Hotel Ramada Resort Side 5 *, Turkey, Side: review, numbers and reviews of tourists

55 km from Antalya International Airport is a luxurious resort complex.RamadResort Side 5 *. This is the most suitable place for those who are tired of city life and want to enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday.

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On the second beach line, 30 minutes from the central part of the city, is located the resort complex Ramada Resort Side 5 *. Turkey, Side, Manavgat, 07620 - the address of this institution. If you consider yourself to be an active tourist, by all means visit such objects:

  • sea ​​harbor (12 km);
  • the temples of Apollo and Athens (12 km);
  • local history museum (12 km);
  • antique city (12 km);
  • Amphitheater (12 km);
  • Manavgat Falls (16 km);
  • Roman aqueduct (17 km).


To accommodate hotel guestsRamada Resort Side 5 *There are nearly 300 comfortable rooms. They can be divided into three main categories:

  • Family room of 50 square meters. m. consists of two separate bedrooms, separated by an interior door.In one of them has a large bed, and the second - two single. In each room there is a workplace and comfortable puffs for rest.
  • Superior is characterized by an area of ​​30 square meters. This is a spacious and bright room, designed for four guests. For this, a large and a pair of single beds are provided. There is also a desk and a seating area.
  • Standard rooms are 30 square meters. m. suitable for three guests. There are double and single beds, as well as a comfortable place to stay. Two rooms of this category are specially equipped for comfortable rest for disabled people.

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Room Amenities

In the resort complexRamada Resort Side 5 *All conditions have been created so that the guests do not feel far from home. To provide guests with comfort and convenience, the rooms provide the following amenities:

  • combined bathroom with toilet and bath or shower;
  • built-in hair dryer;
  • minibar with refreshing drinks;
  • a safe with a combination lock for storing valuables and money;
  • air conditioning;
  • modern TV with many satellite channels;
  • landline telephone for communication with the administration and restaurant,as well as access to the international line;
  • wireless internet signal;
  • furnished balcony (not in all rooms).

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A small resort town remindsRamada Resort Side 5 *Colakli. Rich infrastructure creates the most comfortable conditions for living and recreation. You can use such objects:

  • common lounge area with TV and comfortable furniture;
  • own shopping center;
  • beauty saloon;
  • Internet cafe in the lobby;
  • luggage room for guests' luggage (bags can be left before check-in and after check-out);
  • currency exchange point;
  • round-the-clock reception desk;
  • wireless internet throughout;
  • smoking areas;
  • free guarded parking;
  • garden and park area;
  • banquet halls;
  • meeting rooms.

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Hotel restaurants

ATRamada Resort Side 5 *Guests can enjoy not only good rest, but also delicious and high-quality food. This function is performed by such restaurants:

  • The main restaurant is a huge dining room, decorated in a classic style, as well as an outdoor terrace. During breakfast, lunch and dinner, guests can enjoy the best dishes of international cuisine that are served along the lines of the buffet.
  • Verona is a cozy Italian restaurant decorated in a classic style.Natural wood in the interior, as well as comfortable soft sofas and dim lights create a special warm atmosphere. The taste of the best Italian cuisine is emphasized by high-quality imported wines.
  • The Ottoman is a restaurant serving traditional Turkish cuisine. Thanks to the interior, decorated in oriental style, as well as appropriate music, you can plunge into the atmosphere of this mysterious country.

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Hotel bars

The epicenter of relaxation and entertainment can be called hotel barsRamada Resort Side 5 *Colakli. Guests of this resort can visit the following places:

  • The pool bar is a noisy and fun place where bartenders make a real show of making cocktails and snacks. There is always music playing, and animators work.
  • The lobby bar is a spacious and cozy establishment, equipped in the hotel lobby. In addition to alcoholic beverages, hot tea, fresh pastries and confectionery are also served here.
  • Snack bar - the perfect place to eat. Pizza, hamburgers, french fries and much more await you in a cozy place near the pool.


The staff of the Ramada Resort Side 5 * complex treat their guests with attention and care.Side is a hospitable resort that attracts with its rich service traditions. In the hotel you can use the following services:

  • free towels for the swimming pool and the beach;
  • washing and ironing things guests;
  • formation of an individual menu (for children or for medical reasons);
  • delivery of orders from restaurants and bars in the room;
  • professional nanny services;
  • transfer;
  • vehicle rental service;
  • delivery of fresh press in the room;
  • B-B-Q;
  • organization and support of events;
  • copy and scan documents.


You will forget about boring and dull everyday life if you choose an institution such as Ramada Resort Side 5 * for recreation. Side is a bright resort, which is loved by active tourists. At this hotel you will have access to such entertainment facilities:

  • night disco;
  • Spa;
  • open swimming pool;
  • indoor heated swimming pool;
  • aquapark;
  • water sports on the beach;
  • morning work-out;
  • beach volleyball;
  • football field;
  • aerobics in the pool;
  • ping pong game;
  • darts;
  • Turkish hammam;
  • massage salon;
  • gym with modern equipment for training;
  • organization of excursions in the city and beyond.

