How to create a logo yourself


Warn immediately, the article describes how to create a logo in the licensed software Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw latest versions. Thus, if your shell is different from the shells presented in the photos in the article, it means:

  • you are using an outdated version of the editor;
  • You are using unlicensed software.

The article talks about graphic editors in the basic configuration with the location of the default functional panels, i.e. without additional plug-ins and editors settings.

The quality of the logo you create directly depends on several factors:

  1. The amount of time spent: the more you spend it, the better the final result will be.
  2. Used technology: we are talking about graphics tablets and similar devices. Of course, you can try to figure out something with a simple computer mouse, but the result is likely to leave much to be desired.Therefore, if you want to make a high-quality logo - find a graphics tablet.

how to create a logo in photoshop

how to create a logo

Compare two logos. Both are made in the same graphic editor, but the first one was drawn with a mouse, and only an hour of time was left to create it. The second was created using a tablet, and it took 5.5-6 hours. But the difference is obvious. And now more about how to create a logo yourself.

We turn to the most interesting. How to create a logo without attracting hired professional artists.

how to create a company logo

Step 1. Idea

First of all, you should decide what you want to see on your logo. In this case, the logo must meet the following criteria:

  1. Uniqueness- Do not use a similar or alien logo. At best, you will simply be confused with someone else, and at worst you will fall for a claim for damages resulting from the illegal use of means of individualization. Read more about the means of individualization, read the fourth part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. After reading it, you will have far fewer questions about how to create a company, team or artist logo.
  2. Memorability- the logo must firmly crash into the consciousness of who saw it.
  3. Relevance to what you do.If you are engaged in wood carving and posting video tutorials on YouTube, then you should not make a stylized computer mouse with your logo. The viewer will not have a corresponding association. The thought of this paragraph should be firmly remembered by those who are looking for the answer to the question of how to create a logo for a company engaged in a particular business.

 how to create a logo in coreldraw

Step 2. Concept

Now that you understand what will be on your logo, you need to make it a rough draft on paper. Yes Yes. It is on paper. Pencil. However, you can not do this if you are a famous artist and you can immediately draw even a bald devil with a mouse on a computer screen. In all other cases - a pencil in hand and go! Do not be afraid to smudge the sheets. It will be even better if you make 5-6 draft drafts. Then simply choose the best of them and make it the foundation from which its digital version will be created. Cool if you work together on logo-teams. 5-6 drawings from each member of the team - in the end, more than 20 options. Moving on. By the way, if someone is looking for how to create a team logo, then you can also read.

Step 3. Rendering

Now the fun begins. We take your best sketch and scan. You can not scan, but just take a picture of the picture. What is it for? The photo (or scan) will become the substrate, on top of which the logo will be drawn on the computer in the graphics processor.

Step 4. Choosing a graphics processor: Photoshop vs Corel Draw

Both editors are good in their own way. "Photoshop" is a recognized leader in the number of ready-made filters, plug-ins and effects that are automatically generated, but it works with a bitmap image.

“Korel”, on the contrary, specializes in vector images, but filters and inline effects in it are much simpler.

The choice of editor depends on how you want to see the logo. If this is something intricate with a bunch of small details, then, most likely, you should choose "Photoshop." If something is simpler, then Corel.

Creating a logo in Photoshop

Below we will explain how to create a logo in Photoshop.


When you have a scanned sketch of your logo on hand, you can begin processing it in a graphic editor.

Below is an example of a scanned drawing (it doesn’t matter what we draw, the logo or the robot, the drawing steps are the same), which then began to circle.By the way, before starting a stroke, it is better to play a little with brightness and contrast, as, by the way, the author made the drawing by drawing the draft lines more clearly, which facilitated his work.

how to create a team logo

how to create a company logo

At the image stroke stage, the main work is done - the working contour of the drawing is formed, the flaws and errors in the pencil version are corrected. In addition, on a separate layer (created by pressing the key combinationShift + Ctrl + N)You can sketch out the approximate location of the shadows.

I want to separately note that it is not necessary to perform a stroke on a single layer, if you draw a complex drawing. It is better to break it into several layers. For example, on the first layer the head, on the second - the torso, on the third - the legs, etc. This is necessary in order not to redo the whole contour, if suddenly, after finishing the stroke, you realize that you didn’t like some part of your drawing.

Applying color and shadows

This stage can be performed in two ways:

  1. We apply the main color, then shadows are formed on the same layer with the help of the Brightener and Dimmer tools.
  2. Apply the main color, create several new layers for each part of the logo, as stated above, and already on these layers make the shadow with a brush.

Many artists with a wealth of experience in Photoshop use the second option, because the Brightener and Dimmer tools do not always allow you to create a lighting effect exactly as the drawing requires. However, for beginners, we would recommend using them. This will save time and nerves.

Final touches and postproduct

Finally your logo is ready, the color is applied, the shadows have created the desired volume of the picture ...

Now save your many hours of work and ... close Photoshop. Back to the picture will need to be in a few days, when will be "blurred" look. During the few hours that you spent in creative agony, you are so accustomed to the created image that you will not easily see even the obvious flaws. That is why it is better to continue the work in a few days, when the brain forgets the details of what you have drawn there. It may well happen that after opening your drawing in a few days, you will make a disgruntled mine and begin work anew. But if this did not happen, it’s time to do postproduction. your picture lacks contrast? Twisted the appropriate setting. Brightness? Similarly.But you should not get involved in the hardware of "Photoshop" - you can easily screw up the fruit of their labors.

We considered the question of how to create a logo in Photoshop, even if you still have some questions - they will disappear in the process. Go ahead.

Creating a logo in CorelDraw

How to create a logo in CorelDraw? CorelDraw has long been considered a professional tool for web-designers and advertisers. Pictures in it turn out juicy, bright and clear thanks to vector graphics. Special mention deserves the possibility of scaling the image made in "Korele", without loss of quality.

how to create a company logo

The main practical difference between Korela and Photoshop is that complex shadows cannot be created in Korela. More precisely, they can be created, but it takes a lot of time. It also does not have the usual Photoshop tools, however, Korel does not require the desired graphics tablet when working in Photoshop. The whole picture can be easily performed with an ordinary mouse, although it will not be so textured.

As you can see, despite the presence of shadows, the effect of a “flat image” remains, albeit made with a large degree of grace.

The process of creating a logo in CorelDraw almost completely coincides with the work in Photoshop, although there are several differences, the most important of which is that each stroke on the canvas in CorelDraw is considered a separate layer and is automatically saved in a separate form.

A few useful tips that can save time and nerves, or How to create a logo yourself, not crazy

  • Do not be lazy to create multiple copies of the picture. And very well, if one copy is stored on a flash drive.
  • Do not try to keep working files on your desktop. At the slightest malfunction or OS crash, data from the desktop will be erased first.
  • Before you start working in Photoshop, free up space on the disk where you have the editor installed. Adobe products are very demanding of free space and devour it simply at inhuman speed. In addition, the presence of excess free disk space will speed up the work of the same name guitar processor.

We hope this material has helped you figure out how to create a logo yourself, without involving outsiders in the creative process.

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