How to format a DVD?

Dvd -disk can be formatted (clear, deletecontent), only if it is RW, i.e. it is intended for re-recording information on it. It is not possible to delete information from DVD-R discs. There are two ways to format a disk.

How to format a DVD in the easiest way

To clean the disc, insert the disc into the drive,Wait for the download. Double-clicking on the "My Computer" icon, select your disk in the pop-up window. Right-click on the disk image, in the appeared menu select "Clear" or "Format". The method is bad only because not everyone in the standard set of programs has a utility designed for writing and formatting disks.

How to format a DVD in Nero StartSmart

Next, we will learn how to format the dvd rw disk using Nero StartSmart.

  1. Run the program.
  2. At the top choose in the drop-down list DVD.
  3. A little lower, among the icons, choose a window with a plus - "Add-ons".
  4. There we choose "Clear DVD". The "Erase Rewritable Disc" window will be displayed and two actions will be selected: "Erase RW disc" and "Full erase of rewritable disc". It is better to choose a full erasure to clear the disk for sure, and not have problems with writing information to it in the future.
  5. Click "Erase".
  6. Everything, the disk is formatted, and is ready to further record information on it.

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