How to make a cud at home: recipes and tips

White and multi-colored, long and short, disc and twisted into a "snail", with mint, apple, raspberry and even with a large variety of the most amazing tastes, chewing gum or "chewing gum" has long been popular in both children and adults. We chew this stinging tasty thing and rarely think about what it is made of. But there is perhaps a question about which it is really worth thinking: "How to make a cud at home by yourself?"

How to make a cud at home recipe

Everyone knows that most manufacturers are often looking for a way to save more, which means they can add a lot of harmful and tasteless chemistry to your favorite chewing gum. If you do not want to use obscure dyes and food additives, then the recipe for self-preparation should be very helpful. How to make a cud at home? Now you will know about it.

Simple and tasty

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to prepare the "gum". It is suitable for those who are not so important taste, how much fresh breath.This chewing gum will clean your teeth thoroughly and not get bored. The list of all the necessary ingredients is so simple that anyone can handle it. A set of necessary products can be purchased at the nearest supermarket.

how to make a simple cud at home

Below is a recipe for making chewing gum at home. It will take:

  • starch - 10 g;
  • gum base - 1 pack;
  • corn syrup - 5 g;
  • mint leaves - 20 pcs. They significantly improve the taste.

First you need to put the base for chewing gum in the microwave. Enough and 90 seconds, no longer needed. Then mix all the resulting mass with syrup and bring to a homogeneous state.

Next, you need to build a small hill of starch, put on it a ready-made mixture of syrup and gum base. Stir all this thoroughly until something like a dough forms.

Now it's a matter of mint. Squeeze as much juice as possible from its leaves and add to the resulting mass. All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and sent to the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Before cooling do not forget to give it the necessary form. Wait until everything hardens and enjoy the taste of a natural product at home.

Better than the store

How to make a simple chewing gum at home so that it does not differ in taste from what was bought in a store? The question is difficult, but solvable. The second recipe of preparation will require a little more time and components. But the chewing gum will turn out really tasty.

how to make the cud at home by yourself

To begin with - a list of all necessary:

  • fruit juice - 100 ml,
  • gelatin - 1 package;
  • starch - 1 tsp;
  • water - 100 ml;
  • lemon juice;
  • sugar syrup - 300 ml.

For cooking again need a microwave. Heat the fruit juice in it and add it to the gelatin. Set aside before mass swelling. Then pour sugar syrup into a cup and heat slightly. If desired, you can add a special food additive or a dye. Once the syrup is warm enough, add the swollen starch with gelatin to it. All that happened, you need to mix until smooth, and then thoroughly strain through a sieve. Now send the resulting mass in the refrigerator for 8-9 hours, and then try and compare what is tastier.

Fragrant strawberry bubble gum

For lovers of fruit snacks, there is another useful way: how to make a cud at home, a recipe for which it is strawberry flavored? This option is perfect for families with small children.

how to make cud at home

So, going to the store for the right ingredients, do not forget to include in the list:

  • the basis of chewing gum - 1st. l;
  • food dye red or pink;
  • strawberry flavoring - 7-8 drops;
  • powdered sugar - 10 g;
  • citric acid - 5 g;
  • glycerin - 5-6 ml;
  • corn syrup - 5 g.

To start, set aside sugar powder and strawberry flavor. All the rest is thoroughly mixed and set in the microwave for about 1 minute. After that you need to add strawberry flavor and mix again.

The resulting mixture is spread on powdered sugar and stir until it becomes completely thick. From the resulting mass we make plates of any shape: squares, circles, flowers, animals. You can use special ready-made molds. Then put all this in the fridge for 4 hours. If desired, the finished chewing gum can be packaged in multi-colored candy wrappers.

Gum with honey

How to make a cud at home so that it turned out really tasty? It is not easy, but still quite doable.

This will require:

  • chewing mass - 1st. a spoon;
  • honey - 1 hour a spoon;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • flavor to taste - 1 tsp;
  • food coloring - a small pinch.

To start, put the chewing mass in a water bath and heat it for at least 20 minutes, stirring all the time. Then carefully add honey, flavor, sugar and color.All slowly stir again. Then remove the resulting mass from the fire and cool. You can try immediately.

Tasty and healthy

It turns out that chewing gum can be not only tasty, but also useful. The main thing is to know a good recipe for making chewing gum at home. In this case, you can enjoy your favorite chewing gum, without thinking that it has a lot of harmful components.

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