How to become an illusionist: a guide to action

A magician or illusionist - any romantic-minded person dreams of this profession. To surprise and amaze others with their skill is the prerogative of the elect. How to become an illusionist, how to subjugate magic and magic? How to make the viewer believe in a fairy tale? With a great desire, all these dreams can be realized.

How do they become real magicians?

how to become an illusionistMany people have been dreaming about gaining the skills and abilities of a magician since early childhood. True, most do not know that their desire is entirely feasible, since everyone can become an illusionist today. Naturally, applying strength and effort.

In large cities today there are entire schools and training centers that can teach you the basics of this unusual and amazing profession. But there are quite a few self-educated people in this sphere who come to the end themselves. The main thing - you should not forget that in addition to mastering the magical wisdom, you also need acting talent.After all, to perform on stage. Under the bright and colorful show is hard and painstaking work.

Where to start? First of all, you need to independently assess your own readiness for this craft. Check if you can be David Copperfield or Harry Houdini?

Daily work

who became the main illusionistEven an experienced magician takes a lot of time to create each number. One of the most famous illusionists of the last decades, David Copperfield, used to spend up to several years developing one script. Agree, not everyone will sacrifice a few years of his life for the sake of the delight of the public and a minute of glory.

Remember, to master this profession, it is not necessary to engage in a specialized school and pay money. You can answer the question how to become an illusionist at home. First of all, you need to work diligently on a daily basis, to hone your skills, repeating new and old numbers and tricks over and over again. Consider, to make everything quickly fail. Only in order to develop the necessary flexibility of the fingers, the magician takes years of training.

The main qualities of a magician

how to become an illusionist magicianThe main secret of how to become an illusionist and succeed is to correctly cast your focus. It is very important to make the main movement imperceptibly for the viewer, so that the secret remains unknown to anyone. This requires physical training, good reaction and acting skills in order to distract the audience in time.

A very important creative approach. For home performances, you may have enough of a few learned tricks, but if you want to perform in front of a large number of people, you need to invent something of your own. All those who became the main illusionist developed their own numbers, costumes, and sought out props.

Fools do not belong here

how to become an illusionist at homeThe success of any illusionist - a rigorous mathematical calculation. Not the slightest detail can be missed, otherwise the whole secret of the focus may become known to the viewer. After all, it’s not enough just to perform a trick or a trick well, it’s important that viewers should react in a manner that was in awe of your performance. Therefore, another important quality - personal charm.

Indeed, many masters of tricks and magic tricks, many mastered independently. This does not always lead to a positive result, since it is very difficult to become an illusionist magician.But in this case, you are guaranteed to find your own style and exclusivity.

Everyone decides for himself how to become an illusionist. Homeschooling requires a lot of effort and self-organization, as well as financial costs and free time. To become a good magician, you have to acquire a lot of props, textbooks, videos. At the same time, give training to 8-10 hours a day, and find money for life in some other way until you become a star.

Somewhat easier for children who themselves grow up in families of magicians. With them, parents often share secrets, conveying the secrets of their craft. And when the baby literally grows backstage, then from the first years of life it is saturated with the spirit of the scene.

Where to learn tricks?

how to become an illusionist, learningIf you still decide to master the skill of an illusionist under the supervision of an experienced mentor, then be prepared that it will not be easy to find a high-quality educational institution. Recently, a large number of courses have been opened, in which they promise to teach the basics of this skill.

An experienced teacher will help in the shortest possible time to master the largest possible theoretical and practical material. Well, if it is an experienced professional who works, for example, with a circus.So in the arena you will have the opportunity to go through the first practice before the real audience.

You can go and the most reliable way - to enroll in the circus school on the specialty "magician manipulator." The curriculum includes special exercises and tests that help develop the flexibility and manual dexterity that will be needed when performing the most difficult tricks.

How to achieve success in the profession?

After completing the initial training, it is worthwhile to address the issue of how to become an illusionist and conquer your audience.

At the beginning of the profession, you will master the most popular techniques - the ability to handle balls, maps, nodes. Then you have to learn how to work with more complex props. After all, the main thing is to constantly evolve and not stop there. If you follow the latest trends in the world of magic tricks daily, work with the latest technical innovations, then you are guaranteed to succeed.

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