Hotel Baia Hotels Lara 5 * (Turkey, Antalya): photos, room description, service, tips and tourist reviews

The popularity of Turkish hotels has not decreased over the years. Gradually, our compatriots mastered many resorts, including small villages. In our article we want to talk about one of the hotels in the resort of Lara called Baia Hotels Lara.

A little bit about the complex

Baia Hotels Lara is located on the azure coast of the Mediterranean Sea, near Lara. The hotel is distinguished from other establishments by its minimalist design and high level of service. The five-star complex is located just 17 kilometers from Antalya and 15 kilometers from the airport. The convenient location of the hotel allows tourists to see the many attractions that are nearby.

Hotel building

The hotel was built in 2009. It occupies an area of ​​57 thousand square meters. The hotel complex is a typical five-star establishment on the coast,which has a private beach.

Number of rooms

Baia Hotels Lara offers accommodation in a diverse number of rooms. Remarkable is the fact that most of the apartments have views of the sea. Therefore, every morning you can admire a unique view.

Number of rooms

Hotel rooms are presented in the following categories:

  • 359 standards (area - 28-40 sq. M.). All apartments are equipped with mini-bars, kettles, safes, telephones, satellite channels, TVs. The rooms have carpet flooring and a balcony or terrace.
  • 32 family rooms (area - 45 sq. M.). The apartments consist of two rooms.
  • 4 suites (area - 45 sq. M.). Comfortable rooms consist of a bedroom and a living room.
  • 4 rooms for people with disabilities (area - 35 sq. M.).


Baia Hotels Lara has a restaurant, Baja, which specializes in Turkish and international cuisine. The institution works like a buffet. The restaurant has a hall for guests and an outdoor terrace.

In addition to the main institution, the hotel has a la carte restaurants: Italian, Mexican, Turkish, snack restaurant.


In the bars of the hotel, everyone can taste the delicious cakes gozleme and airan.In total, the complex has seven bars: in the pool, on the beach, at the disco, in the lobby, etc.

Hotel infrastructure

Baia Hotels Lara 5 * (Turkey) has a developed infrastructure. On the territory of the complex is a huge water complex, consisting of pools of different sizes. The main reservoir has an area of ​​1700 square meters. m. Guests can also swim in the Olympic pool area of ​​550 square meters. m and in the pool area of ​​1100 square meters. The hotel has a mini-water park, equipped with three slides. The main advantage of the hotel complex is the presence of a heated pool, which will allow you to take water treatments during the cold season.

Hotel beach

No less diverse is the choice of children's ponds, which allow kids to have fun.

Baia Hotels Lara 5 * (Turkey) is located on the coast near its own sandy beach, equipped with a pier, sun beds and awnings.

Sports and entertainment

Baia Hotels Lara offers daytime and evening animation at the pools and in the water park. For tourists in the amphitheater in the evenings are entertainment programs and shows. During the day, activites offer sports games and competitions. For the inhabitants of the hotel are available sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, bocce.Animators conduct daily yoga and aqua classes. Tourists can also play darts, bowling, billiards and board games.

Services for children

Baia Hotels Lara 5 * (Turkey, Antalya, Lara) is family orientated, so all conditions are created for the kids. The hotel has a mini club for children from 4 to 12 years. Here animators work with kids, taking them up with interesting games. For young guests, the restaurant provides chairs for feeding. A baby cot can be brought to your room upon request. For the youngest guests at the reception you can order a nanny. For children, the hotel has two pools, one of which is located on the street and has an area of ​​50 square meters. m, and the second - heated, you can swim in the cold. During the day, funny animators not only entertain children, but also organize leisure activities. Sports activities, dances, games, performances and much more will help to make a vacation for children unforgettable. In the evenings, the kids will have a fun party. For young tourists, the hotel has its own bar.


Baia Hotels Lara 5 * (Antalya), like any five-star establishment, has its own spa center. In its walls you can pamper not only the soul, but also the body.In the arsenal of local experts: spa treatments, various types of massages, steam room, sauna, swimming pool, beauty treatments and much more. Within the spa walls there is a heated pool for children and adults.

The territory of the complex

Specialists of the center offer a unique foam massage and all kinds of peeling with natural oils. Peeling with sea salt or coffee is no less pleasant and useful. Worth trying and chocolate massage. The on-site spa has a bar where you can refresh yourself with vitamin cocktails and a snack.

Guests are also given the opportunity to complete their image with specialists manicure, pedicure or at the hairdresser.

Business center

Baia Hotels Lara 5 * (Antalya, Turkey) has a business center with well-equipped conference rooms. A team of specialists assists in organizing any events. Meeting rooms have different sizes and are able to accommodate different numbers of people. In addition, the hotel has a banquet hall for celebrations. All rooms are equipped with the latest equipment. The complex has a cinema.

Guest reviews

Continuing the review of Baia Hotels Lara (Antalya), I would like to draw attention to the reviews of tourists who have already visited it.Is the complex as good as the travel booklets present it?

Recreation area at the hotel

It is worth noting that tourists leave only positive reviews about Baia Hotels Lara 5 * (Turkey, Lara), highly appreciating the number of rooms and service.

