How to attract love into your life: magic, conspiracies, runes

Love is a very significant feeling necessary for every person. And it is very important that it be mutual. Of course, unrequited love is not uncommon, but people who experience it are usually unhappy. In this article we will try to figure out how to attract love into your life. In addition, we also find out the possible reasons for her absence.

how to attract love

Why is there no love?

Before you invoke this feeling in your life, you must clearly understand the reasons for his absence, and there may be a great many. In order to determine them, you can use several ways.

The first is to turn to a good psychic, fortune teller or bioenergy. These people, more than anyone else, have the talent to see things hidden from otherworldly eyes. The disadvantage of this method is that it is quite difficult to find such a person. Of course, there are thousands of such announcements in the newspaper and on the Internet, but 90% of them are the most common charlatans.If it is not possible to find a proven psychic, then this method is not suitable.

The second option is self-diagnosis. Of course, this task is not an easy one, but you need to cope with it before attracting love into your life. There is a huge number of rituals that let you know why there is no love in your life (fortune telling, pendulum), so you should choose the one that suits you the most.

The most common causes

In most cases, it is the person himself who is to blame for what is happening in his life. The way of thinking does not allow people to let love into their lives. The reason for this is the ideals that they invent themselves. Initially, the wrong approach to the situation radically changes its development. In addition, sometimes it is too much desire to prevent the dream.

Sometimes other people or karmic connections have an impact on a person’s life. In this case, you can not do without a specialist - a psychic or a magician. He will be able to remove the negative impact and restore all destroyed areas of human life. In any case, having determined the reason for the lack of love in your life and having solved it, you can proceed to the rites of bringing this feeling into your life.

how to attract love in your life

Rune principle

In order to learn how to attract love into your life with the help of runes, you must first know what they are. These are special characters that affect the human energy field. It is important to understand that any image, like any person, has its own vibrations. Picking up the necessary symbol, you can normalize and improve any area of ​​your life.

How to attract love with runes? There are several characters that can help resolve this issue. You can draw them every morning on your hand or once on the amulet and always carry it with you. It is desirable that the runes that attract love, were drawn or located on your right, because they are responsible for the addition, in this case, finding a new feeling. If, for example, you were struggling with being overweight, then you should have them on the left.

Love and runes

Love relationships can exist in completely different forms: equal union, sexual desire, romantic love, passionate, etc. Rune to improve family life also exists a lot. You need to choose depending on the feeling that you want to let into your life.Perhaps the most important rune can be called the symbol Gebo. He personifies an equal family union, common interests, mutual understanding and equality. This rune is perfect for those who are not planning a family life, but are looking for a life partner with general principles. For other cases, this symbol can be used as an extra.

how to attract the love of a man

The second and perhaps no less important rune is Laguz. It means love in all its manifestations. This is a romantic, warm relationship that leads to the creation of a family. Fleece perfectly helps people who are not confident and shy. Its Element is Water, which means it represents creativity, intuition, deep tenderness and devotion.

Kano is a rune that gives a person attractiveness for the opposite sex. If you are already in a relationship, it will bring more love, tenderness and mutual understanding to your couple. How to attract love with a few runes?

This is done to enhance the effect. For example, Gebo and Otal, where the latter is a symbol of strong family relationships, are used to bring a reliable and faithful companion into life. If you have in mind there is a specific person whom you want to attract into your life, then you need to use the symbols of Inguz and Berkano.Three runes of Laguz in a row can help strengthen existing relationships.

Rituals and conspiracies

If for some reason attracting love with the help of runes does not bring results, you can use other methods. There are so many of them. These include a variety of rituals and conspiracies. To attract love with their help is quite simple, but they require strict adherence to all prescribed rules and nuances. Otherwise, the ritual or conspiracy may not work. All rituals and plots are different, and it is important to clearly understand what you want to bring into your life.

To attract love, they also use various stones, talismans, amulets and plants. Each of these objects, radiating the energy of love, attracts it into your life. Consider the most popular and effective ways.

charms attract love

The love magic of the moon

It has long been known that the natural satellite of the Earth has a very strong influence on people and the events of their lives. It is important to note that this is especially due to the phases of the moon. So, New Moon is exactly the period in which it is necessary to perform magical rituals.In addition, there are special conspiracies in which a person directly refers to the queen of the night.

How to attract love with the help of the moon? Here is one of the most effective ways. On the new moon they wait until the moon appears in the sky and, looking at it, they read such a conspiracy: “Queen Luna, light my path, help me find love. On the side that I do not know, bring under my door a young man of clear and to the heart open his way. Word. Castle. The seal. Amen". For some time dream what you would like your lover and try to forget about your desire until the next new moon. Most likely in the next 30 days you will meet a good man. If this does not happen, then the plot can be read every first lunar day.

