Hotel Marmaris Park (Turkey, Marmaris): photos and reviews of tourists

Marmaris is one of the most visited Russian tourist resorts in Turkey. It attracts guests with its luxury hotels, beautiful nature and clean warm sea. In addition to all this, the guests from Russia in their reviews highlight the fact that the rest at this resort is relatively inexpensive.

One of the most popular hotels in Marmaris (Turkey) is Marmaris Park. Consider further what kind of recreation opportunities are offered in such a place, and also what are its features.

Marmaris park

general information

Marmaris Hotel Park 5 * is a hotel that offers modern living conditions, despite the fact that it was built back in 1988. The excellent condition of its territory and buildings remains to this day due to the fact that regular repair and restoration work is carried out here.

The total area of ​​this place for recreation is quite large - it is 38,000 square meters. m. This square is harmoniously housed several buildings, a luxurious green garden, as well as places for recreation and entertainment of tourists living in it.

Employees of travel agencies, like the tourists themselves, who visited this place for the purpose of rest, say that Marmaris Park (Turkey) is an excellent family orientated person. This is due to the fact that within its limits all conditions are provided for the comfortable living of large companies, including children.


Marmaris Park Hotel is located in Marmaris, in one of the best and most popular resorts in Turkey. The place where it is located is distinguished by its picturesque and beauty. A couple of kilometers from this place is the town of Icmeler, where a considerable number of entertainment facilities are concentrated, which tourists can always visit.

The location of the hotel on the seafront is also a positive moment for tourists who love beach holidays. The beach and the hotel are not shared by the road, which is especially important for guests who come on holiday with children.

If we talk about the location of the hotel with respect to transport points, the nearest airport is almost a hundred kilometers away. That is why in every tour for foreign tourists the hotel includes a transfer service, which is carried out on a comfortable, modern transport with air conditioning.

Marmaris Park HV 1


A total of 320 apartments are offered to the attention of the guests of Marmaris Park, each of which has the most favorable conditions for recreation. Part of these rooms is located in two main buildings, and the rest - in separate bungalows.

Despite the difference in location, all apartments are equipped with everything necessary, which makes living in them more comfortable. Each of them has air conditioning, as well as a bathroom with a bathing area, a bathroom, a sink, and furniture for storing bath sets, slippers and bathrobes.

Guests who rested in Marmaris Park, note the fact that hotel guests can use the free Internet access (Wi-Fi).

Apartments of any type have an individual balcony, on which, guests can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding space. Tourists talk about the fact that you can sunbathe on it, as well as meet sunsets and sunrises with your loved one.

If desired, tourists can order the installation of a safe and mini-bar. This service is provided on a paid basis, but despite this, it is popular. As for its cost, it is about 1.5 euros per day of use of the object.

Marmaris Park reviews

Rooms in the main buildings

In total, Marmaris Park HV1 has 130 apartments, which are located in the buildings of two main buildings. Practice shows that they are very popular among tourists. The guests themselves in their reviews about them note that the rooms of this group are quite comfortable, everything is very cozy in them, and only objects made from high-quality materials are used as furniture.

As for furniture, the room has a large double bed, which in some apartments is replaced by a pair of single beds. In addition, there is a place to store clothes for guests and their personal belongings. Opposite the beds is a long stand, which acts as a working surface - you can place a laptop on it and start solving your business issues. Also here is a large plasma TV that broadcasts satellite channels. Tourists note that among them there is a considerable number of Russian-speaking people - this is considered a positive thing for guests from Russia.


Special attention of travelers is attracted by the apartments located in the bungalows.In total, there are 190 Marmaris Park HV1.

Having settled in such rooms, the guests note that everything here is arranged in a simple style, taking into account the comfort of the location of every detail. The color scheme of the interior here is a harmonious combination of dark brown, beige and blue. Tourists say that in the midst of such a palette, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the rest. Furniture equipment here is exactly the same as in ordinary rooms: there is a large bed, a place to ensure the safety of clothes and things, as well as a work area.

As for the technical equipment of rooms in the bungalow, it is also at the highest level. Here, all apartments have an individual air conditioner, which can both heat and cool the air in the room. Among the equipment also has a small refrigerator, mini-bar and telephone. If desired, guests staying here can watch their favorite TV shows on plasma TV.

Conditions for children

As mentioned above, Marmaris Park is a hotel perfectly suited for families with children. This is due to the fact that it provides for certain conditions for a comfortable stay of the kids and their parents.

