How to choose good sneakers for tennis?

Playing tennis needs to do a hugethe number of lateral and diagonal movements on the court. Some of them are carried out with quite a sharp braking and starting. Therefore, it is so important to have good running shoes for tennis.

It is not at all necessary to give preference toexpensive products from famous manufacturers. It is enough to dwell on models that differ ergonomically designed design, will be convenient and able to protect against serious injury.

sneakers for tennis

Availability of specialized tennis equipmentis important not only in the practical, but also in the aesthetic sense. Therefore it is quite natural that sneakers for big tennis should be attractive and extremely comfortable for the player.


For tennis, you should choose shoes,the sole of which is made of a special rubber compound, which is characterized by increased resistance to wear and extreme flexibility. Sneakers for tennis can be recognized by the specific texture and density of the sole. The texture with an abundant amount of zigzags is meant for traveling on the court, since it allows you to experience the slightest slip.

External material

sneakers for tennis

Sneakers for table tennis and for largegames in court conditions are made mainly from synthetic materials resistant to mechanical influences on rupture. However, in sports stores there are enough models made of genuine leather, which is also a good option.

For tennis, it is advisable to givepreference for products made using an abundant number of mesh inserts. Such materials not only reduce the weight of shoes, which is an indispensable requirement for rapid movement on the court, but also allows the feet to breathe.


Currently in specialized storesyou can see sneakers for tennis on laces and Velcro. If we talk about the first option, then the choice of such products will not make you feel uncomfortable as a result of the blood vessels squeezing.

Preferring Velcro will reducethe likelihood of injury, because the laces are often untied and confused underfoot. However, the legs in such shoes can become numb, which will not allow you to demonstrate a confident game for a long time.


children sneakers for tennis

Choosing sneakers for tennis, you needto look inside the product. Preference is best given to options with the most soft insert. This will protect the shin from impact when contacting the court. And this layer should be located on the entire inner surface of the shoe, from the toe to the heel.


Acquiring adult or children's sneakers fortennis, attention should be paid to the nature of the insoles. Qualitative materials are capable of absorbing impacts that are transmitted from the playground through the sole. It is better to give preference to coarse, but at the same time extremely elastic insole. It is desirable that their thickness decreases closer to the toe.

front part

The most comfortable for tennis is able tobecome sports shoes, which has a special protection for the fingers in the form of a system of inserts. They are made of the most light and breathable materials.


Sneakers for table tennis

Choose for a game on the court is recommendedsneakers with a curved, high back. Thanks to this feature, the heel will always be protected from bumps. In this case, the back of the foot does not fall too low for sudden contact with the court.

Care Tips

To train sneakers for tennis for the longest possible period, you must follow some rules for the care of such shoes:

  1. In the case of a removable inner part and insoles, it is recommended to dry them after each game at room temperature.
  2. Do not use chlorine-containing chemicals during washing. In the absence of a special shampoo for shoes, it is rational to use ordinary household soap.
  3. To keep the sneakers attractive shape after washing or cleaning, it is necessary to tightly fill the inside with paper or use special spacers.
  4. Remove the unpleasant odor by treating the interior with a shoe deodorant with a bacterial effect or hydrogen peroxide.

In the final analysis, it must be understood thatThe primary condition for choosing shoes is personal convenience. If the sneakers give a sense of confidence, ease of movement and reliability, they will certainly help achieve the desired results.

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