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Additional hotel information

If you decide to go on vacation to the resortRamada Resort Side 5 * (Side, Turkey), you should definitely get acquainted with a number of additional information about the work of this institution. So, the following information can be considered as the most significant:

  • Check-in to the rooms starts after two in the afternoon;
  • Departure from the hotel before noon;
  • cots are provided for babies under two years old;
  • in the room can not be installed more than one extra bed;
  • when booking a room from 7 days, guests are entitled to a one-time free visit to the a la carte restaurant;
  • when booking for 10 days or more, guests can visit the a la carte restaurant twice for free;
  • Pets are not allowed.

Resort complex Ramada Resort Side 5 * (Turkey, Colakli) - positive feedback

The experience of travelers is invaluable information that will help determine the choice of the ideal place to relax. So, many tourists like to spend time in the resortRamada Resort Side 5 *. Reviews about him allow you to make a positive impression:

  • on the way from the airport, this hotel is the first in the transfer list;
  • the territory and around it is quite quiet and calm;
  • during the cleaning, the maids steadily replenish the contents of the mini-bar (even if previous stocks have not yet been spent);
  • if guests arrive before checkout, they will still be given bracelets and fed, even if they are not registered yet;
  • spacious rooms;
  • shuttle runs to the beach, although the distance to it is small (about 500 meters);
  • there are good new sunbeds at the pool and on the beach (besides there are many of them, and therefore there are always empty seats);
  • the beach bar serves delicious Turkish cakes;
  • there is a good traffic interchange near the hotel, so you can not buy expensive excursions, but travel all by yourself;
  • a huge amount of sweets in the restaurant menu (there are both traditional local desserts, and the usual cakes and pastries);
  • daily guests are treated to ice cream (which is remarkable, it is in the package);
  • for lovers of noisy entertainment, trips to Side nightclubs are organized (the average cost of a trip is $ 10);
  • it is allowed to take food from the restaurant in any quantities, and therefore you can always take something for a snack;
  • entry into the sea is shallow, without sharp stones, which is especially important for holidaymakers with children;
  • there is a kind of coral reef near the hotel beach where you can admire fish;
  • quality alcohol in bars (this applies not only imported but also local drinks).

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Resort complex Ramada Resort Side 5 * (Colakli): negative reviews

Even small defects can spoil the rest. But if you know about all the shortcomings of the hotel in advance, nothing will spoil your stay in it. There are many shortcomings in the resort complex Ramada Resort Side 5 * (Turkey). After studying the comments of travelers, we can highlight the following significant points:

  • while replacing towels, sometimes they gave a smaller amount than they were originally;
  • rare replacement of bed linen (no more than once a week);
  • bath towels are old, washed and with holes;
  • cotton swabs, a shower cap and some other accessories are given only once on the day of arrival;
  • constantly have to remind the maids to bring shampoo, soap and other cosmetics into the bathroom;
  • maids do not wipe the floors on the balcony;
  • the territory of the hotel is not cleaned early in the morning, but at the height of the day, when guests walk and relax on the street;
  • the road to the beach runs next to the garbage cans of a nearby hotel;
  • monotonous food that bothers for the entire period of rest;
  • there are always long queues at the distribution in the dining room;
  • fruits were not always on the menu;
  • constant power outages;
  • uninteresting animation, which is more like amateur art;
  • in the rooms located near the main restaurant, there is a periodical smell of food;
  • guests are not given bathrobes and slippers;
  • the hotel is far from any resort infrastructure (you need to walk 20 minutes to the nearest market);
  • the level of service, as well as the concept of "all inclusive", this institution is clearly not up to the rest of the network of hotels "Ramada";
  • nearby is an abandoned hotel, which is not very nice;
  • the hotel staff does not care for the garden (almost all the plants began to dry);
  • there are no wardrobes in the rooms, but there is only a hanger covered with a cotton curtain;
  • at night the air conditioning system practically does not cool the air;
  • bad wireless internet signal, and a desktop computer with a cable network in the business center is only one;
  • there are not enough seats in the main restaurant;
  • during dinner, the staff does not monitor guests' observance of the dress code, and therefore in the dining room is full of people in bathing suits and swimming trunks;
  • untidy pool, in which it is unpleasant to swim;
  • there are no lifeguards on the beach;
  • untidy children's playground with mud slides and broken swings;
  • in the hammam is dirty, besides it is cold enough in it;
  • The hotel is focused mainly on the local public, and therefore very few service representatives speak Russian.


The hotel makes a mixed impression. Buying an expensive ticket to a five-star hotel, tourists expect the appropriate service. But on this point comes disappointment. This hotel is rather for those who love silence and do not pay attention to domestic flaws. In general, we can say that the institution does not correspond to the general level of the Ramada network.

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