How to get rid of mosquitoes. Practical advice

What is the punishment for us?

Mosquitoes ... From one name it becomes disgusting! Immediately I recall their thin piercing squeak in the dark, not giving any peace, as well as one single thought at this moment: "How to get rid of mosquitoes?" And how do these nasty and unnecessary insects are the earth? I laughed for a long time, but according to one of the versions, these insects were sent by the Great Spirit to us on Earth as punishment for some gossip from an evil woman (this is what the original source says, I didn’t think of anything). Immediately, willy-nilly, you draw a parallel with flies ... They, of course, were also sent to Earth far from "beautiful eyes"!

how to get rid of mosquitoesWhere they live, what they eat ...

Mosquitoes - fans of dampness and heat. Ideally, their habitat is the humid tropics. Alas, in Russia there are no such places. However, for these creatures is not a tragedy. They found an alternative to the tropics - cellars. By the way, not all mosquitoes should be feared. If a whole swarm of little mosquitoes bustle in front of your face - do not worry, they will not bite you! These are males who are expecting a quick "wedding".Huge mosquitoes, often in the evening flying to our apartment, also should not be afraid. These are the so-called centipedes, which the person is not interested in. They are vegetarians. We now turn to the heroes, more precisely, to the heroines of our article. We are bitten by female mosquitoes. They need to be afraid! The favorite menu of these bloodsuckers are:

  • children, because they have thin skin;
  • adults experiencing severe sweating.

mosquito fumigatorAll would be nothing - they bit and God bless them, but the thing is different. These creatures are the cause of various contagious diseases, including malaria. They carry bacteria and helminth eggs. Let's learn how to get rid of mosquitoes, which represent a whole tragedy for all of humanity.

You will be lost!

If these insects do not give you peace of mind in your own home, listen to the tips below.

  1. These creatures hate sharp odors. Rub lightly with mint leaves, or lavender oil, or fresh cloves. You can try basil juice. A win-win option, how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, will be a deadly combination of the smell of some perfume and cloves! Try this rub before bedtime - you will not regret!
  2. There are special electric scarers of these annoying insects on sale. For example, at one time the raid mosquito fumigator was popular. Externally, this is a small device in the form of an electrical plug that is plugged into an outlet. Special anti-mosquito plates were inserted inside the fumigator. The principle of action was that the fumigator in the outlet heated with electric current a special element, which, in turn, began to heat the plate, and that one - to actively smell. From this smell mosquitoes are dead. Now there was another way how to get rid of mosquitoes in an apartment, built on the principle of a fumigator. Heat the pan, and then put some camphor in it. The vapors of this tool will scare away all mosquitoes. Absolutely harmless to humans!
  3. Pour turpentine into a bowl, close all windows and all doors in the house and walk away from the room. An hour later, return with a vacuum cleaner and remove all the sleepy bloodsuckers lying on the floor.
  4. Smoke is a great helper in the problem of how to get rid of mosquitoes at home. Lift across the apartment with scorched branches:
  • how to protect against mosquitoesshoots of lavender;
  • willows with leaves;
  • juniper;
  • black elderberry.

In the countryside...

If you went to nature with a night, then pine and spruce cones will help protect you from mosquitoes. Throw them in a divorced fire - and that's it! The smell, extending to tens of meters, will scare away these creatures, giving you the opportunity to relax around the campfire with a guitar and songs.

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