How to find out the cadastral value of the apartment: ways

Not so long ago, people began to rely on real estate tax for individuals, and many were interested in the answer to the question of how to find out the cadastral value of an apartment. After all, it is from this value that the amount of tax is calculated, and not from the market or appraisal, inventory.

Terminology and rules of calculation

The cadastral value actually replaced the inventory. Its main task is to display in monetary terms the value of real estate as of a specific date. Simply put, the cadastral value is the public equivalent of the value of a particular property.

Although it cannot be said that it reflects the actual situation in the real estate market and may not at all correspond to the market value. As before, neither demand nor supply are taken into account. Its size is also not affected by the economic situation in the country. When calculating the cadastral value takes into account the followingoptions:

  • metric area;
  • territorial location;
  • the presence or absence of communications, amenities;
  • year of construction.

As a rule, regional factors are applied, so the result is a noticeable difference in the price of similar real estate in different regions. For example, in Moscow, 1 square. m. can cost millions, and in remote corners of the country do not exceed 20 thousand rubles. In addition, the calculation uses a mass approach. It is understood that it is not a specific apartment or house that is estimated, but a whole district.

how to find out the cadastral value of the apartment

What you need to know about the cost?

First of all, it is needed to determine the tax for the alienation of property and its use. In the process of accepting inheritance by indirect heirs, it is also important to know the price, since tax is calculated on its size. When concluding an agreement of barter or donation, even if the value of the property is not indicated, in disputable situations, the cadastral value is taken as the basis. It will also be required to conclude a mortgage agreement or a loan, where an apartment serves as collateral.

If the trial concerns immovable property, the transfer of rights to it, the judge is competent to request confirmation of the cadastral value of the subject of the dispute.

Three options for getting information

There are several ways to find out the cadastral value of an apartment:

  1. According to the passport of real estate.
  2. Personal appeal to the cadastral chamber.
  3. On the site Rosreestra.

Through the site office

You can find out the cadastral value of the apartment at. In the search line of the registration chamber, you must enter the exact address of the property. But the specialists serving the site themselves say that this is not the most convenient way, since to form a request, it is necessary to fill out the form correctly, which not everyone can handle.

There is a second option - to find out the value of the apartment in the cadastral number. This method is much simpler, so almost no one has any problems.

We are looking for cadastral number

If you do not know the exact accounting number, you must first do the following:

  • go to the “Who's there” website to get an online statement from the USRN;
  • in the search line to write the address of your housing;
  • click on the "Find" button.

If the search is made in the city of St. Petersburg or Moscow, then in the "Region" column is written in full. It is worth noting that if you want to know the cadastral value of the apartment at the address of the property located in the territory of another region, you will first have to enter its name, and then - the settlement.

Rosreestr find out the cadastral value of the apartment

In the column "Street" is introduced clarifying information, that is, the apartment is located on the street, side street, boulevard or square. With the field "House" and "Apartment", as a rule, no problems should arise.

If the house is divided into buildings, then there is no need to worry that there is no such column on the search page. You just need to enter the required data (street name, house and apartment number) and click on the "Find" button. After that, a column will appear on the page in which you can enter the case number. After completing the data entry, you should press the “Find” button again. If everything was done correctly, the inventory number will appear.

The absence of any information on the screen may indicate that an error was made somewhere, and therefore the procedure will have to be repeated more carefully once again. We can not say that the site Rosreestra works steadily. It also happens that he is simply overloaded with requests and cannot cope with all of them. We'll have to wait and make another try later.

If the last legally significant actions with real estate were made before 2000, the person requesting information will most likely see an inscription on the computer monitor that there is no information in the single registry.In most regions, the register is maintained only since 2000, so all real estate that is not included in it falls under the status of "previously recorded." To find out if a number was assigned, you need to contact the bodies of the BTI that previously conducted the registration.

To gain access to government services on the Who's There website, namely, the cadastral value statement, you will not need an electronic digital signature.

Next stage of the search

To find out the cost of the apartment by the cadastral number, you need to go to the Rosreestra website in the section “Reference information on real estate objects online” and enter it in the “Cadastral Number” column. Neither the address, nor other information is required, just click on the "Generate request" button.

