How and where were you filming The Office Romance? History of filming, interesting facts

Forty years have passed since the release of the comedy by Eldar Ryazanov, The Office Romance. Most likely, there are no people from the older generation, and the younger ones too, who have not seen this film. He had a stunning success in 1977 and more than 58 million views in cinemas. The film found its viewer in our dynamic age with tough relations between people. Life is changing, but the eternal values ​​are unchanged, namely, human relationships that change people under the influence of love.

The history of the film

The Service Romance, which appeared at the box office in 1977, was preceded in 1971 by the production of the play “Colleagues” by the play of the same name by Eldar Ryazanov and Emil Braginsky on the scenes of the Moscow Theater. Mayakovsky and Leningrad Comedy Theater. Two years later, in 1973, the play was screened as a TV version of the play, but the authors, especially Ryazanov, were not very happy with this course of events, and the latter does his own adaptation.He does not even have to do film tests for the main roles, because the valuable "reserves" from the film tests of his previous films were already ready for filming in his new film. The film was shot in a month, and, as stated above, was a tremendous success. This is the story of the emergence of this film.

where filmed office romance

It is not surprising that, along with the film, the performance was successfully performed on the stage of many theaters in Russia and the former USSR. This is due to the fact that this is a play about human relationships, sometimes difficult ones. The fact that you can never judge a man by his appearance and put on him the stigma of a careless. Ryazanov brings the viewer to an understanding of what is necessary in a person to be able to see what he did not notice before. It always finds a response from ordinary people.

Housing the main characters

The film "Office Romance" is loved not only by those who are already over fifty, but also those born in the year of their release on the screens of the film or much later. Many, especially Muscovites, watch the film with nostalgia, “walking” around the places of their youth, noticing what Moscow used to be. Yes, now these are historical footage of Moscow in the 70s. In those early years, as you know, everyone was equal and lived in the same conditions.However, a sophisticated viewer notices that, for example, Bolshaya Nikitskaya, the street where the Office Romance was filmed, is the prestigious residence of the 70s nomenclature. It is here that the main character of the film lives - Lyudmila Prokofievna (mymra). Near the house stood a nice little mansion, but in our time it is no longer there, it was demolished. A lot of things have changed in the city since then.

The audience is acquainted with the housing of Samokhvalov, who occupies a considerable post in the light industry, which means that this is a house on Tverskaya. Just here lived the elite of those years. It was in this house lived Minister of Culture Furtseva. And nowadays, on this building, memorial plaques are added every year: "Here I lived ..." Time is inexorable, death takes even the inhabitants of luxury apartments.

Moscow - the hero of the film

When shooting a film, Eldar Ryazanov really wanted to acquaint viewers who had never been to Moscow with places where they shot The Office Romance. That is why the picture is saturated with video material with Moscow streets, houses, people and transport. The city is seen as cozy and human, despite the fact that it is always in motion.

movie office romance shooting history

The film’s heroes - ordinary employees of a statistical institution - live in residential areas.So, one of the heroes of the film, Novoseltsev, lives next to the noisy Prospekt Mira, but in a not in a quiet Moscow side street of Chernyshevsky, drowning in the shadow of large crowns of trees. Now this house is non-residential, the Association of Business Cooperation works in it. You can learn it by a canopy with a patterned lattice above the porch. Only now there are fewer trees. On Chertanovskaya street, as the viewer learns from the film, secretary Verochka lives.

Thanks to Olenka Ryzhova, who, judging by the film, did not quite successfully marry a resident of the Moscow region and left the capital, viewers are introduced to the problem of coming to Moscow to work from the suburbs. The film shows the crowd running on the train, and the same crowd of people from the train to the city. This is a suburban station Losinoostrovskaya.

Place of intrigue and passion

The famous places where they filmed "Office Romance" include the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport. It is here that passions take place between the "mymroy" and Novoseltsev in front of their colleagues. In the same building, activist Shurochka, who is constantly raising money for various events, including the funeral of Bublikova, is actively engaged.A scene was filmed when Shurochka rushes through the institution and shouts: “I’m not guilty! The namesake died, and they called us! ”Eldar Ryazanov cut out this fragment from the film - this phrase very much reminded the scene from“ The Diamond Hand ”.

Almost all the actions of the film unfold in the so-called "NII what" - the institution of statistics. Where all the scenes of these passions were filmed in The Office Romance, the viewer will not determine. Actually, the events that took place in the institution were filmed in different places of the capital.

office romance film making history

Statistical Office

The audience watches several scenes from the movie on the roof of a statistical institution with a nice courtyard. Here clerical trash, which is a pity to throw out, but nowhere to put. The facility is literally littered with cabinets, tables, shelves, even on and under stairs. But on the roof there is the only consolation of Lyudmila Prokofievna - flowers. This courtyard is located on the roof of the house Nirnzee, which is located on the Big Gnezdnikovsky lane.

This is the highest pre-revolutionary skyscraper of the capital, built in 1925. And the roof was a viewing platform, from which for 20 kopeks it was possible to examine the beauty of the capital.After the war, this roof was a walking place for children from kindergarten, located in this house. Here it turns out, where they filmed "Office Romance" in Moscow. And where was the third part of the institution filmed and which one? These are the offices of Lyudmila Prokofievna and Samokhvalova - the scenery, beautifully rebuilt at Mosfilm.

