Hotel "Chistye Prudy", Adler: room description, entertainment, service, reviews

The modern pace of life and the bustle of the city lead to the fact that absolutely everyone needs a quality vacation with a view to recovery. It's about health, both physical and moral. For many years, the seashore has remained the most desirable, sought after and useful. Given the demand from tourists, to worry about the place of residence should be in advance. Otherwise, the vacation may not be so comfortable and filled with positive impressions.

Choosing a hotel to stay, you need to pay attention to many very important nuances and additional options. This is especially true of tourists who first go to the resorts of this kind. It is very important to have your own territory around the hotel, where you can walk in the morning or before going to bed, a restaurant complex or a room for self-catering,equipped places to stay with children or family rest, the availability of entertainment and sports and cultural equipment and activities. The presence of comfortable living conditions should be combined with a short distance to the sea, because not everyone has the opportunity and desire to spend daily more than an hour on the road. At the Velvet Seasons Chistye Prudy Hotel in Adler, all conditions for a comfortable leisure of tourists are met.

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The uniqueness of the hotel "Chistye Prudy"

Choosing a place to relax, it is necessary to give preference to the resort area. Still, living among people with a similar attitude essentially eliminates life. Adler, though considered a resort, but he is not devoid of urban fuss. An artificially created city, aimed solely at the stay of tourists, will open up more opportunities and give only positive emotions. The city-hotel "Velvet Seasons" (Adler) is located in close proximity to the sea coast and includes all the necessary infrastructure. The picturesque location and ever flowering gardens envelop a large number of hotels. A special place is occupied by the hotel "Chistye Prudy", located on the second coastline.

Built and commissioned in 2013, it has 1,148 rooms and is just 100 meters from the beach. Throughout the year, the Velvet Seasons Hotel (Adler) receives tourists from all over the world.

The picturesque location is not the main thing that the hotel boasts. He received massive recognition at the time of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Representatives of important delegations from different countries lived on its territory. The complex is filled with fresh sea breeze, which is explained by the location in the very center of the Imereti Bay. Modern style fits very harmoniously into the historical heritage of Sochi. The rooms of the Chistye Prudy Hotel (Adler, Russia) are so comfortable and filled with comfort that vacationers do not have to miss home, the rest flies in one breath.

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Why precisely “Chistye Prudy”?

It is necessary to give preference to the hotel "Chistye Prudy" (Adler) due to the following factors:

  1. The climatic features of the Imeretinskaya Bay help in the fight against such serious respiratory diseases as chronic tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma. A great place for rehabilitation after cardiovascular diseases and just to strengthen the immune system.
  2. Competent and experienced staff will always come to the rescue, advise and relieve unnecessary trouble. Service in restaurants and rooms at a high level, according to European standards. There are additional medical services, spa and beauty salons.
  3. In addition to its own beach, in close proximity are the most famous and colorful beaches of the Black Sea coast. A large selection of entertainment equipment and a rental park will not leave anyone indifferent to an active and fascinating rest on the water and the beach.
  4. Full access to existing on-site children's complexes, cafes and restaurants, as well as entertainment venues, which especially attracts a young group of vacationers. To have fun in the club, you do not need to go to the center or another quarter, everything is close by. The most important thing is that it speaks of greater security, because there are mostly the same vacationers there.
  5. Great place for business meetings. Now it is very fashionable to hold such meetings and enter into agreements on neutral territory. So, each of the parties is not burdened with the efforts of the delegation meeting, it is possible to combine work with leisure and even go on a business trip with the whole family.After negotiations in comfortable conference rooms, restaurants and health centers open their doors, allowing you to relieve tension and prepare for the next stage of the transaction. Even to prepare for the event will not be a problem, because in the territory there are stylists and fashion stores.
  6. For a more detailed and informative study of the coast for the purpose of spiritual enrichment and just to get new emotions, you will not have to travel from one end of the Sochi region to another. The most beautiful, notable and historical places are located in close proximity. Every day, along with a visit to the beach and active sporting events, you can take one excursion tour. Competent guides will gladly discover the cognitive world of the resort city of Sochi.

Chistye Prudy 3 *: description of rooms

Regardless of the category of room, it always has:

  • telephone intercom (long-distance rates can be further clarified with the administrator);
  • hair dryer;
  • cable TV;
  • bathroom;
  • all necessary bathroom amenities.

The staff provides daily wet cleaning of the room and bed linen every three days.

The hotel Chistye Prudy (Adler) prices vary depending on the category of apartments and additional services. However, here the conditions for living will find for themselves and a tourist with a limited budget, and the most demanding consumer, aimed at a chic holiday.

Velvet Seasons Adler

Single Room

For single travelers there is no need to overpay for a double room, because there are compact apartments for one person.

The economy of the room does not allow to doubt its functionality. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay. At the same time, the cost is significantly lower, which saves on accommodation.

The area is 17 square meters. There is a balcony with a clothes dryer. From furniture: a single bed with bedside tables, a mirror and a coat rack, a closet for storing things.

Additionally, the room boasts the following elements:

  • air conditioning;
  • mini fridge;
  • set of dishes for one person;
  • bathroom amenities, including towels and slippers;
  • LCD TV with cable TV;
  • Internet access;
  • phone with access to the administrator.

For an additional fee, you can order a daily change of linen and towels, long-distance communication.

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Double room

Room size - 25 square meters. Loggia with dryer. From furniture: 2 single beds with bedside tables, a mirror and coat rack, a closet for storing personal belongings, a table and 2 chairs.