The search can be carried out by conditional number, but still there is little information on such objects in the registry.

find out the cadastral value of the apartment at

Getting information through a personal appeal

In some cases, in addition to the need to find out the cadastral value of an apartment at an address in St. Petersburg or another region, it is also necessary to obtain a document certified by a seal. Then you have to personally or through an authorized person to contact the territorial office of the Federal Service of Cartography and Cadastre. Documents to take with you:

  • certificate or statement confirming housing rights;
  • a passport or other document that will confirm the identity of the applicant-owner of the property;
  • apartment plan, which is part of the technical passport;
  • explication, that is, the actual explanation of the plan.

At the place of submission of documents, you must fill out an application in the prescribed form. Some people do not have all the documents for real estate, for example, the same passport that makes the technical inventory bureau. To obtain a plan and explication, it is necessary to apply to this structure, submit an application and submit title documents for an apartment. The preparation of documents takes no more than 10 days. The service may also be provided for a fee.

After receiving all the necessary documents in the BTI, you can contact the cadastral chamber and submit papers to receive an extract of the cadastral value. Specialists of the service are required to issue a certificate no later than the seventh day from the date of receipt of the package of documents. As a rule, the validity of the certificate does not exceed ten days.

Cadastral passport

There is another simplest way to find out the cadastral value of an apartment in Moscow and other regions. It is enough just to look at the information in the cadastral passport for your real estate. Meanwhile, this option cannot be called the most reliable, since the information is updated only once in 5 years, and during this period changes could theoretically occur.

find out the cadastral value of the apartment at the address of St. Petersburg

Government services portal

The list of options for finding out the cadastral value of an apartment can be supplemented with one more - to gather information on the website of public services. To do this, you must register on the portal. As soon as you receive your login and password, you will be able to log into your personal account and select the appropriate service, which is called "Providing information ....". This method will require a passport or a notarized power of attorney, if the service is ordered by an authorized person.

In the tab that opens, you must fill in all the boxes and indicate the way in which it is most convenient to get an answer:

  • personally at the multifunctional center;
  • to the email specified during registration.

You can track the status of the application in the "My applications" tab.The answer will be ready after 5 days. The whole procedure is absolutely free.

Public cadastral map

You can find out the cadastral value of an apartment at the address in Rosreestra in another way. The required information is obtained by opening the Public Cadastral Map tab. At the same time, this information will only be of reference nature, and therefore it will not be possible to obtain any official document confirming the real cost of housing.

To search for information, go to the registry website, in the tab “Public cadastral map” and enter the number assigned by the cadastral chamber in the search window. You can also search by address. If there is data about the object you are looking for, the request will be processed and the information will be displayed on the screen. In addition, the map shows information about the area, owners.

Information from the GKO Data Fund

You can find out the cadastral value of an apartment online on the Rosreestr website in the tab “Obtaining information from the State Cadastral Valuation Fund”. To do this, you just need to enter in the search line inventory number and click "Find".The data obtained from here cannot be called official, and they can only be used for personal needs, for example, to calculate the tax on an apartment for the next year. But this method does not require the use of any special knowledge from the user.

How to find out the cost of housing in the regions?

In almost every corner of the country, the Rosreestr is working steadily and you can use electronic public services. But some regions have gone further. For example, how to find out the cadastral value of an apartment in Novosibirsk - just go to the regional site via the link and enter the data of your apartment. In addition, the resource allows you to pre-calculate property tax.

FTS website

There is another option where to find out the cadastral value of the apartment - on the website of the Federal Tax Service. However, this information is only suitable for calculating the tax on real estate of an individual. To obtain information it is necessary to do the following operations:

  • go to the website of the tax service;
  • find the tab "Tax Calculator";
  • choose - "Property tax ....";
  • establish a suitable tax period;
  • determine the desired region.

After that, the system will offer to enter the cadastral number of the apartment and all available information will be provided.

find out the inventory value of the apartment in the cadastral number


You can not discard and intermediary companies. As a rule, such services are provided by organizations that advise in the field of land legislation, lawyers in the field of property rights. Naturally, you will have to pay for such services, but you will not have to spend your time on entering data on the Internet, going to the MFC. It is advisable to apply to an intermediary company only if there is a need to resolve other issues, for example, get advice or instruct the specialists to issue a cadastral passport. In this case, you still have to draw up a power of attorney, in which it will be possible to enter additional powers of intermediaries to obtain a certificate of the value of real estate.

