properties from a very thin font to a very bold one. In this case, the font thickness will go on increasing - from the smallest numerical value (100) to the largest (900). It should be borne in mind that the default bold font will be equal to 700, and the default value of the normal function will be 400.

How bold looks in CSS

First, put p and open the curly bracket - p {. Secondly, the font-weight property is written, then the colon, and then the written or numeric value of one of the properties is indicated, as discussed above - font-weight: bold. In the end, you can put a semicolon in the event that you are going to enumerate the values ​​of other properties in curly braces. Third, the brace is closed -}.

Consider how you can set the same value in two different ways.
The first uses the function of a numeric value, which is equal to 700:

  • . my-bold-font {
  • color: black;
  • font-weight: 700;
  • }css bold bold

The second method uses the bold function.

To make it possible for you to make bold in CSS, we use the bold function, which, as mentioned above, has a numeric value of 700 by default. In this case, you will not see any difference, so use that function you like more:

  • . my-bold-font {
  • color: black;
  • font-weight: bold;
  • }

Now you know how to make bold text in CSS. We examined in detail what functions and values ​​can be used for this.

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