How to cook jelly - tips on choosing foods

What is jelly?

It is unlikely that there is a person who is not familiar with the excellent taste and beneficial properties of this popular dish from ancient times. Jelly always takes pride of place on the holiday table, and on ordinary days, the hostesses sometimes do not dare to cook it due to lack of time. The transparent jelly-like structure of the brawn is achieved due to the presence of binders that are contained in beef or pork stones. These components are indispensable for human joints, and the satiety and uniqueness of the dish makes the process of saturation of the body with useful substances very pleasant. A set of products for its preparation includes meat, vegetables, spices, herbs, which everyone chooses to taste, but it is impossible to cook jelly correctly without the presence of pork or beef legs, ears, and head.

how to cook jellyHow not to make a mistake when choosing legs for jelly?

Since the dish should harden without gelatin and get strong, the obligatory ingredient will be pork or beef legs.Even if you know how to boil jelly and have done this many times, tips on choosing these ingredients will not be superfluous. The first and main criterion when buying legs is their freshness. If they belonged to an old animal or have been on display for a long time, then do not rush into buying it, otherwise the spoiled taste of the dish is guaranteed. Frozen legs should not be dark in color, have stains or have defrost marks. Buying chilled legs, pay attention to their smell. If it is sweet and sweet, then so will be the brawn. But you should be alerted by the smell of old fat or ammonia, it definitely will not give spice to the dish. Before cooking the jelly, immerse the legs in cool water and leave for about an hour, after which they will need to scrape with the edge of the knife and rinse thoroughly under running water.

Additional types of meat for jelly

to cook jelly correctlyEach housewife chooses meat in accordance with previous experience or with their own taste wishes. But not everyone knows that the combination of several types of meat will make the jelly most delicious. If for the base you have taken pork legs, then you can additionally use chicken meat, beef tenderloin, turkey meat. Venison or wild duck meat will give a unique flavor to the dish.Even knowing full well how to cook jelly, do not be afraid to experiment and try something new.

What is boiled jelly?

This is usually done in a saucepan, the capacity of which is 5 or 7 liters and allows not only to contain all the meat, but also a sufficient amount of liquid. It is also worthwhile to think in advance about those containers into which you will be pouring a ready-made dish.

What to take for the vegetable part of the dish?

how much boiled jellyTo do this, take onions, greens, carrots, celery or parsley and all this is boiled simultaneously with the meat. Vegetables are cleaned in advance and put in the broth as a whole. If you made it at the beginning of cooking, then remove the vegetables after 1-1.5 hours or add them to the meat for the same time until the dish is ready. Delicious jelly means salted jelly on time, and this should be done about an hour before it is turned off. Any spices that you choose according to your taste and desire, add at the very beginning of cooking along with the meat.

How much to cook jellied?

The approximate duration is from 6 to 12 hours. Long cooking time allows making brawn fragrant, saturated, with a strong consistency. Put a few drops of the finished broth on your fingers.Strongly stick together? So you did everything right and successfully mastered the tips on how to cook aspic for benefit and pleasure.

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