Here is another ritual that helps to return the passion and love in a relationship. On the first lunar day, in the afternoon, it is necessary to pick pine branches. Next on coming home, put them in a saucepan, pour clean water on them and boil for about 20 minutes. At this time, the conspiracy is read: “As the water of fire boils and boils, so the heart (the name of the beloved) thrills and breaks through me (his name). As the branches of this birch bent in the wind, so the hands of my beloved (name) let them bend in caresses to me (name). At every hour, at any time that I say it will be so. The key is my words. "Then it is necessary to strain the broth. Each time, taking a bath, add it in the amount of 100-200 grams and do not wipe dry after bathing. This ceremony answers the question: “How to attract the love of a man?” And helps to significantly improve family relationships, to return the passion and tenderness.

Magical water

This is another interesting ritual that helps to fulfill almost any desire. This will require a sheet, pen, glass and drinking water. Of course, the ritual must be carried out in complete solitude and good mood. The best time is the morning time after waking up. According to the size of the bottom of the glass is necessary to cut a circle. On it write a cherished wish in an affirmative form. For example, “I meet a beautiful, intelligent and tender guy” or “In my life there is a romantic, loyal, reliable man.” The phrase can be absolutely anyone, the main thing is that it should not be too long, but at the same time clearly express your desire and attract love. The magic that is used in this ritual is your own energy and strong desire.

love attracting stones

Now you need to put a glass on a paper circle, pour water into it and close it with two hands.At this point, you can say to yourself: “I charge, charge, charge!”. Feel the energy in your hands, it is rapidly flowing into a glass of water. The palms will feel warm and even tingling. Charged water should be drunk. The ritual can be performed every day, but should begin in the new moon.

The world of plants and flowers

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with magic knows that plants greatly affect human life. They are able to emit the most different energy. Flowers that attract love are not a myth, but a reality. Being in the house, they not only create comfort, but also radiate the energy of love. It is enough to put one of these plants on the windowsill, and after a while you will notice that love is already knocking on the door.

Oxalis (acid) - one of these plants. Its leaves, similar in shape to clover, fulfill desires, harmonize space and favorably influence people. It is desirable to place this thermophilic plant in the east side of the house, where direct sunlight will not fall on it. Another flower that attracts love to the house is orchids. Unusually beautiful plant emits a very strong and powerful energy of heat and tenderness.It is also called the flower of Venus, because it is believed that the orchid is the revived slipper of the goddess of love.

Love Stones

It is no secret that various minerals and stones have magical properties. Some of them attract love and romance. These stones include turquoise, charoite, malachite, amethyst, blue sapphire, ruby, pink tourmaline. Each of them has a special effect on a person. For example, sapphire and amethyst are stones used in love spells, and turquoise and charoite attract new bright feelings to life.

attract love magic

Plot for decoration

On the above stones also make love spells. They put an ornament with one of them in front of them, lit three red candles and read a conspiracy: “Come, good fellows, from the side that you are near the heart of your family for a celebration, for a cheerful holiday. The domes of gold burn and look at the Holy Mother of God with grace. Also, let the cute servant of God (the name of the beloved) look and admire the servant of God (your name). Be in my opinion! The words are hard and the lips are sealed with a sweet seal. The hearts of two lovers are forever connected. ” Then the candles need to blow out and put in a secluded place and never use them again. Decoration is necessary to give the next day to the person whom you want to bewitch.

Love and Feng Shui

Conspiracies are not always effective, and in some cases they can be dangerous. After all, by enchanting a person, you break his will, interfere in his energy field, and this can lead to a lot of trouble. Feng Shui is an absolutely harmless practice that helps to find favorable flows of qi energy and direct them in the right direction. According to this teaching, each house is divided into special plots. They are responsible for money, relationships, creativity, health. In order to improve one of these areas, you first need to find it and then activate it.

So, the South-West direction is responsible for love and marriage. In order for you to have everything in this area, everything must be cleaned and light there. In this part of the house you can arrange a flower that helps to attract love or stone. Various statuettes with lovers can also be a good option. If this sector falls on the door, then above it you can hang beautiful beads from turquoise or charoite, or, for example, a cupid with a couch.

fortune teller how to attract love

In order to attract love into your life there are so many ways, however, using any of them, it is important to believe that everything will work out for you. If necessary, you can resort to the help of magicians, psychics and fortune-tellers.How to attract love in your life? This is a question that does not have an unequivocal answer, because for each person this or that method can give completely different results. You may have to try several until you find the one that suits you.

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