How to choose a household gas analyzer: manufacturers reviews

Inspection of premises to identify critical indicators of the gas mixture is an important condition for ensuring safety at the facility. We can talk about production sites, and rooms in apartments and private houses where gas communications are used. The simplest instrument of such a survey is a household gas analyzer, which, depending on the version, can also act as a signaling device. The device may have different performance characteristics that should be considered when choosing.

household gas analyzer

How does a gas analyzer work?

Practically all models of such devices contain a converter (detector), a measuring module and a power supply in the design. As for the transducer, it can be functionally represented as a sensitive element, which determines the presence of certain components of the test mixture by sending an appropriate signal.This sensor may work differently depending on the principle of fixing chemicals.

In turn, the signal processing is performed by the measuring module. With its help, household gas analyzers for apartments do not simply register the fact of the presence of a certain concentration of one or another component, but also reflect specific values ​​on the display. In any case, modern models of devices provide the ability to display with the output of several parameters of the mixture.

To maintain autonomous and continuous performance in the design of the device provides the above-mentioned power supply. This may be a compartment with AAA batteries, and a battery. The main thing is that it allows you to use a gas analyzer even where there is no access to the outlet. There are also stationary network models for 220 V.

Types of device

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Models of gas detectors are distinguished by a variety of characteristics - from the method of placement to the form factor and the degree of the same autonomy. But the principle and most important is the classification according to the principle of the sensor. On the basis of this feature, the following types of household gas analyzers can be distinguished:

  • Thermochemical.In this case, measured by the thermal radiation of a chemical reaction with the participation of the target component of the gas mixture. The oxidation process with air catalysts is most commonly studied.
  • Magnetic. Such models are mainly focused on the detection of oxygen and the determination of its concentration. The principle of operation of the sensor is based on the dependence of the magnetic reaction on the level of oxygen in the gas mixture. Types of the device include magnetomechanical and thermomechanical devices.
  • Infrared. In the process, individual particles of the gas vapor of infrared radiation are absorbed by individual particles. Depending on the wavelength and the optical scheme, the analyzer can work with a point determination of the concentration at the molecular level of different types of components consisting of several atoms.

Testo Model Reviews

household gas analyzer natural gas

In terms of functionality, accuracy and reliability, this is the most attractive line of gas analyzers. Testo products are highly appreciated by both professionals and ordinary users who use devices in the kitchen, in the boiler room or in other rooms where there is a risk of increasing the concentration of harmful substances.For household needs, you can purchase a household gas analyzer in version 310. The owners of this device separately emphasize the presence of a powerful battery, enhanced communication capabilities (including connection to a printer for printing data), a large display and the ability to automatically record parameters. The design of the device also allows you to install it directly in the chimney or gas pipeline, tracking and pressure indicators in the circuit.

Reviews about model CEM GD-3300

CEM is a direct competitor to Testo in the instrument segment. But in this case it is appropriate to consider an entry-level gas analyzer. The GD-3300 model is primarily attracted by the low price tag of 3.5-4 thousand rubles. In its accuracy, it is slightly inferior to the aforementioned version, and in terms of universality it is one of the best options in its class. According to the owners, the device works effectively with natural gas, and with the definition of mixtures of butane, propane, ammonia, alcohol vapors, etc. They positively characterize the owners and the functionality of the model. If you organize a connection with the control relay in the circuit, you get a full-fledged household gas analyzer with a device for shutting off the mixture supply.After detecting a leak, the device activates visual and noise alarms, simultaneously sending a command to the control unit of the equipment control.

household gas analyzer with shutdown device

Reviews of models from Rothenberger

It is also a well-known manufacturer of measuring devices, focused on leak detection and subsequent signaling. One of the basic modifications of the family is R087305. This is an electronic device that is used in the systems of heat circulation of mixtures, in air conditioners and cooling circuits. The advantages of the Rothenberger gas analyzer include high energy efficiency and ease of use. For example, a 2.4 V battery pack allows you to use the device for 50 hours. As for the minuses, many emphasize the narrow specialization of the device and the impossibility of its use for whole groups of gaseous media.

Reviews of models Brennenstuhl

household gas analyzer with gas cut off device

Under this brand, the simplest detectors of increased gas concentration are produced, which can be used in the kitchen or in other places that are potentially dangerous from the point of view of gas pollution and smoke. The typical device in the performance of BG2202 is praised by the owners for an acceptable cost, high response speed and practical maintenance.If you need a compact household gas analyzer to continuously monitor a small area in the room, then this option is best suited.

What else to consider in choosing?

In addition to the basic analysis of the gas environment, you should consider the switching ability and the degree of protection of the case. Stationary and independent alarm sensors do not have to communicate with electronic controllers and computers. But if you need a household gas analyzer with a gas supply cut-off device, then it is desirable to provide for the presence of interfaces such as RS-232 (for connecting to a computer) and a control relay for integrating the device into comprehensive security tools. This will allow the device to be connected to the exhaust hood, gas valve controllers and a siren.

The degree of security of the device itself is determined by the IP marking. Household household models, as a rule, are provided with a class of dust and water resistance IP20. The most durable and reliable gas analyzers have a multi-layered IP67 jacket, which protects against shocks, aggressive chemical environments and water flooding.


household gas analyzers for apartments

Before purchasing the optimal model of the device, it will not be superfluous to calculate the wiring diagram. For the sensing element to work with maximum efficiency and accuracy, it should be installed in certain conditions. Therefore, the characteristics of the target room can also influence the selection criteria. It is recommended to locate a household natural gas analyzer at a distance from the ventilation ducts, exhaust systems and window openings. The target environment must be stable and protected from external influences. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the coverage areas that will be most susceptible to filling with a gas mixture from operating communications or equipment.

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