How to select and target the optical sight for the carbine?

One of the most popular types of weapons, which are sent to track down the beast, is considered a carbine. Short-barreled rifles show themselves well in harsh conditions, are distinguished by reliability and destructive power - with them you can fill up any beast.

rifle scope for carbine

But a good weapon is not enough to successfully complete the hunt. The favorable outcome is also influenced by the skills of the earner, the most important of which is the skill of accurate shooting. To improve the accuracy of aiming, hunters install an optical sight on the weapon. For carbine also exist such devices. But before you upgrade your rifle, you need to familiarize yourself with the main features of the choice of optical devices and methods of their shooting.

Types of riflescopes

The optical sight is a long-focus lens with a wrapping system, an eyepiece, a mechanism for entering corrections and an aiming net fixed on the rifle barrel.The main goal of the device is to improve the accuracy of shooting at fixed or inactive objects that are at a considerable distance from the shooter.

rifle sight on carbine

When choosing such devices it is necessary to take into account many factors, the main of which is the type of weapon. The second important factor is the type of device. Currently, the rifle scope for the carbine has two main varieties:

  1. Devices with constant multiplicity. They are distinguished by high reliability and a clearer picture, since they incorporate the minimum number of lenses, the four and eightfold models are most common.
  2. Pancratic appliances, or devices with variable multiplicity. They allow you to adapt the scope for different distances, increase the sharpness of the image in poor light, but less reliable and more expensive. There are devices large (up to 10x), medium (up to 9x) and low multiplicity (up to 6x).

The remaining classifications, with the help of which one can distinguish an optical sight for a carbine from one another, can be considered insignificant, since they do not significantly change the characteristics of the device.

The choice of sight depending on the type of hunting

Every hunter knows that karabiners are best suited for hunting big game - a bear, a boar, an elk, a wolf. In this case, as a rule, hunters prefer to track down their prey, and then hit it with one or two accurate shots. Hunting is carried out at a distance of 100 to 200 meters, so for these purposes, instruments with a threefold constant increase are best suited.

For running hunting, when the shooter tries to predict the movement of the beast and to meet him at a distance of a shot, adaptations with variable multiplicity are necessary. Here a pancratic optical sight is better suited for a carbine with an increase from 3x to 9x. Going to the forest, take care of installing devices with constant multiplicity within 2-3 units, and in the open area will need devices with a maximum increase.

Preparing for the shooting of a telescopic sight

The trajectory of the bullet is influenced by many factors, among which the most important are the side wind speed and weather conditions. Therefore, the adjustment of the optical device is best done in closed shooting galleries or in open areas in sunny and windless weather.

For more accurate shooting weapons must be securely fastened. Best of all for this purpose is suitable stabilization machine, which is in every dash. If he is not at hand, then a sandbag will fit, but at the same time sighting an optical sight on a carbine will be more difficult, and the end result will be worse.

First shot

For shooting optical device on a carbine, the target is placed at a distance of 50 to 100 m from the shooter. The weapon is securely fixed, the crosshair is aimed precisely at the center of the target and the trigger is pulled. If you use a special stabilizing machine, then aiming at the target is carried out by the adjusting screws of the machine.

riflescopes for a carbine boar 308

After the shot, there are three options:

  1. The bullet hit right on target or in a circle with a radius of 5 cm from the center of the target. In this case, adjustment is not required.
  2. The shell struck the object at a considerable distance from the aiming point. This means that an optical instrument is required.
  3. The bullet flew past the target. In this case, you need to reduce the distance to the object in half and repeat the shot.

On the question of how to adjust the optical sight on the carbine, you can proceed with the second scenario.

Optical sight adjustment

Having estimated the place where the bullet hit the target, you can proceed directly to setting up the optical device. To do this, remove the protective caps from the drums and gain access to the locking screws. To control, they require a special adjustment key, which is supplied with the device.

As soon as you begin to rotate the screw of the lock, you will hear a click, which will inform you about the change of the position of the aiming grid by one division. In cases where the standard division price is used (a quarter of the MOA), the position of the aiming point shifts by 6.4 mm with a distance of 91 m (100 yards, according to the American system).

how to fix a riflescope on a carbine

So, for example, shoot all the optical sights for the Vepr carbine 308. After adjusting the position of the aiming point, close the drums and take another shot. Assess the position of the bullet on the target and, if necessary, repeat all operations to achieve the best result.

Fine adjustment

By completing these steps, you set up an optical device for firing at a distance of up to 100 m. In order for the bullet to hit the target at a much greater distance, it is necessary to adjust at the distance you are going to shoot.

riflescopes for carbine tiger

In this case, it is impossible to determine in advance the sight shift by one click of the screw. And you will have to tune riflescopes for the Tiger carbine, for example, by trial and error.

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