Horror films of the 2000s. List of the best

In this article we will consider interesting horror films of the 2000s, we will compose them. Also we will look at some pictures of earlier production.

Pictures of the 1990-2000s

If you are interested in the horror films of the 1990-2000s, we will now compile a list of popular paintings. Famous films of that period:

  1. "Dracula" (1992). This is a movie about a vampire.
  2. "Death to her face" (1992).
  3. "Evil Dead 3" (1992).
  4. "From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996). In this movie, we will also see vampires.
  5. "Sleepy Hollow" (1999).
  6. "The Witch of Blair" (1999).
  7. The Ninth Gate (1999).

"The Mist" (2007)

The best horror films of the 2000s list

What deserve attention to horror films of the 2000syears? List of these paintings will begin with a film called "Mist". In one small town there was a disaster, a storm hit him. As a result, people remained without telephone communication and electricity. After the incident, a dense fog of white began to envelop. At the same time, the father and son, not paying attention to what was happening, went to the store. Finding themselves in a supermarket, they, together with other citizens, realized that in the fog something terrible dwells. Their rescue from an incomprehensible enemy is the walls of the store. People are afraid to leave the supermarket, as white haze swallowed up everything and everyone who decided to face it.

"Saw: The Game of Survival" (2004)

The film begins with the fact that in one strangeThe room, which is reminiscent of the toilet, turned out to be two people. They are tied to the pipes by their feet. In addition to these guys, there is also a corpse in the room. Men find hints in the room. According to them, they understand that they were kidnapped by a murderer.

"Call" (2002)

horror movies 1990 2000's list

What else is worth watching the horror movies of the 2000s?years? The list of these films will continue the picture "Call". The main character is journalist Rachel Keller. She must investigate the chain of rather strange deaths of teenagers, including Cathy's girls. How the baby died, only her friend, who is now in a psychiatric clinic, saw her. The journalist finds out from this girl how everything happened. Also, Rachel understands that everything that is happening is somehow closely related to the videocassette, which teenagers watched just before death. Soon the journalist finds this cassette from her son. Now she needs to hurry, otherwise trouble can happen.

"Constantine: Lord of Darkness" (2005)

The main character of the film is John Constantine. The guy leads the wrong way of life. He does not care about people. Constantine was born with an amazing feature. He can recognize in the guise of ordinary people a mixture of demons and angels. It seems that this gift, but this ability torments Constantine. The guy commits suicide, but again finds himself in the world of the living without his desire.

Constantine receives a temporary right to life. Now he wants to improve the situation, fight with the forces of evil. He patrols the border between hell and paradise in the hope of gaining salvation. Constantine earns the fame of the medium and the exorcist. However, he completely disappointed in the world around him.

"The key from all doors" (2005)

Completing the list of horror films of the 2000s, let's talk about another picture. This film is called "The key from all the doors."

horror films 2000s list

The girl settles in the big house the nurse, thatcare for a dying person. His wife gives her the key, which opens all the doors in the house. Then the girl finds one interesting room. But she can not open it with her own key. Then the mistress tells the girl about the secret of the house. Previously, this building belonged to a banker, who served many Africans who practiced black magic. The girl does not believe in sorcery. But after the strange events that are happening, she begins to change her mind about magic.

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