How and how to improve immunity at home

Changing seasons is always stressful for the body. Therefore, many of us face cold and viral diseases during the first cooling. And this problem is most relevant for people who have weakened immunity. And such, unfortunately, the majority. After all, with the modern rhythm of life, almost all have little rest, they eat irregularly and incorrectly, they do not always find time to play sports. In this case, it is important to know how to improve the immunity at home. The main reasons for the violation of the immune system and ways to eliminate this problem will be discussed in this to improve immunity after illness

Why is immunity weakened?

Before answering the question of how to improve the immune system, you must first understand what led to the problem. The human immune system can fail for many reasons. The main ones are the following:

  • bad habits;

  • chronic diseases;

  • unbalanced and unhealthy diet;

  • the use of antibiotics for a long time;

  • frequent stress;

  • bad ecology.

Today, a rather frequent occurrence is sensitive skin, which reacts very sensitively to makeup and other irritants. The skin is a protective barrier, the main function of which is to prevent the aggressive influence of the external environment, and the immune system carefully controls this organ. Until the immune system is all right, we have nothing to worry about. But if this complex system fails, problems are possible. After recent scientific research, it became known that in cases of impaired immune system, severe forms of acne can occur. The disease causes bacteria that actively reproduce when there is an excess of sebaceous gland secretion. However, in some people this bacterium leads to severe forms of acne, while in others it does not. It is the reaction of the immune system that determines the activity of this bacterium. How to improve skin immunity? First of all, you must consult an immunologist. The specialist will assign the appropriate procedures and recommend to undergo the necessary examination - an immunogram.Based on the results obtained, the doctor will select the appropriate medicine and give recommendations on how to improve the immunity of the skin and the whole can immunity be improved

Symptoms of low immunity

Having information on how to improve immunity at home is very important. But you also need to know what the symptoms of this condition are. To manifest reduced immunity can:

  • fatigue;

  • drowsiness or, on the contrary, insomnia;

  • catarrhal diseases;

  • persistent feeling of tiredness;

  • aching joints and muscles;

  • bad mood, depressed, depressed state;

  • headaches;

  • intense hair loss;

  • brittle nails;

  • bags, blue, puffiness under the eyes;

  • gray skin;

  • indigestion;

  • allergic reactions.

Such symptoms are often attributed to chronic fatigue or seasonal malaise. However, this is not always true. If 5-7 of the above symptoms have been identified, then, most likely, the reason is in a reduced immunity. In order to normalize one’s condition and to suffer as little as possible from various diseases, one should know how to improve to improve immunity at home


In pharmacies you can find certain medicines with which you can strengthen the immune system, these include:

  • herbal preparations from extract of Eleutherococcus, ginseng root, lemongrass, Echinacea purpurea;

  • bacterial drugs containing enzymes of pathogens, such agents stimulate the immune system;

  • nucleic acid-containing drugs;

  • interferons are special proteins that make cells immune to viruses.

Before using such drugs, consultation with a specialist is necessary. A qualified physician will individually prescribe the most appropriate remedy and give recommendations for its use. After all, it is very important to take medication in the correct dosage. It is also advisable to conduct extensive vitamin therapy. How to improve the immunity of vitamins, tell your doctor. You can use specialized vitamin complexes or preparations of the general spectrum of to improve the immunity of vitamins

How to improve the body's immunity?

Drugs are not the only method to strengthen the immune system. Man is able to normalize his health on his own.There are simple, but nevertheless effective recommendations on how to improve the immunity at home.

Eat right

Your diet should be balanced. The body necessarily need proteins that are present in meat, legumes, fish. Meat and fish products should be consumed every day, bean dishes - 2 times a week. Certainly must be present in the daily menu of vegetables, berries, fruits. To strengthen the immune system will help this red grape wine. Seafood and fish should form the basis of your diet, they contain the necessary acids, significantly increasing the defense response and strength of the body. Regular consumption of dairy products, which contain live bacteria, will help remove the radionuclides. Include in your menu products such as artichoke, garlic, onions, bananas, they are probiotic products that contribute to the development of beneficial bacteria.

Vitamins such as A, B5, C, PP, D, F are very necessary for health promotion. How to improve the immunity of vitamins? Very simple. Regularly eat foods of plant origin (especially yellow and red): tomatoes, pumpkins, melons, carrots. These products are rich in carotene, which will strengthen the immune system and protect against cancer.Vitamin C, the use of which is indisputable for the organism, is abundantly present in black currants, citrus fruits, dogrose, parsley. If this vitamin in the body is not enough, then the production of antibodies is reduced. With sufficient intake of vitamin C, immune cells are produced in the right quantity.