Movie Songs

During the shooting of the picture, and it was September, the capital was covered with the first snow. Trees with green and here and there yellow leaves stood in white snow caps. Of course, these shots were taken by the film crew, and Ryazanov had a desire to find some poems and, putting them to music, decorate the film with this music. Somehow did not come across the line that wanted to find the picture and this story with snow, Ryazanov. I had to write myself, especially since he knew how and loved to write. This is how the song “Nature Doesn’t Have Bad Weather,” which Alice Freindlich performs in the film, got into the story of the filming of The Office Romance. In the film, Andrei Myagkov also sang with his voice, singing the song "There is no rest for my soul."

Interesting Facts

Usually each film has its working title.So, "Office Romance" during the filming was called "The Tale of the Leading Cinderella." In the course of filming, I had to correct the plot line of secretary Verochka a little. The actor who was supposed to play in the film of her husband working with her in the same institution fell ill.

how and where were filming office romance

We decided not to introduce a new actor, but to be content with Verochka’s telephone conversations with him. The film did not make it worse. Lia Akhedzhakova played a great role as the most fashionable girl in a statistical institution.

Interesting facts could be attributed to another watch that hung in the office of Kalugin and showed the same time - “9:30” throughout the whole picture.

The idea of ​​a new film adaptation

In 2011, a new version of the play "Co-workers" appeared on the screens of the country. Creative producer Sergei Livnev in his interview shares his thoughts about the fact that in his film the authors wanted to show the human relationships and office romances that happen in life, whether we like it or not, but against the background of a new era in the 21st century.

Livnev told where was filmed "Office Romance. Our Time." It was shooting in Turkey, in one of the best hotels "Adam and Eve." It was here that the party was held about the appointment of Samokhvalov. Scriptwriter Nikolay Kovbas and director of the new film "Office Romance.Our time "Sarik Andreasyan made an attempt to impose the plot" Colleagues "in our time.

Film for youth

How do the authors see the unfolding events in the interpretation of the new time, who plays the main characters in the film and did they manage to win the hearts of the public, as Eldar Ryazanov's picture could do?

Yes, everything has changed, technical progress has firmly entered our lives. If in the Office Romance not every family had televisions and video recorders, now almost everyone has computers and tablets. Gadgets - an attribute of youth. People dress and look different. That is why the authors decided to make a film that would be perceived by young people, but at the same time it would preserve the romance of the original and its humor. Regardless of the fact that part of the film was shot in Turkey, a month of filming took place where the movie “Office Romance” was shot - in Moscow, on the streets of the capital, Gorky Park and one of the business centers.

where filmed office romance statistics


The business shark in the rating agency is the current Lyudmila Prokofievna, and the office clerk, who is also the financial analyst at Novoseltsev, is also a motorcycle racer. Samokhvalov - his man in Shanghai with far-reaching suspicious acquaintances. Now not just a careerist, but a spy (additional storyline).All this is a typical current leading edge of business. Eldar Ryazanov selected the actors for his film, whom the public knew and knew. The question arose: "Who does the current youth public like?"

Novoseltsev’s “Loser” and “Sad Clown” are definitely Vladimir Zelensky. So decided the authors of the film. Only he has not two boys, as in the previous story, but two girls. And the best boss, "mymroy", as employees call her behind the eyes, who simply has no luck in love, was Svetlana Khodchenkova during the tests. Marat Basharov - Samokhvalov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk - Olechka Ryzhova, were also approved by the director for their roles.

New secretary Kaluginoy

To adapt the film to modernity, the plot was somewhat changed. Such changes include the replacement of the secretary Verochka from the 70s movie on Vadik in the movie "Office Romance. Our Time." He is a fan of everything elegant, beautiful, cares about his appearance and follows fashion. As in The Office Romance, Vadik does not live a minute without a phone, but this is not a stationary disk, in his hands the iPhone. Yes, and in fashion Vadik understands no worse than Verochka. Only the hero of Pavel Volya also wants to become a fashion designer.The creators of the picture considered that the version of the secretary in the image of Vadik is more suitable for the modern version, since such "advanced" guys can be found at every turn.

office romance where they filmed in Moscow

Interesting facts about the new film

The special status of Lyudmila Prokofievna in the movie “Office Romance” is emphasized by the possibility of having a black Volga, and in the modern version of the painting she has Bentley. A distinctive feature of the "mymry" of the 70s and the present is that the modern knows which attributes emphasize its image - these are watches and glasses of the Chanel brand. The heroine Khodchenkova, being a business shark, goes to self-improvement courses. And, of course, the saturation of the Kalugina office with modern appliances, laptops, and a coffee machine, which replaced the old huge computers and calculators, emphasize that this is the 21st century.

Modern Novoseltsev - motorcycle racer. But the hero of Marat Basharov in "Office Romance. Our Time" became a bachelor, but a mod, as in the 70s. Only then did he wear stylish clothes, and in our time he has long hair and an earring in his ear. In the modern version of the picture, the celebration of the appointment of Samokhvalov abroad is well emphasized, which could not even be imagined in the 70s.

where they filmed office romance our time

Movie Reviews

People share their impressions by watching the film in a new interpretation. Many people notice that the good old familiar music, fussy Moscow, where the movie “Office Romance” was shot, has been preserved.

However, in the press the film was criticized, rated as mediocre, which can be viewed once. And why he was removed, it did not become clear.

The filmmakers thought that the younger generation would better accept the version of the old film in the new environment, it would be clearer when gadgets, mobile phones and tablets flicker on the screen. But, as it turned out, this is not enough to make the film a masterpiece. Just as many viewers say, the soul flew out of the picture.

It was possible to make a film on the theme of office romance in our time, and not to retake the masterpiece of a great master, consider many of those who have viewed the new version of “Colleagues”. Well, every opinion has a right to exist.

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