How to cut out a video or a frame from it?

Many people think that working with video files is availableonly for people who are engaged in this professionally. But, in fact, every user who knows how to work with a computer at least a little can figure out how to cut a video.

how to cut videoToday you can find a huge number ofspecialized programs that will allow you to easily and quickly edit a film of any format. Such soft is available both on a paid basis and on a royalty-free basis. In addition, there are programs that are included in the standard operating system package by default.

There is only a frame

When it becomes necessary to cut a frame fromvideo, you can do this in several ways. The easiest way is to use a screenshot. To do this, when the desired frame appears, press the Print Screen key. At the same time, the picture is saved to the clipboard. After that, you need to open any program for working with images and insert the frame with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V or by clicking the right mouse button and selecting the "Paste" menu. As a result, the picture of the entire desktop will appear on the screen at the time of displaying the desired fragment. If necessary, you can cut off unnecessary parts of the image, format it and save it in a convenient format.

cut a frame from the videoNeed a fragment

To cut a piece of video, you need touse a special program. For example, take the standard Windows Movie Maker. Such a program is available to any user of the Windows operating system. Minus Movie Maker is that it does not recognize all video formats. There is a huge number of converters that can easily translate video into the type you need.

So, how to cut the video in Movie Maker. First, click on "Import Video" in the left panel. In the window that appears, find the desired file with the movie and click on "Import". After that, the file will be displayed in the central part of the program. In order to work with it, you need to drag it to the work panel, which is located at the bottom of the window.

After all this procedure with the mouseselect the fragments that are not needed and delete them. When the video is ready, click on "Save the movie on the computer", select the quality and directory.

cut a piece of video

The film without a fragment

It happens that there is a video that satisfieswith its content except for a certain fragment. In this case, it is possible to cut the video from the movie. This can be done with the same program Movie Maker. The process of work will not be very different from the procedure for selecting a video fragment. The difference is that after removing an unnecessary part, you need to connect the two remaining fragments of the movie, and then save the file on the computer again.

How to cut a video is everyone's business. If desired, you can adjust the transitions between the cliffs, so that they are smooth and inconspicuous. This allows you to make a set of standard video effects program.

As we see, work with computer programsis not always difficult. If you want, everyone can figure out how to cut out a video from the film, and for this you should not buy expensive programs or take paid courses to increase your computer literacy.

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