The hotel has a good location. It is built on the first line and has its own beach. The territory of the complex is small, but beautiful and well equipped.

The number of rooms is made in bright colors in the style of minimalism. The rooms have everything for a comfortable stay. The apartments, as well as throughout the hotel, are incredibly clean and beautiful. Maids are cleaned regularly, not forgetting to change towels and linens. In the bathroom there are brushes, paste, detergents, slippers and bathrobes. Rooms are equipped with free safes and electric kettles. Soundproofing in the hotel - at the height of the inhabitants of the neighboring rooms can not be heard. All appliances in the rooms are working properly. In the event of a fault, you should contact the reception, as the maids do not understand Russian at all.

In general, guests appreciate the comfort and equipment of the hotel rooms.

Nutrition Reviews

Meals are always one of the main criteria for choosing a hotel for a holiday. From the quality of food depends on the impression of the place. This issue is especially important for couples who go on vacation with children.

Tourists characterize Baia Hotels Lara (Turkey) from the best side, highly appreciating catering services. The main restaurant of the complex pleases visitors with all the benefits of a buffet. Tourists celebrate a wide selection of dishes and their diversity. Themed evenings are especially good. The restaurant does not forget about the young visitors. For them are provided baby food, packaged juices, milkshakes and fruit puree.

Restaurant overlooking the sea

At the entrance to the institution guests are offered champagne (for breakfast). The restaurant has fresh juices. The waiters themselves approach the visitors and ask about what drinks they serve. In the restaurant you can spend time not only indoors, but also on the outdoor terrace. Among the dishes that are presented at the buffet, there is a rich selection of fruits, meats, pastries, vegetables and fish. The restaurant always has an amazing selection of sweets, which the Turks cook like no other.Their choice is huge, and taste is difficult to convey in words.

There is a pastry shop on the territory, where you can enjoy desserts and sweets without any restrictions. The hotel is a real miracle for sweet teeth. The hotel has a snack-restaurant, where you can always have a tasty meal if you do not want to go to the main restaurant.

The concept of nutrition includes local drinks and partially imported alcohol. According to reviews of tourists, drinks and cocktails of good quality. At the pier on the beach for guests there is a fridge in which you can take a cold beer, airan and soft drinks. During the day, you can have a snack and a refreshment in absolutely any bar, and there are quite a lot of them in the hotel.

In addition to the main institution in the hotel there are restaurants "a la carte". One of them can be visited free of charge, but subject to prior registration. Tourists highly recommend Italian.

Vacationers are satisfied with the quality of food and its organization, noting the excellent service of the waiters. Going on vacation, you can absolutely not worry about food for children. The hotel can find food for all categories of tourists.

General impression of the complex

Numerous positive reviews of Baia Hotels Lara 5 * characterize it from the best side. Unbiased opinion of tourists gives a complete picture. According to vacationers, the hotel complex is interesting in all respects. Special attention should be paid to the friendly hotel staff. The Russian-speaking attendants work at the reception to help solve all the issues. Therefore, the language barrier for our compatriots is not terrible.

Most of the hotel guests are European tourists. Russian tourists are not so much. Among the guests there are resort visitors of all ages. Especially many families with children, which is understandable, because the local coast is very convenient for kids.

The settlement takes place quite quickly, it is possible to place a previously appointed time subject to availability.

Hotel Hall

Tourists appreciate the work of animators. If you want to not just lazily lie down on the beach, but also have fun, then you are right here. Unobtrusive activites very successfully spend entertainment programs that replace one another. After lunch, the animators move to the beach, entertaining lazy guests.The greatest praise deserve activism, working with children. Kids do not want to leave the mini-club, preferring to spend time in it.

The hotel has a lot of entertainment, ranging from sports fields and ending with a mini-water park, which is interesting not only for adults but also for children.

Entertainment programs delight guests not only during the day, but in the evening. After dinner, guests are awaited by the program in the amphitheater, with visiting dancers and artists taking part in it. Every day a new show is shown. For children there is a mini disco with contests. The most persistent resort visitors can continue the evening at the disco.

If you come to relax and get maximum pleasure, tourists recommend visiting the spa complex, offering a stunning selection of treatments. Upon arrival, guests are given a card for one massage session (duration - thirty minutes). All other procedures are ordered for a fee. Their quality is up to the mark, so you should pamper yourself. The spa has two heated swimming pools: one for children and one for adults. They are very popular in those periods when the weather does not have to swim in the street.

Beach Vacation Reviews

The hotel has a lot of advantages, among which it is worth highlighting the presence of its own beach. Equipped coast is very convenient for recreation. Sandy coating in combination with small pebbles does not cause inconvenience when bathing.

View of the coast

A gentle sunset is ideal for the youngest guests. The coast is equipped with a pier where you can relax or descend from it into the water. The beach bar offers a good range of drinks and snacks, although it only works during the high season. The coast is cleaned daily by hotel workers, so it is always clean.

Instead of an afterword

Summing up the conversation, it is worth noting that the hotel can be recommended as an excellent place for a comfortable stay on the Turkish coast. The high level of service, excellent rooms and quality food make the place very popular. No wonder that among his guests there are a lot of regular customers who come here with enviable regularity.

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