How to check the throttle position sensor VAZ-2114?

VAZ-2114 is an improved version of the "nine". Almost the same motors were installed on this “Lada”. However, the main difference is the injection. In the 14th "Lada" completely moved away from the old carburetors. However, the new system required the availability of new sensors. In order for the motor to work properly, dozens of sensors work in the design. They read the signals and transmit them to the electronic unit. Among these signals, the coolant temperature, oil pressure, CO concentration in exhaust gases, crankshaft position and air flow are worth noting.

But there is another element, without which stable engine operation is impossible. This is the throttle position sensor VAZ-2114 (abbreviated TPS). What is this element, why does it fail and how to check it? Consider in our today's article.


TPS is a device that converts the angular position of the air damper to direct current.Such an element is installed on all vehicles with fuel injection. Information from the sensor on the state of the flow valve goes to the collector. The TPS itself can be of a different type - film or magnetic (contactless). It is arranged in the same way as the air valve. When an element is open, the pressure in the system is similar to atmospheric. But as soon as the part is closed, the pressure decreases inside - a vacuum is formed.

Throttle Position Sensor

The design of the electronic throttle position sensor VAZ-2114 has a variable and a fixed resistor. The resistance of both is about eight ohms. But the output voltage may vary. This figure depends on the position of the throttle itself. These processes are also monitored by a special controller. Depending on the signals received from the TPS, the system regulates the amount of air and fuel concentration in the mixture. If the slightest malfunction of the throttle position sensor occurs, the VAZ-2114 will not work properly. The engine will get too much fuel. In both cases, the motor suffers a significant load, the elasticity of its work is lost.

Where is it installed?

This element is located in the throttle node.

More specifically, the sensor is mounted on the valve body (connected to its axis), next to the engine idling regulator.


How long does a throttle position sensor serve on a VAZ-2114 vehicle? Replacing this element does not require the nearest 50 thousand kilometers. This is the average service life of the DPS at VAZ. But since the mileage of most cars of this model has long passed over a hundred, owners often encounter element malfunctions. How to determine that the item is inoperable? We will tell about it below.

Signs of

There are several symptoms that indicate a malfunction of this element:

  • High idle speed. Also, a similar fault occurs when the XX regulator is inoperative. In both cases, the flap opens to a much larger angle. Because of this, a lot of oxygen enters the chamber. And the more air, the faster the mixture will burn. Accordingly, because of this, the momentum is growing uncontrollably.
  • Reduced engine power. This may occur due to improper preparation of the working mixture.It contains more oxygen than it should be. As a result, the motor does not have enough energy to develop torque. Along with this, the acceleration dynamics of the car are noticeably falling.
  • Jerks when you press the accelerator pedal. The essence of the problem is simple - at the moment of pressing on the gas, more air enters the cylinders. And since its concentration is higher than normal, there are dips and the motor cannot reach normal speed in motion.
  • Spontaneous shutdown of the engine on the go. This is also due to the high concentration of air. There is not enough fuel in the combustion chamber to produce a working stroke of the piston. Because of this, the motor troit and simply stalls.


Earlier we examined the reasons for the incorrect operation of the power unit. As you can see, failures occur due to improper air concentration in the mixture.

Sensor check

But for what reasons does the throttle position sensor on the VAZ-2114 fail? Among the causes of faults TPS should be highlighted:

  • Burnt contacts. The moving contact of the sensor when moving the flap begins to move, contacting the resistive field. During long-term operation, the field is destroyed and the contact disappears.The signal can no longer be transmitted to the controller, which is why the system cannot work normally.
  • Contact oxidation. And if in the first case they cannot be restored, then in this situation you can try to return the sensor to working capacity. So, to restore oxidized contacts, VD-40 grease is sprayed into the block and into the space under the cover. This grease contains anti-corrosion additives that corrode rust. In half the cases, it helps to return the sensor to life.
  • Wear substrate TPS. However, it is present in the design only if a special sputtering is provided, consisting of a resistive layer.
  • Incomplete closing flap. In this case, you can file a seat of the throttle position sensor VAZ-2114 with a file, and the engine will work properly again.


It can be done by hand. However, the check of the throttle position sensor VAZ-2114 should be carried out using a special device - a multimeter. It must be switched to the voltage measurement mode and connected to ground. Red probe should connect to the positive conclusion "A".It is located on the case of the TPS connector. Please note that measurements are made with the ignition on. Otherwise, the value will always be zero. Turning on the ignition, look at the results. The voltage at the output should be five volts. An insignificant error is allowed in the region of 0.3 V. If the voltage is less than 4.7 V, this element is faulty and must be replaced.

Throttle Position Sensor VAZ 2114

If the multimeter showed zero when the ignition is on, there may have been an open circuit and the voltage simply does not reach the sensor. But if everything is fine with the wires, then the throttle position sensor controller VAZ-2114 itself has failed. Signs of its failure - the complete absence of voltage at the terminals of the TPS.

Diagnostics: method number 2

You can also check the operation of the element without disconnecting the connector from it. For this you need the same multimeter. With them we will check for voltage on the sensor. When the ignition is turned on, a smooth increase in voltage from 0.8 to 4 V will be noticeable at the terminals.

Throttle Position Sensor VAZ 2114

At the same time you need to rotate the plastic sector of the air damper. Sensor connector must be connected.And the voltage is checked by piercing the wire with a multimeter probe.

Method number 3

We switch our meter to ohmmeter mode. Next, disconnect the connector from the sensor.

Detail on the VAZ 2114

After we connect the probes of the multimeter to any moving and stationary contact. If you rotate the sector, the ohmmeter needle will move smoothly. The presence of sharp jumps in the arrow indicates a malfunction of the TPS.

Which to choose?

Please note that the throttle position sensors VAZ-2114 are not repairable. This element is changed entirely by car. There are several manufacturers of LPS for Lada-Samara-2:

  • "Accountmash".
  • "Electrics".
  • "Omega".

The latter is installed on the "Lada" from the factory. It serves long enough. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the contactless elements. They cost about 600-900 rubles.

Throttle valve

But they serve for a very long time - they note the reviews. Do not buy resistive sensors. They are unreliable and quickly fail. As for the throttle position sensor VAZ-2114 "Kaluga" (the same "Avtoelektrika"), it is contactless and is sold at a price of a thousand rubles. The reviews are positive.The only downside is the high price. But it is fully justified by the resource of this sensor model.


Changing this element is quite simple. You need to open the hood and locate the sensor.

Throttle Position Sensor

Next, using a screwdriver, squeeze the plastic latch and remove the block with wires. After that, unscrew the sensor mounting bolts to the throttle body. Together with the old TPS, the gasket is also removed. In its place is set a new foam. Then the new sensor itself is mounted on it. It is mounted on the same two bolts. It should tighten tightly in order to eliminate unnecessary vibrations (from them the part may not work correctly). After that, connect the block with wires and make the first run. The motor should stabilize.

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