Additional equipment in the room:

  • dishes for 2 persons;
  • mini fridge;
  • air conditioning;
  • bathroom, toilet, slippers and beach towels;
  • hair dryer;
  • LCD TV with cable TV;
  • Internet and telephone with free intercom.

Additionally, you can order an extraordinary cleaning and change of linen and towels, as well as use the paid services of long-distance communication.

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Double room with two rooms

This option is well suited for sharing holidays with friends, adult children, or for people who have joined together but are relatively outsiders, such as neighbors.

Room size - 50 square meters. Balcony with dryer. From furniture: 2 single beds with bedside tables, a wardrobe for storage and a hanger for outerwear, a folding sofa and a table with chairs.

Additionally, the room has:

  • air conditioning;
  • set of dishes for 2 persons;
  • LCD TV with cable TV;
  • bathroom amenities, including towels, bathrobes and slippers;
  • telephone with free intercom;
  • hair dryer;
  • fridge;
  • free cleaning of the room and linen change 1 time in three days;
  • the Internet.

For an additional fee, if necessary, you can order a change of bed linen, towels and housekeeping, long distance calls, use the mini-bar.

Double two-room suite with kitchen

Room size - 75 square meters. Loggia with dryer and furniture. From furniture: double bed with bedside tables, coat rack, mirror, dining table and chairs, wardrobe for storing personal belongings, mini-kitchen for self-catering.

Additional room services:

  • fridge;
  • set of dishes for food and cooking;
  • bathroom amenities, including towels, bathrobes and slippers;
  • air conditioning;
  • LCD TV with cable TV;
  • Internet access;
  • bathroom;
  • hair dryer;
  • daily change of towels and room cleaning;
  • bed linen change every 3 days;
  • phone with free intercom.

For an additional fee, you can order an emergency change of linen, long-distance calls and use the mini-bar.

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Additional services in the hotel and on its territory

On the territory of the Chistye Prudy 3 * complex there is a very diverse range of additional services. In short, everything you need for a carefree and comfortable stay is within walking distance. What offers its guests the hotel "Chistye Prudy":

  • first-aid post;
  • transfer;
  • fitness room with an instructor;
  • studio;
  • safe for luggage, even large sizes;
  • laundry services, including express services;
  • conference rooms;
  • specially designated and equipped smoking areas;
  • ATMs and currency exchange offices;
  • pharmacies and food stores;
  • tour desk;
  • entertainment and catering facilities, including restaurants, cafes and bars;
  • playgrounds and babysitting services;
  • outdoor sports facilities;
  • shops with souvenirs, including local exclusive craft;
  • rental of entertainment equipment, including bicycles.

In the near future, it is planned to introduce the rental of electric cars.

Upon arrival, every tourist has the right to free access to the gym, drinking water, food (subject to payment), guarded parking.

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Accommodation rules and necessary documents

The rules of residence are spelled out in the appropriate code of the Chistye Prudy Hotel (Adler), they provide for different situations and ways out of them. In most cases, guests will have to pay compensation, subject to gross violations, even eviction is possible.

The entire list can be found on arrival, but something worth knowing at the time of booking:

  • it is strictly forbidden to be settled with different pets, no matter who it is - a hamster, dog or reptile;
  • all bulky items must be kept in the hotel’s luggage room; it is forbidden to store them in the room;
  • the rooms do not provide for the use of personal heating devices;
  • making noise, disturbing peace and drinking alcohol is prohibited (only in specially designated areas).

Standard package of documents:

  • a passport for each vacationer and a birth certificate for the child;
  • business voucher during a business visit;
  • for military personnel - military ID;
  • for children without parents, the presence of a notarized residence permit is required.

Based on the listed documents, upon check-in a registration card is filled in for each guest of the hotel and photocopies of identity documents are taken.


Relaxing on the sea and not going to the beach is just throwing money away. The hotel is located on the second coastline. From the "Chistye Prudy" beach is only 100-150 meters. Warm water and good climatic conditions make the local holiday even more attractive. The coastline is about one hundred meters, but at the same time it is very cozy, clean and equipped with everything necessary. There are umbrellas, and for an additional fee (200 rubles) you can rent a sunbed for the whole day. Pebbles on the beach, so it is worth to provide rubber shoes. After the storm, jellyfish swim to the shore, but the sea is clean and warm.

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Guest reviews

As it often happens, there are always satisfied and not very tourists. Most tourists note that the Chistye Prudy Hotel provides excellent service. It has a favorable location, good infrastructure and a large number of entertainment.If you book rooms in advance, you can get a share, saving on accommodation, and get a room with the necessary set of options. Vacationers with children note that at the Chistye Prudy Hotel there is entertainment not only for adults. The guys also have something to do. The guests are very pleased with the presence of playgrounds, swimming pools with slides, game rooms and other places for entertaining kids. Also, parents note the possibility for an additional fee to get a cot in the room with a playpen.

Among the minuses there is a large number of jellyfish in the sea, as well as a pebble beach with a rocky and abrupt entrance into the water. Many people would like a more gentle slope and the presence of sand, because the whole impression of the sea deteriorates when passing stony obstacles.

Regardless of whether a family, individual or group vacation is planned, it will be the most vivid, memorable and filled with new impressions on the territory of the hotel. The developed infrastructure of the Chistye Prudy hotel, a picturesque location and comfortable accommodation will create a unique atmosphere. Staying here will leave the most vivid impressions!

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