How to cook apple jam? Simple recipe

At the summer cottage, in the garden, a good harvest of apples cannot but please both the novice and experienced gardener. It is a pity that these juicy fruits are stored so long. But fresh to eat them can not so much. It remains to process them into juice, you can make apple mash or cider, and you can make apple jam - delicious and long stored in bins. It keeps for a long time (of course, with the right method of preparation and following the recipe) the maximum amount of vitamins and microelements, so necessary for the human body in cold winter. How to cook apple jam, we will tell in this to cook apple jam

From the history

More than a hundred years ago, Polish housewives practiced this kind of fruit processing. Freeing, for example, plums from the bones, tormented them on low heat for up to three days, reaching the puree state. They did not add sugar, however, due to the fact that the brew was poured into clay pots and baked in the oven, it was stored for several years.The origin of the word "jam" is also Polish, going back to common Slavic roots.

Present day

Now, many (especially living in private homes) hostess cook plum and apple jam much faster. You only need a couple of hours, and a delicious thick product can be laid out in jars, canned and put in storage in the cellar or refrigerator. Cooking recipes are also simplified, but this does not make the final product less tasty!cooking apple jam

About the benefits

It is determined by the healing properties of the apple itself as the product from which the jam is made. These fruits stimulate digestion and the formation of gastric juice, contain useful vitamins and minerals. It is a pity that after heat treatment there are no more than thirty percent left. Inspires fear and the amount of sugar used for the recipe. After all, it helps to increase blood glucose levels. But not everything looks so sad. First, jam - only natural product. Secondly, with it you can cook a lot of dishes, delicious cakes for example. Still, home is better than purchasing.

The basic recipe for apple jam

How to cook apple jam? All ingenious is simple! On the preparation of apple jam you need only three ingredients: apples, granulated sugar and water! To begin with, we wash the apples well (for a large pot, you need to take three kilograms). Remove the knife suspicious areas - rot, bruise, and cut out. Each fruit is cut into several pieces. Pour the pieces of apples into a high saucepan or bowl (preferably with low edges and wide, so the water is better evaporated). For three kilograms of fruit we take the same amount of sugar - in the ratio of one to one. Dissolve sugar in water (need one liter clean, fresh) and pour the syrup into the pan, to the apples. Boil on very low heat until soft. It is necessary to constantly stir the brew, then it will not burn. If this happens, the taste and color of the jam will be irrevocably corrupted. So cook for about an hour, constantly stirring, then lay out the mass in a colander and wipe it.

cook apple jam

Add some more sugar. Again, put on the fire and boil until thickened - about another hour. When this happens (you can easily check it with a spoon on the bottom of the pan: if the passage is slowly delayed,That jam is ready), we decompose the hot mass in sterilized half-liter jars, close the lid and remove for storage, after cooling. You can save in the cellar, and you can - in the refrigerator or even indoors at room temperature.

How to cook apple jam with additives

Do not limit yourself to using apples alone. Using the basic recipe, you can cook apple jam with a variety of additives. Vanillin and cinnamon, ginger, ground cloves - you can add a little bit of everything. The main thing - do not overdo it. Also relevant are apples with plums or pears. The only condition that is desirable not to break: take sugar and raw materials in a one-to-one ratio.

apple jam recipe

Knowing how to cook apple jam, you can easily cook this product from other fruits and even berries.

Of plums

My plums (one kilogram), take out the bones. Boil in a bowl one liter of water. Plums immersed in boiling water and boil until softened (five - ten minutes). You can blanch the fruit with steam. Then wipe the plums through a sieve or a colander with small holes so that the skins remain in the sieve. Puree lay out in a saucepan, cook for 10-20 minutes, stirring constantly. Then in small portions add granulated sugar to the boiling puree.Boil the mass until thickened on a low flame, stirring constantly. We put the finished jam in pre-sterilized jars and roll it up. Cool without turning. Jam from soft and juicy plums ready!

Jam pies

And finally - a very easy recipe for making apple jam pies. To show in practice where it can be spent in the winter.

apple jam

We take the most ordinary patty yeast dough (we do it ourselves or buy it in a store). Roll out the dough and make balls from it. And you can make a long "sausage" and cut it into pieces. We make from them flat cakes, we spread the prepared jam into the center in a teaspoon. We form pies, well blinded their edges. We spread on a baking sheet, pre-greased with oil. For glazing, lubricate the egg before baking. The oven is heated to 200 degrees. We bake until done (until they become ruddy). Bon Appetit!

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