How and how to clean silver from black?

Silver along with gold is one of the main precious metals. Jewelry and tableware are made of it. In addition, products made of it are quite affordable. However, over time, this noble material loses its luster and beauty, becomes covered with a dark patina. Therefore, a natural question arises: "How to clean silver and return its attractiveness?"

Causes of Silver Darkening

First of all, it is worth considering the cause of the black plaque on jewelry. It appears as a consequence of the oxidative process. Its cause is a humid environment, preparations containing sulfur. Therefore, silverware should not be stored next to medicines and chemical reagents. Sulfur also contains sweat, which is why silver chains most often darken.

how to clean silver

Ammonia silver processing

Before you clean the silver from the black, you need to find out his sample. The presence of copper impurities in the metal affects the darkening of precious products.If the jewelry is made of high-grade silver (925 and higher), and the oxidation traces are small, weak, then you can drop the product for one hour in a ten percent ammonia solution. It is better to breed in the open air. After processing them jewelry, they must be cleaned with a cloth or brush.

How to remove green from silver

The following method will tell you how to clean the silver of a low sample with an admixture of copper. Such products can not only darken, but also turn green. It is possible to remove green plaque with the help of a 10% solution of Trilon B, in which it is recommended to lower the jewelry for fifteen minutes. Having cleaned the decorations with a soft brush, they should be washed and rubbed with ammonia.

clean silver from black

Cleaning silver with improvised means

Our grandmothers also knew the secret of how to clean silver and give it back shine. For this purpose, useful soda. It will help save the heavily damaged products, which are covered with a thick black patina. To clean jewelry, coins or silverware, you need to prepare a solution. As its ingredients, you should use baking soda baking soda, ammonia, toothpaste or tooth powder.The result is a slurry, which you need to cover the silver product and brush it. This method is considered the most effective. But keep in mind that tooth powder is an abrasive. Therefore, it is necessary to clean jewelry carefully.

how can you clean the silver

Citric acid, ammonia and soda

Of the popular methods of solving the problem "how to clean silver" you can list a few more. For example, the use of ammonia, citric acid or soda. The ammonia should be diluted with water in the ratio of one to ten. You can add washing powder to the resulting solution. Silverware to lower in the prepared mixture for several hours. Then wash the objects with water and wipe with a cloth. Salat ammonia can be mixed with chalk. Before cleaning, silverware should be dipped in soapy water. Citric acid is used to make a cool solution in which the jewelry is immersed for a few minutes. How to clean the silver soda, tells the following method. It should be dissolved in water, dip a rag into the solution and rub silver objects with it. But as well as when working with tooth powder, when cleaning with soda, care must be taken not to scratch the product.For the safe cleaning of silver in stores, you can purchase products specifically designed for this purpose.

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