How on "Lumiya" to put music on the bell? Nokia Lumia Smartphone: instructions

Owners of phones with built-in OS Windows Phone know how to put music on the call ("Nokia Lumiya" - the model line that we will discuss today)not easy. With what it is connected, why is it so difficult to establish a favorite ringtone for a ringtone and why such restrictions are put by smartphone manufacturers? The answers to these questions are only they, probably, know. But do not be upset. Those who seek, as we know, will always achieve their goals. The main thing is not to be nervous, calmly deal with all the subtleties of the matter and come out as a winner from the current situation.

Let's try to figure out what's here and how. On the "Lumiya" put the music on the call can be, using the already built-in ringtones. They are pretty much provided by Microsoft. Yes, and the manufacturers of phones under the brand name "Nokia Lumiya" onSmartphones fill in enough melodies. But it's much more pleasant to listen to your favorite ringtone and thereby emphasize your taste, style, originality and individuality. So, for the cause.

Nokia Lumia

What is important to know about installing ringtones?

Not all models with the name "Nokia Lumiya"the same. They have different versions of Windows Phone OS. And it can play an important role when setting a melody as a ringtone. If the device is OS Windows Phone 7, then you will have to tinker a bit for the installation. How to put music on a call? "Lumiya 430" and other similar models have one feature, which we'll talk about below.

How to put the music on the bell

Restrictions on compositions for calls

Manufacturers have established the following requirements for melodies that are set as a bell:

  • the format of the music file can only use MP3 or WMA;
  • the melody must necessarily be without DRM protection, that is, the media material from which the ringtone will be made is freely available, not protected from downloading;
  • The size of the future signal can not exceed 1 megabyte;
  • its length is 39 seconds.

If at least one of the conditionsthe above is not respected, the ringtone will not be available to download. Such conditions are not created to complicate the life of users, but to protect against alien encroachments on the other's intellectual property. The corporation is reinsured from judicial red tape. Whether it is not enough that.

how to put music on a lumy bell 535

Creating a ringtone for "Lumiya"

In order for the future melody for the smartphoneloaded on the phone, you need to crop it. If you remember, it should not be longer than 39 seconds. To do this, you can use one of the many editors who work online. You can also download one of the applications to your computer, it's like who is easier to work with.

After that, load the melody into the program andchoose the passage that is most like. We need to make a segment, remember, no more than 39 seconds. For this it is not necessary to search for a stopwatch. Typically, such editors have a timeline. It should be noted that the passage can be cut from anywhere in the composition, for example from a chorus or somewhere in the end, it does not matter at all. You need to select the most favorite passage by dragging the menu sliders to the desired position.

After trimming, you need to "make friends" with a melody with the operating system.

how to put music on a lumy bell 430

Entering the ringtone data

If the desired segment is ready and saved on the PC, you can proceed to the next step. The simplest solution to the question of how to put the music on the phone is to use the following algorithm.

  1. First of all, you need to start the Zune application on your smartphone.
  2. Then connect the device to the computer via a USB cable.
  3. Move the saved segment of the melody from the PC to the Zune program. After dragging a short composition appears under the name "ringtone".
  4. Click the right mouse button on the specified file and in the appeared menu select the item "Edit".
  5. Now you can edit the data about the future ringtone: come up with a name, specify a group or artist of the song, any other information.
  6. The most important point in this filling process is the "Genre" graph. In this field, you need to enter the word ringtone in Latin letters without quotes or brackets.
  7. The final step is to save the changes that have been made. To do this, simply press Enter or click OK.

Synchronizing the edited passage

Almost everything is ready, and how"Lumii" put the music on the bell, we step-by-step figured out. Now you need to install the melody on the phone. To do this, right-click on the desired file and select the "Synchronize with ..." section. Here, the smartphone model should be displayed in place of the ellipsis.

If the synchronization was successful, then yourthe creation can be found in the melody folder in the "Custom" section. You can find it by going the path: "Settings" - "Melodies-sounds" - "Ringtone". Next, the standard installation of the ringtone.

how to put music on a call

Ringtone to call for smartphones with Windows Phone 8

Naturally, not every of the above wayswill suit and even more like it. In today's world, users are used to getting a quick result: wanted, clicked, received. Therefore, the need to trim the melody, throw it from the computer to the smartphone and then perform actions to install the ringtone in most cases causes at least anger. It's clear that such a murmur has reached manufacturers of smartphones and developers of the operating system for phones. Of course, they did not change the policy of intellectual property, but they solved the problem in another way: they created a program that simplifies the life of impatient users. Here's another way to put the music on the bell on Lumiya. The official website says that there are no restrictions on the duration of the melody for the call, but practice shows another. Without tempting fate and not wasting your nerves in vain, we will figure out how to put music on the bell ("Lumiya 535" or similar models require such an algorithm).

"Creator of melodies", or Saving nerves

If your smartphone has an operating system versionWindows Phone 8 and above, the simplest answer to the question of how to put music on the call ("Lumiya 520" or another close model can get more personality in this way) will use a special program. This application is called the "Melody Maker". It is present immediately in the factory settings of the device. If there is no such program in the smartphone, it is easy to find on the manufacturer's website and download to the phone. To ensure safety, in order to avoid unnecessary headaches and possible problems in the operation of the device, we strongly recommend that you use only the official website of the manufacturer. In order to set the melody as a call to the smartphone, you need to do the following operations.

  1. Go to the menu and find the program.
  2. Find the section "Creator of melodies".
  3. Then you need to find the "Choose a song" section. This menu will open a list of all the songs that are placed on this phone model: melodies on the device itself and songs that are present on the flash media.
  4. Next, choose the desired option from the provided list, simply by clicking on its name.
  5. After that, a section opens, where you canwill cut out the desired passage. The rule of 39 seconds has not been canceled, however, in this version of the program, you can select a length of the composition of 40 seconds. A little bit, but you do not have to do all these steps on the computer, and thanks for that.
  6. The final stage after choosing the right part of the melody will be saving it to your smartphone. To do this, click "Save" or tick "Set as ringtone".

Everything, new and for a while favorite ringtone is ready for use.

how to put music on a lum call 520

Alternative option

In the new versions of smartphones "Lumiya" is possible moreone option for installing ringtones. The length of the composition does not matter. For example, consider the model "Lumiya 540". How to put music on a call on it?

Installation Algorithm

  1. Download the WindowsPhone application.
  2. Using the instruction, install this program on the PC.
  3. Launch the application and select the desired song.
  4. Transfer the melody to your smartphone, best of all in the Ringtones folder.
  5. Saved melodies, therefore, will be in the "Custom" section.

All is ready. You can use the ringtone as a ringtone for common calls or set to a call for a specific caller.

how to put music on a call

For lazy people or for those who have not approached any of the ways

In extreme cases, there is another way to installringtones to the call. On the Internet there are a sufficient number of sites on which people are not too lazy, drove tunes to the demands and uploaded to the network already cropped tracks. They can be found without problems and pour on your smartphone.

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