How to cook Korean dumplings

Do you know how to cook dumplings in Korean? Doubt your knowledge? Then this article is useful to you. At the same time try a new recipe. Eastern cuisine is famous for its abundance of spicy and spicy flavors. Are you thinking how to make delicious dumplings? Of course, the composition of minced meat is very important. Stick to the proportions suggested below to make the dish truly “Korean.”

how to cook dumplingsRequired ingredients for the filling

The following products are needed for stuffing:

- Beijing Kimchi sauerkraut - 1 cup (in the form pressed from the brine);

- bean sprouts - 250 g;

- one onion;

- green onions - 4-5 feathers;

- grated ginger - 0.5 tsp;

- minced pork - 150 g;

- tofu (or any other spicy) - 200 g;

- yolk of one egg;

how much time to cook dumplings

- sesame oil - 2 tsp;

- soy sauce - 2 tsp;

- some salt.

How to make stuffing

Boil the bean sprouts for two minutes, and then chop them finely, squeeze. Mix with chopped sauerkraut, minced pork, chopped green and onions.Squeeze the cheese well through cheesecloth and cut into very small pieces, pour it into the total mass. Add yolk, soy sauce, oil and salt. Knead minced should not be liquid. If there is a lot of liquid in it, flip it out to drain it onto gauze and squeeze it out after 10-15 minutes.

Kneading dough

Who knows how to make dumplings without wrapping dough? An interesting way to form meat balls rolled in wheat flour is in Korean cuisine. When using this option of cooking dumplings, you do not need thin flat cakes, but this will be a completely different dish. In our recipe, you need to knead a pretty steep dough. Make a small depression in the sifted flour. Pour a glass of cold water into the middle and break one egg, salt a little. Quickly kneading in the middle, gradually grab the flour. It will take so much that the dough is smooth and elastic enough. If the batch turns out to be soft, the ready dumplings will be torn and unstuck while cooking.

How to cook dumplings

  1. Cut a small piece from the finished dough, roll it into a thin layer (1-2 mm) and cut it upside down in a small cup (5-6 cm in diameter).

  2. Putting on each circle about a teaspoon of minced meat, sculpt the products, putting them on a floured tray or chopping board.

  3. For speed of work, many housewives use a special dumpling. Then you need to roll two circles in size equal to this device. After sprinkling flour with the dumpling and placing the first layer, fill the grooves, slightly pressing the dough. Cover the top with a second circle. Then, having flourish flour, roll the rolling pin several times over the dough. You can make a new circle from the trimmings left after putting the to make delicious dumplings

  4. Cooked products should be boiled in water or steamed. The peculiarity of the Korean dish is to use the second method. You can take for this double boiler or mantyshnitsa. In any case, you need to know how much time to cook dumplings. In the water, they should boil after the ascent of 5 minutes, the cooking time for a couple - 12-15 minutes.

  5. Serve them with the sauce and hot. Knowing only a recipe for cooking dumplings is not enough. In Korean cuisine, related condiments are essential. Therefore, prepare the sauce from a tablespoon of water, a teaspoon of 9% vinegar, a tablespoon of soy sauce, half a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of ground pepper. Enjoy oriental flavors!

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