Inventory value

Despite the fact that most people want to find out the cadastral value of an apartment at a Moscow address, many often forget that in some cases it is more profitable to recall the inventory price. This type of value is clearly defined at the level of legislation.The indicator is calculated based on the quality of a particular property. Work to determine this value is carried out in the manufacture of technical passports BTI. The cost determined by the BTI bodies is always somewhat lower than the cadastral one. This is due to the fact that they do not take into account indicators of the presence or absence of infrastructure, the availability of repairs, number of storeys, etc.

Inventory value is calculated according to the metric index of living space, the availability of utilities and the degree of deterioration of the building. This criterion is the most important for buyers, since it reveals the real state of affairs. The actual degree of wear of the building can not be hidden even under a luxurious designer renovation.

Find out the inventory value of the apartment on the cadastral number will not succeed. We'll have to contact the bodies of BTI, which provide such services for a fee. This indicator allows you to realistically estimate the cost of housing. For example, a certificate may be a decisive factor in the conduct of bargaining at the time of the conclusion of the purchase of a particular apartment.

If the owner is not satisfied with the cost ...

So, I managed to go to the Rosreestr website, find out the cadastral value of the apartment, but what if it is too high? To date, property owners have the opportunity to challenge the cadastral price of housing in a court of law. For filing a lawsuit in court, no prior appeal to the Rosreestr commission is required. However, to commit this action, the law obliges legal entities, state and municipal institutions. That is, they have the right to appeal to the court only after they receive a refusal from the Rosreestr commission. At the same time, individuals are not deprived of the corresponding right, and when applying to the court, the refusal of the commission will not be the subject of a dispute.

To file a claim, there is not enough knowledge about where you can find out the cadastral value of an apartment. We'll have to provide compelling arguments that prompted to go to court. So, in the first place in the claims are the requirements for the need to adjust the data (for example, the area is incorrectly indicated).

The second category of cases - the cadastral value significantly exceeds the market value.In this situation, it is necessary to conduct an independent examination. The application can be accepted for consideration if the difference between the cadastral and estimated value varies by more than 30%.

If the plaintiff was able to prove his case and reduce the size of the cadastral value, he needs to control the introduction of changes to the Federal Register, and the real estate tax itself is subject to recalculation.where you can find out the cadastral value of the apartment

Appeal to the commission

For the Rosreestre commission to make a positive decision, it is important to gather all the necessary evidence. Individuals can only file a claim if their legal rights and interests have been violated. Most often requires a trial error in the registry regarding the area of ​​the apartment. Without attachments to the application, the commission does not consider the case. In advance, you should prepare the next set of documents.

  • extract of the cadastral value with which the applicant does not agree;
  • a notarized copy of the document that confirms the applicant's rights to the apartment;
  • documents that will make it possible to understand that the information in the Rosreestr is unreliable;
  • if the dispute concerns cost, then an electronic and paper version of the property valuation is attached to the application.

During the seven-day period, the commission must issue a document confirming the acceptance of the application for consideration. Further, an appraiser and the applicant himself may be invited to provide explanations. The Commission may adopt only one of two solutions:

Upon the results of the consideration of the case, the applicant is notified. Also, the results of consideration are reported to local authorities. If the applicant does not agree with the decision, he is entitled to go to court.

A little about pleasant

If you find out the cadastral value of the apartment in Rosreestre, but it turned out to be higher than expected, you should not be immediately upset. In 2016, the Federal Law №360 imposed a moratorium on the cadastral valuation. What does it mean? Revision of the cadastral value will not be carried out until 2020. In determining the tax base will be taken as the value recorded as of January 1, 2014.

Do not be discouraged also by those who have managed to achieve a decrease in the cadastral value of their housing in court. If an independent expert assessment was conducted from the beginning of 2014 until the end of 2016, the value that is less will be applied.Until 2020, government agencies are also prohibited from challenging the results of real estate valuation.

find out the cadastral value of the apartment at Moscow


Can I find out the cadastral value of the apartment? Perhaps this question received a detailed answer. But it should be borne in mind that the system is not fully debugged, there are often failures, and the procedure for real estate appraisal is not an exception. Judicial practice is ambiguous, so you can not be sure of getting a positive decision.

In any case, it is much more convenient to get information using the Internet than to run around government agencies, stand in line and spoil your nerves. At the same time, we must not forget that a certificate received online is not an official document, therefore, if it is required for submission to the court, you will have to apply in person to the Federal Registration Service or the MFC.

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