Various vegetable oils, nuts contain vitamin E, which is also called the vitamin of youth. It is he who is responsible for the preservation of cells.

Minerals (calcium, magnesium) are present in whole grains, seeds, to increase the immunity of a woman

Stimulate brain activity

How to improve the immunity of an adult? Some neurophysiology specialists claim that it’s not at all difficult to normalize health. In their opinion, the parts of the brain responsible for memory, planning, and abstract thinking are interconnected. They also have a direct connection with the protective barrier of the body. With the activation of brain activity increases immunity.

Be sociable

It turns out that communication with relatives, attention and support of native people have a direct impact on the immune system, strengthening it.It has been proven that those who often meet with their loved ones, friends, and relatives are less likely to develop various diseases in comparison with less sociable people. And today, quite often to the question of patients about how to improve immunity after an illness, doctors recommend a so-called “contact” therapy, in which touches are very important, which activate T-cells that can detect and destroy not only viruses, but also foci of cancer .

Listen to music

Only here there is one condition - the music should not be aggressive. It is important that sounds caress the ear. It has been scientifically proven that if goosebumps appear on the skin when listening to music, this indicates stimulation of the brain centers.

When playing percussion instruments, immune cells are activated.

Be optimistic

It is known that optimistic people feel much better compared to pessimists. After all, a positive view of the world makes it possible to maintain a great state of health and mood. In the course of scientific research it was found that optimists have a longer life expectancy than sad and sad people. The difference is 12 years.Of course, it is impossible to drastically change one’s character, but it is quite possible to change one’s attitude towards many things and bring up an optimist in to improve the immunity of an adult

Move more often

Active people always feel much better. Regular exercise increases the activity of white blood cells and mobilizes the strength of the body to combat ailments. But here it is important not to overdo it. Exhausting and prolonged studies will only undermine immunity.

Smile and have fun

From all that you do, have fun. Try to smile more often. After all, a smile or laughter stimulates the activity of leukocytes. In addition, positive emotions can normalize blood pressure and improve digestion.

Sleep in the dark

It is known that only in complete darkness the human body is able to produce the hormone melatonin, which is a regulator of daily biorhythms. This hormone slows down the aging process and is responsible for the endocrine system. Scientists have proven that women who tightly curtain curtains and turn off all lighting devices at night are less susceptible to the development of cancer than those who prefer to sleep under lighting.

Relax and rest

The modern rhythm of life makes us constantly be in suspense.When a stressful situation in our body releases cortisol and adrenaline, which negatively affects the immune system. Therefore, in the period of border conditions associated with stress, we risk getting a cold. In this case, yoga will come to the rescue, with the help of which you can achieve relaxation and overcome stress.

Immunity and pregnancy

Pregnancy is a serious test for the female body. A growing baby requires a huge amount of microelements and vitamins, and he can only get them from the mother's body, which, in turn, is a big burden for immunity. In this connection, the question arises: how to improve the immunity of pregnant?

The weakening of the immunity of a woman can be dangerous for both the pregnant woman and her baby. A future mother may worsen chronic diseases. The hormonal background of a woman during this period is also changing, which further aggravates the to improve the immunity of pregnant

So, how to improve the immunity of a woman during pregnancy?

  • First of all, as mentioned above, it is necessary to revise the principles of your diet. The menu must be balanced.Be sure to in the daily diet of women should be fruits, vegetables, kefir, cottage cheese, cereals.

  • Today, many future moms work almost to the birth itself, which is not the best way affects the immune system of the body. If there is no opportunity not to work for a woman, then you should at least try not to overload yourself, if possible avoid stressful situations, not communicate with ordinary people, get enough sleep. In the last weeks of pregnancy, doctors advise even to sleep during the day.

  • The amount of time spent outdoors is directly influenced by the state of immunity. Pregnant women to be outdoors is recommended as long as possible, at least - half an hour daily. Women who are expecting a baby should have enough time to exercise. Experts recommend attending special classes for pregnant women.

  • Also useful is hardening in the form of wiping or a douche.

  • Try to avoid air conditioning, air regularly and do wet cleaning in the room where you are.

  • A very important point - psychological comfort.During pregnancy, spend more time with people you like, smile more often, enjoy life and think that the most long-awaited meeting in your life, a meeting with your baby will happen very soon.

We hope that all the recommendations given in the article on how to improve immunity at home will be useful to you. Be healthy!

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