First of all, when visiting a hotel with a child, parents have the opportunity to request the installation of a cot in a room made of high-quality wood. It can also be pre-booked, as the number of beds of this type is limited here.

As for entertainment for kids, the hotel has a lot of them. Parents can turn their attention to the playground, which is located outdoors. Everything is arranged on it so that the little ones can have fun while playing with their peers. In addition, for children in the Marmaris Park HV provides a small pool in the aquazone. The administration of the place for recreation assures that everything here is arranged taking into account the safety of little tourists.

If desired, parents can send their child to the mini-club, which is designed for kids aged 3 to 12 years. Visiting him is paid, but this does not make this place less popular among tourists.

If you wish to provide temporary child care, guests can use the paid babysitting services, which are also available at the Marmaris Park Hotel HV. Payment is made hourly.


Nutrition is devoted to a considerable number of positive comments left by tourists vacationing in the hotel in question. Guests at Marmaris Park talk about the fact that this place offers luxurious meals as part of a buffet, which is served every day in the large restaurant. His visit is free for tourists who live on the concept of "all inclusive". In order to come back here, it is imperative to make a preliminary reservation of the table.

In addition to a large restaurant, the hotel offers food in bars. In total, the hotel has three. In each of them, visitors can be surprised by deliciously prepared snacks, desserts, fresh fruits, as well as juices and colorful cocktails. Tourists note a certain feature of these catering establishments - self-service is provided in each of them.

Marmaris Park Marmaris


Special attention of the guests is attracted by the aquazone, which is located in an open area, not far from the building, between green tropical plants. It is represented by a combination of a large sun terrace and a large pool, which covers an area of ​​320 square meters. m

For the comfortable location of tourists on the sun terrace there are large lounge chairs with towels with beach umbrellas installed. Here, guests can relax and drink a couple of refreshing cocktails, which can be enjoyed at a bar next door.

In the niche with water there is a big slide, on which guests can frolic. The most desperate tourists can move it into the sea.

Turkey Marmaris Park


Fans of outdoor activities, staying in Marmaris Park Hotel HV1, have the opportunity to play sports, even while on vacation. To do this, the hotel building has a large gym, which can be used for free.

In the open area there are several sports fields. They are designed for outdoor activities, as well as for playing volleyball, futsal or basketball. Along with it, there is one professional tennis court on which the lighting is installed and you can rent the equipment you need to play.

Fans of billiards or table tennis can have a great time in specially equipped rooms for such classes - their attendance is also free.

On a positive note, tourists consider the possibility of renting bicycles at the hotel. Many travelers who used such a service recommend going to a nearby city to visit them in order to see local sights and also to visit interesting places.


The spa area is another place that Marmaris Park guests love to visit. The reviews of travelers who used the services of local masters of massage, says that all the staff who work here know how to relax the client very quickly, using special technologies. In addition, tourists note that the visit to massage treatments is paid.

If desired, guests of this place for recreation can go to the hammam or sauna, where good parmasters can make hot procedures more enjoyable and useful. As for these areas of the spa, then their visit is completely free.


Guests of the hotel note that being on vacation here, you never get bored. This is due to the fact that in the territory of the recreation area there is a team of animators who are engaged in entertaining tourists.

Every day in the evening and night time in Marmaris Park held noisy and catchy discos, which are attended by local vocal and dance groups. As for the morning period, at this time in the area of ​​aquazone sporting events are held, in which the hotel guests themselves take part. They say that all the events taking place in this period in the aquazone area, raise the spirits and give a cheerful charge for the whole day ahead.

Marmaris Park Hotel HV 1


Fans of beach holidays do not remain indifferent to what conditions the hotel, located on the seafront, offers for them. Here, according to tourists, there is a large, clean and comfortable beach with a gentle descent into the sea and warm water. Its total length is 300 meters.

Large beach chairs and beach umbrellas are evenly spaced throughout the beach - these facilities can be used completely free of charge. If desired, guests can rent towels - for this you need to make a deposit of $ 10.

Marmaris Park Hotel HV


As for the cost of a tour to the hotel Marmaris Park, it directly depends on which package of services will be included in the ticket.So, if it is planned to visit this place for rest together, and it is also planned to rent a standard room in the main building for a week, then the price of such a tour will be approximately 85,000 rubles. It should be noted that this price includes all transportation costs associated with the flight in both directions, as well as payment of transfer from the point of arrival to the hotel. As for a visa, this service is usually not included in the tour package, it’s necessary to deal with this issue separately if necessary, in which the travel agency can always help.

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