How to cook eggs in the microwave?

Not everyone knows about being in the microwave, because such a product is usually cooked on a stove. But what to do if for any reason you can use only a microwave oven? We will answer this question in the article.eggs in the microwave

General information

Cooking eggs in the microwave is not as difficult as it seems. Moreover, the presented product can be baked not only in the shell, but without it, as well as to use additional ingredients in the form of sausages, tomato, cheese, etc. These products will make your breakfast more satisfying and nutritious.

Details on how to make an egg in the microwave

Cooking eggs in the shell in the microwave oven does not take much time. But before you put there mentioned product, it should be carefully prepared. For this, the egg shell must be pricked in the upper part and carefully removed. In this case, you should get a kind of glass filled with protein and yolk. It must be installed on the stand, and then sent to the microwave oven.Cooking eggs in the microwave, preferably on medium power for about a minute. It is recommended to periodically pause and watch the product bake.

After the protein is completely curtailed, and the yolk remains damp (if desired, it can be made steep), the stand with the egg should be removed from the oven. After cooling the dish a bit, it should be served to the table along with butter, mayonnaise or cheese. In addition to this breakfast you can present a slice of bread and hot sweet tea.

Cooking eggs in the microwave without the shell

Time is money. Today, many people live by this principle. To save both, and another, people go for small tricks. For example, it takes about кух hour to cook eggs on the stove. If you make a similar breakfast in the microwave oven, it can take you only a couple of minutes.

how to cook an egg in the microwave

So, before you cook the egg in the microwave, you need to prepare:

  • natural butter - 10-15 g;
  • eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • sausages - 2 pcs .;
  • dill - a few twigs;
  • crushed black pepper and medium-sized salt - a couple of pinches.

Food processing

Eggs in the microwave can be cooked in different ways.In this section, we will tell you about how to make a hearty and nutritious breakfast using simple ingredients.

To prepare such a dish, you must use a small glass or plastic mold. By the way, today in hardware stores you can find special containers for baking eggs in the microwave oven. But if you could not buy such dishes, then use any other shape that you have.

Before baking a raw egg in the microwave, additional ingredients should be well processed. First you need to clear the sausages from the shell, and then cut them into very thin circles. After that, finely chop fresh dill.


After processing the components, you should take clean and dry dishes, and then thoroughly lubricate its bottom and sides with butter. After that, in the form required to put the circles of sausages, and then break the eggs. At the end of the dish must be flavored with black pepper, dill and salt.

how to make an egg in the microwave

Bake breakfast

On how to cook soft-boiled eggs in the shell, we have described above. Now we will tell you how to bake such a product with sausages and greens.To do this, the filled form must be placed in the microwave oven and set the average power. Cooking such breakfast should be periods of 20-25 seconds. In this case, the microwave is required to regularly open and observe how the egg is baked.

After the product has completely hardened, it can be safely removed. Serve the finished dish preferably with bread in a hot condition. In addition to this breakfast you can make sweet tea.

Cooking an unusual and very beautiful dish

If you want to not only feed your family well, but also to please her with a beautiful and original breakfast, then we suggest cooking an egg in a tomato in the microwave. For this dish we need:

  • butter - 10-15 g;
  • eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • large elastic tomatoes - 3 pcs .;
  • hard cheese - 3 slices;
  • cooked sausage - 100 g;
  • dill - a few twigs;
  • crushed black pepper and salt to taste.soft-boiled eggs in the microwave

Ingredients preparation

Before preparing such a breakfast, you should process all prepared products. First you need to rinse the tomatoes, and then carefully cut off their cap and remove the middle of the seeds, leaving thick walls.As a result, you should get large cups of tomatoes.

After processing the vegetables, proceed to the preparation of the remaining ingredients. This requires chop the sausage into thin strips and then chop the dill. As for eggs, they should be broken into a deep bowl, and then beat with a fork into a uniform yellow mass. Next to them you want to add chopped sausage, as well as pepper and salt.

We form a beautiful breakfast

After preparing the ingredients, take cups of tomatoes and place them on a flat plate. Next, in each hollow vegetable must be poured egg mass with sausage. Finally, sprinkle the ingredients with fresh dill and cover with a slice of hard cheese.

Cooking in the oven

Forming a dish, it must be placed in a microwave, and then set the average power. Cooking an egg in a tomato should be about 2 minutes with breaks. After the product has hardened and covered with a cheese cap, it can be safely removed from the oven.

We serve a beautiful and nutritious dish for breakfast

Having made a baked egg in a tomato, it should be cooled slightly, and then served for breakfast along with toast and hot sweet tea.egg in the tomato in the microwave

Now you know how to cook an egg in a microwave oven.It should also be noted that many housewives are very often interested in the question of whether you can fry eggs in the microwave or not. On this account, experts give a specific answer: it is permissible to cook such a breakfast in a microwave oven. However, it is unlikely to be fried. After all, for this you have to dry it, which will adversely affect the taste of the product.

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